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Ace Troops 王牌部队 Episode 1 Recap

Early spring in March, especially when the vegetation is dwindling, it is almost impossible to hide the traces of people. Accompanied by the gunfire from far and near, there is a sonorous and powerful slogan. Sorghum seemed to be in it, feeling the heroic ambition of the soldiers to kill the enemy for the country and regard death as home. After that battle, Qingshan was loyal to the bones, and there was no one to see. A broken watch became his last nostalgia for his elder brother.

Today, back to the day of 1983, Gao Liang woke up from a nightmare, and a train of carriages carrying recruits from the 234th Division of the A Army came into view. On the Zhengyang platform, the young girl Hu Yang looked around and finally found her sweetheart, Gu Yiye. In order to realize the military ideals, he publicly rejected the other party’s confession.

The military song was sung loudly, and the train slowly moved in response. The recruits from the north and south had a dispute due to their dialect differences. Sorghum, a child of a full-featured miner, wore the chief’s clothes in secret, and seriously taught the children of the large courtyard, and singled out Gu Yiye and others to “become famous in World War I” and became the backbone of many civilian children.

As for Gu Yiye, who has always been steady and mature, he has already seen through the false identity of Gao Liang, and because of his insight and ability, he has become the “core” figure of the students of the big courtyard. Until the appearance of the instructor Lu, the little farce seemed to subside, but it was not. The bloody gangsters refused to accept each other.

Gao Liang issued a battle book to fight Gu Yiye one-on-one. Two young people with diametrically opposite personalities played their fists in the narrow and crowded carriage. Although Gu Yiye looked very bookish, he was agile and clean. He kicked the sorghum back to the seat in twos or twos, but he couldn’t react for a long time.

When they arrived at Zhangmu Railway Station, everyone got off the train at their orders and rested on the spot. A few female soldiers appeared among the mighty male soldiers, which attracted everyone’s attention. According to Gu Yiye’s observations, it is speculated that they are not part of the 720S Regiment of the Field. They should all be the health team of the division or the communications battalion. They just took the train.

When the female soldiers assembled, they found that Jiang Nanzheng had left the team without permission. It happened that both Gu Yiye and Gao Liang had seen this person, so they spontaneously helped to find him. Gu Yiye followed the trail to a nearby flower field. Unexpectedly, he was attacked by sorghum. Fortunately, he had quick eyes and hands. He turned over and pressed the opponent under him, turning defense into offense.

At this time, Jiang Nanzheng was taking photos in the flower field and mistakenly regarded Gu Yiye as a voyeuristic hooligan. Afterwards, the misunderstanding was solved and he became interested in him. On the other hand, Gao Liang also had a good impression of Jiang Nanzheng. As the three of them talked, as they drove past tanks on the trail, Gu Yiye couldn’t restrain his inner excitement. While explaining his professional knowledge, he vowed to lead his armored division on the battlefield.

When Gu Yiye talked about these things, the light in his eyes became even brighter. Jiang Nanzheng was attracted by its charm, and he couldn’t help but moved his heart, and immediately proposed to take a group photo. Originally, Jiang Nanzheng and Gu Yiye stood side by side, Gao Liang stood between the two immediately, but at the moment when the camera was photographed, Gu Yiye walked quickly to Jiang Nanzheng’s side, Gao Liang held him tightly. The joyful picture freezes, commemorating them as their comrades in the rumbling sound of tanks.

After the recruits had assembled and were about to get on the train, they suddenly heard the sound of artillery from a distance. For these recruits who had never been to the battlefield, the sound of artillery was different from commands and battles, and more like the beginning of a youth army. , Full of grandeur and mystery, they will be greeted by a confrontational exercise that will be “death to death”.

As the divisions of the B Army have successively arrived at their predetermined positions, as Meng Zhongchi’s 203rd Division moved the fastest, forty-six minutes earlier than the military region’s requirements, only half an hour was left for Zheng Yuan’s 234th Division. Deputy Commander Xiao sent troops to reinforce a division to implement security, which means that there will be three times the strength of the army to attack the defense area of ​​the 234th division.

At this critical juncture, the division commander Zheng Yuan immediately deployed operations and ordered the 720 Regiment to disguise as the main force of the division to attract the attention of the B Army. It must arrive at Hongshikou before 14 o’clock to build fortifications, and the main force of the cover division should pass through Highway 6. The division’s phone number was respectively called Chen Dashan, the commander of the July 20th regiment, and Song Jianshe, the chief of the military affairs unit, instructing them to gather the troops as quickly as possible, place the recruits on standby in concealment, and control the train they were riding on.

Gao Liang accidentally heard Song Jianshe report military information to Zheng Yuan, mentioning a keyword “Pili”, so he hurried back to ask Gu Yiye for advice, probably referring to the radio call sign or password. As soon as the voice fell, a large number of B soldiers with blue armbands emerged around them, and they were ordered to seize Zhangmu Railway Station.

Seeing that Song Jianshe and Instructor Lu were captured one after another, everyone was indignant and screamed to their deaths, rushing out of the encirclement all the way. In order to protect the female soldiers, Gu Yiye and others resolutely chose to turn back. Even the sorghum was accidentally injured. His steel-like head clashed with the stone platform, and suffered both losses.

The B army occupied Zhangmu Railway Station, and the recruits of the 720th regiment of the A army were detained in the warehouse, and the men and women were held in separate custody. Combining the daytime situation, Gu Yiye carefully analyzed the current situation for everyone, and finally combined the opinions of others to lock the Redstone mouth.

At the same time, Chen Dashan led the troops all the way east, and Qin Hanyong, the training staff officer, received the latest order from the division and decided to personally take people to Zhangmu Railway Station. Whether the three battalions will become famous in one fell swoop, it depends on the wisdom of the night. . Instructor Lu found that Gu Yiye had studied the battle plan quite a bit, and guessed that his father should be Gu Heng. The so-called son is better than the father and the blue is blue.

Now the only countermeasure is to try to rush out, as far as possible to prevent the division from being trapped by the B army. According to battlefield discipline, cadres must not participate in this operation, otherwise they will be defeated. So the key is this group of recruits. Strictly speaking, they are not real soldiers. If they escape successfully, the B army will not be embarrassed to take command of the exercise. Ministry report.

It’s just that, although there is a turn for the better, it is also accompanied by risks. If the plan succeeds, it may be rewarded, and if it fails, it will inevitably be burdened. The others hesitated a little. Gu Yiye didn’t hesitate to recommend himself. The sorghum, who had been against him everywhere, wanted to go with him for an unprecedented time, but he wanted to save the female soldiers by the way.

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