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Ace Troops 王牌部队 Episode 17 Recap

When they assembled at Zhangmu Railway Station, everyone found that Jiangnanzheng was also in the communication company and would follow the main force to the border. The male and female soldiers saluted each other. Just as the officers and soldiers were busy arranging to get on the bus, Zhao Hongliu, who had been accompanying his seriously ill sister, suddenly came back.

Before the train started, Ah Xiu hurried over with a can of food, but unfortunately was stopped by the soldiers and prohibited her from entering the station. In order to allow Zhang Fei and Axiu to meet, Qin Hanyong asked Song Jianshe to clarify, but Song Jianshe was stubborn and repeatedly emphasized discipline, and there was no room for negotiation.

Because of this, the soldiers of the Nine Company rushed out one after another, wanting to help Zhang Fei break free to meet Axiu, but unfortunately they were stopped. Zhang Fei forced Axiu to go back with his grief and yelled at him again and again. Later, Axiu didn’t insist anymore. Although she burst into tears, she still showed a smile, bowed deeply to all the officers and soldiers on behalf of the common people, and then ran out.

As the train moved to the distance, Song Jianshe watched him for a long time, and took out the family portrait photo from his pocket, his heart was extremely complicated. On the other hand, in the carriage, everyone found that Gu Yinye was not there. When they were wondering, they suddenly heard his voice from outside the train. They looked around and saw that he was chasing after Axiu on a motorcycle.

Qin Hanyong ordered everyone to open the train door, and asked Zhang Fei to show Axiu four pockets in his military uniform. During the process of seeing off, the female soldiers next to him were also moved. Axiu explained that he would take good care of the family, so that Zhang Fei would not have to worry about going to the battlefield. At the same time, he also told him to repay the country well, and he would wait for him to come back at home. Seeing that the road ahead was a fork in the road, everyone saluted Axiu in unison, and raised the five-star red flag. Axiu also untied the red scarf and fluttered it in the wind.

Until night fell, the train was still traveling in the dark, the atmosphere in the carriage had gradually calmed down, and it was no longer as sad as before. Qin Hanyong learned that the reason why Gu Yinye was able to drive Axiu to see Zhang Fei was all because of the secret arrangement of Song Jianshe, which was unexpected to him.

Soon the train was about to arrive at the next station. Zhang Fei went to pick up Yiye and prepared two buns for him by the way. While everyone was resting on the spot, Gu Yinye sat outside with Zhang Fei and chatted, so as to understand the experience of his first acquaintance with Axiu. When Zhang Fei went back to his hometown to visit relatives, he was asked by his mother to go on a blind date because he was nearly 30 years old.

Zhang Fei learned that Axiu was from a good background and also had a high vision, so the matchmaker thought he was a toad who wanted to eat swan meat. In addition to having a military uniform, his family was very poor. But it was this military uniform that attracted Axiu’s attention. It was by chance that two young men, unmarried and unmarried, formally started dating and achieved a marriage.

Whenever he thinks of these things, Zhang Fei will be very emotional. He always feels that he has done good deeds in his previous life, and then he will meet Axiu. But now the motherland needs him. As a soldier, Zhang Fei does not care about the love of his children. He only sees the righteousness of the country, and he cannot ensure a safe return. So Zhang Fei hopes that Gu Yinye will not die in front of him no matter what. If there is any danger, he will be the first to rush up to block Gu Yinye’s bullets. The mission of the heart.

At the front-line headquarters of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th divisions, division commander Zheng Yuan is closely watching the battles of the regiments and the next actions. According to the deployment of the army group, the 702nd Regiment is mainly on the left side, responsible for pulling out the four support points of the enemy, while the 700th Regiment is on the front, taking the enemy’s main position, then attacking other positions, and finally by The 720th Regiment interspersed, went around the enemy’s rear, and coordinated with the 700th Regiment to attack to ensure that the enemy’s 177th Division could be completely wiped out.

Zheng Yuan wanted the positions of the 720th and 702nd regiments to be exchanged, but the military working group demanded that the 234th Division must protect the flanks of the 230th Division, so he was worried that the 720th regiment would not be able to carry it. The risk factor of playing interspersed tasks is relatively low. After hearing the report from his subordinates, Zheng Yuan walked out of the barracks without saying a word. Even if he was concerned about the safety of his daughter, the order had been issued and could not be withdrawn. He could only ask Political Commissar Xing to visit Jiangnan Zheng on his behalf.

Everyone is not sure about the specific tasks of the third platoon, including Zhang Fei, who is the platoon leader, who is also waiting for instructions to write a letter of determination. Jiang Weixing and others discussed how to express their determination, and finally wrote to die for the country, but Niu Mancang only had three words “survive”. Kaoliang grabbed Gu Yinye’s letter of determination while he was not paying attention, but it turned out to be a suicide note. Since Gu Yinye robbed it again, Gaoliang didn’t read the content carefully, and vaguely remembered that he was a parent with passion, which is actually everyone’s idea.

Qin Hanyong led the Nine Company to cover the entire regiment. When he was about to leave for the front line, he saw Zhao Hongying standing in the middle of the road with a group of female soldiers. Zhao Hongying said that he wanted to see the soldiers off, and they would train each other one-on-one. Tong Bing also took this opportunity to put the photo in Jiang Weixing’s hat and waited for his safe return, while Jiang Nanzheng couldn’t help hugging Gu Yinye.

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