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A Little Mood for Love 小敏家 Episode 20 Recap

Xu Zheng introduced himself that his hometown was in Taizhou, Zhejiang. His parents only had one son. He wanted him to go back to develop, but he wanted to stay in Beijing to accompany Liu Xiaojie. Liu Xiaomin was very uneasy when he learned that his parents didn’t know about their relationship. It is clear that if the parents do not agree, they will cut off the relationship with them, and Liu Xiaomin is even more worried.

Xiaomin’s house episode 20 stills
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After the meal, when Xu Zheng went to checkout, Chen Zhuo suddenly received a call from Qian Feng. Qian Feng couldn’t wait to know the situation of Xu Zheng and Liu Xiaojie. Chen Zhuo told the truth about Feng’s recent situation. Qian Feng was unhappy because of his lovelorn.

Chen Zhuo wanted to take a walk with Liu Xiaomin home, and Xu Zheng drove Liu Xiaojie off. Along the way, Xu Zheng kept silent. Liu Xiaojie wanted to invite him to watch a movie on the weekend. Xu Zheng was absent-minded and full of Qian Feng. He reminded Liu Xiaojie to stop When contacting Qian Feng, Liu Xiaojie disagreed. She and Qian Feng had known each other for more than ten years and wanted to continue to be good friends, but Xu Zheng refused to agree, claiming that he had no sense of security, so Liu Xiaojie had to make concessions.

After dinner, Jin Bo went to the bathroom of Liu Xiaomin’s room to take a shower. Liu Xiaomin had to wait for him to come out in Jin Jiajun’s room. Jin Jiajun didn’t want to disturb Liu Xiaomin anymore. .

At two o’clock in the middle of the night, Liu Xiaomin suddenly heard movement in Jin Jiajun’s room, and hurriedly opened the door to check. He saw that Jin Jiajun was playing games, and Jin Bo was sleeping soundly on the bed. He was under too much pressure to study, so he used games to relieve it. Liu Xiaomin was so angry that he immediately decided to let Jin Bo move out tomorrow, so as not to affect Jin Jiajun’s study.

After Liu Xiaomin returned to the house, Jin Jiajun continued to go online for sparring. As a result, the third brother had changed to another sparring partner. Jin Jiajun was very annoyed. Early the next morning, before going to work, Liu Xiaomin reminded Jin Bo again to find a house and move out. Jin Bo bravely agreed. He suddenly received a call from the creditor, who urged him to pay back the money as soon as possible, and they had found that Jin Bo was hiding in Liu Xiaomin’s house. Frightened, he immediately called Chen Zhuo and packed up and moved to Chen Zhuo’s old house as soon as possible.

Jin Bo was very satisfied with the house. Chen Zhuo was curious about why he suddenly moved out. Jin Bo claimed that he was playing hard to catch and wanted Liu Xiaomin to think of his goodness. Chen Zhuo repeatedly reminded him not to tell Liu Xiaomin and Li Ping about renting the house. Full of promise. Jin Jiajun received a message from Jin Bo after class, and learned that he had moved to Chen Jiajia’s old house. Jin Jiajun was anxious to go to the Internet cafe to play sparring, and did not attend the Q&A after class, so he hurriedly said goodbye to Chen Jiajia and left. Chen Jiajia felt that something was wrong with him recently. Just follow it to the Internet cafe.

As soon as Jin Jiajun arrived at the Internet cafe, he asked the third brother to discuss. He wanted to advance the remuneration, so the third brother had to give him 1,000 yuan first, and Jin Jiajun began to play games. Chen Jiajia came to the Internet cafe and arrested Jin Jiajun. Jin Jiajun admitted that he was doing e-sports sparring.

Chen Jiajia was puzzled. They had the college entrance examination in a month. Jin Bo repaid the foreign debt, Chen Jiajia promised to give him money to repay the debt, Jin Jiajun wanted to make money by his own ability, and did not want to rely on others like Jin Bo, Chen Jia no longer insisted, and reminded him to be careful everywhere, not to be deceived by the third brother, Jin Jiajun wanted to continue fighting After this game, take Chen Jiajia to see Jinbo.

Chen Jiajia brought Jin Jiajun to the old house, Jin Bo cooked egg fried rice, Chen Jiajia followed Jin Bo to the kitchen and promised to take money to help him solve his problems, but Jin Bo politely declined.

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