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Sword Snow Stride 雪中悍刀行 Episode 26 Recap

Yu Youwei and Qingniao, who were guarding the door, chatted a few words, and what they were talking about was just who the son of Bei Miao liked. Yu Youwei could see that the young man liked her son, but Jade Bird knew that her unrequited love was fruitless, and she was not qualified to be tempted by Xu Fengnian from beginning to end as she was a dead man and a maid later.

Xu Fengnian suddenly mentioned Cao Changqing, this man has martial arts skills and chess skills. Later, when Li Yang destroyed Chu, Cao Changqing kept his name incognito, assassinated no less than 20 important officials, and went to Beijing twice to enter the palace. If it weren’t for the human cat, Han Diao Temple, perhaps he had already achieved the first rank of the emperor.

Therefore, Xu Fengnian believed that such masters as Cao Changqing would surely be able to protect Jiang Ni from danger, so as not to be involved. Unexpectedly, Jiang Ni still refused to leave, and even found various excuses. Although he insisted on solving Xu Fengnian with his own hands, he was reluctant to keep him in the face of danger, and he was deeply affectionate.

As soon as he set off, Wei Shuyang was waiting at the gate of the mansion in a carriage, and by the way he told Ning Emei to take care of his son and pay attention to the female assassin before. On the other hand, before leaving, Xu Fengnian personally asked Lu Baijie for an explanation, reprimanding the Lu family for being disrespectful to the eldest sister, so that the slave woman was driven out of the house.

When everything was completed, just as a few people were about to leave, Lu Baijie immediately stopped Li Chungang and left him in the mansion temporarily on the grounds of asking for swordsmanship. Li Chungang happily agreed. Unexpectedly, Lu Baijie found an excuse to bathe and change clothes, burn incense and raise his sword. In fact, he took his family from the back door and hurried to Baoguo Temple.

On the other hand, Xu Fengnian and others left the house first, and the group was divided into two carriages. Wei Shuyang and Shu Xiu served as the grooms, followed by Ning Emei and Fengziying. Seeing that there were two little monsters in the carriage, Er Qiao became frightened, and simply sat next to Shu Xi, not willing to go in.

It was too early to arrive at Baoguo Temple, and the literary world had not yet begun. A dozen talented men and ladies all rested and chatted in the temple, most of which were acquaintances in Huting County. Passing by the gate of the temple, Xu Zhihu saw a girl begging for money, but she was only a child, and she was alone without the company of her elder parents.

Because the girl looked well-behaved and her mouth was extremely sweet, Xu Zhihu was very happy to coax Xu Zhihu, but she didn’t carry silver on her body. Fortunately, Jiang Ni paid for it out of her pocket. The girl guided them to the Fangchi in the backyard of the temple, where they could not only enjoy the coolness and relieve the heat, but also taste the watermelon for free.

Xu Fengnian saw a poor scholar reading by the pool and had a conversation in the past, only to realize that his name was Chen Xiliang. Compared with the pedantic of other literati, he was so cute. With the permission of the host, the girl went to the pool to pick up the copper coins scattered by the pilgrims. Chen Xiliang answered Xu Fengnian’s questions and explained the girl’s poor life.

Who would have thought that the girl’s behavior aroused dissatisfaction with the ladies of the family, and they raised the pot of arrows and threw them at her. Seeing the girls almost crying in terror, those people laughed endlessly, very arrogant, Chen Xiliang ran to protect them and berated their behavior. Those unruly women were not ashamed and sneered at each other. Xu Fengnian couldn’t stand it anymore, stepping forward with a knife and breaking an arrow, reporting his identity.

Just as Xu Fengnian wanted to take a lesson, Chen Xiliang hurriedly blocked him, believing that if he really killed the opponent, he would inevitably attract the people to seek revenge, which would cause the girls to suffer. What Chen Xiliang said was reasonable. Xu Fengnian felt that this person was quite talented, so he decided to take him to the talks, and at the same time venomously threatened the woman not to do anything wrong, scaring the other party with fear and arrogance.

At this time, the debate between the king and the tyrant has begun. The famous people are sitting on the ground and vying to express their feelings. The words of a certain celebrity have been well received, but in Chen Xiliang’s view, they are just quotations from the classics, saying beautiful words, nothing Any act. Chen Xiliang came to the stage to argue, which aroused everyone’s indignation. Xu Fengnian drew his sword and threatened him, causing them to boo instantly.

By the cabinet window on the second floor, Lu Baijie immediately recognized Jiang Ni as the princess of Chu, and Mrs. Liu continued to persuade him to make a move, but he was used to become the opponent’s pawn. Lu Baijie ordered Mrs. Liu to tie her five flowers together and escorted them to the crowd, claiming that she had set up the talks to kill Xu Fengnian. When everyone retreated, Lu Baijie expressed his intention and asked Xu Fengnian to leave the ginger mud.

On the other side, the girl knocked on the door of the temple, waiting for Chen Xiliang to come out after attending the talks. The family of Lu’s family wanted to expel them. The girl hurriedly hid behind the stone statue and insisted on waiting for someone here. As the voice just fell, a murderous intent came, arousing everyone’s alert.

I saw an older man coming from the front, stepping up the steps step by step, extending his right palm to accumulate energy in secret, and the falling leaves all over the area floated up and condensed, like a sharp leaf sword, with lightning speed. , Knocked all of them to the ground, their backs and abdomen were injured.

Because Xu Fengnian refused to hand over the ginger mud, Lu Baijie started to grab someone. Although Xu Fengnian used the two-sleeved green snake, he was still no opponent. At the critical moment, the Confucian sage Cao Changqing rushed to the people’s heart with a stone, and every move Lu Baijie used was within his calculations.

Now Cao Changqing’s strength has reached the peak of celestial phenomena, second only to Wang Xianzhi, facing the strong finger in front of him, three or two leaves beat the sword fairy of Tangxi into flowers and water, and soon ended the battle. Cao Changqing had seen a young princess in the palace, so he recognized Jiang Ni at a glance and knelt down on the spot.

But what made Cao Changqing most angry was that the princess’s daughter was called as a maid by Xu Fengnian, and she wished to cut him a thousand times. Jiang Ni had been stunned, and had no chance to persuade Cao Changqing. Only the blue bird assisted the eldest son to contend. Unfortunately, he was beaten into the air by one move and passed out directly. I saw Cao Changqing walking towards Xu Fengnian, and Xu Fengnian was already at the end of the road, completely suppressed by the double knives, like a lamb to be slaughtered.

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