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A Little Mood for Love 小敏家 Episode 11 Recap

Chen Jiajia asked the classmate next to him to give up his seat to Jin Bo. Jin Bo recognized Chen Jiajia as Li Ping’s daughter and asked her to help take care of Jin Jiajun. Jin Jiajun was very uncomfortable, but Jin Bo kept talking non-stop. He claimed to be familiar with Li Ping. , Chen Jiajia thought Jin Bo was very interesting and chatted with him all the way. The bus soon returned to Nengcheng Counseling School, and Jin Bo was still unfinished. He gave Jin Jiajun thousands of instructions before leaving with confidence.

Jin Jiajun thanked Chen Jiajia for helping him clear the siege, but Chen Jiajia disagreed and asked Jin Jiajun to invite her for coffee and promised to be his fan. Jin Jiajun regretted that he did not win the first place in this competition. Chen Jiajia saw that he had potential in this area, but he just didn’t understand that he was running. Why does he always look back at the time? Jin Jiajun had to admit that he wanted to see if the person who beat him caught up. Chen Jiajia didn’t expect that he would have such a tragic experience, and he was very sad.

Chen Zhuo returned to the company dejected and couldn’t help but spit out his bitterness to Qian Feng. He wanted to tell Li Ping about his relationship, but he was afraid that it would spread to Jin Jiajun’s ears and affect his college entrance examination. Continuing to communicate with Liu Xiaomin secretly, he felt it was too awkward, Qian Feng couldn’t think of a way to get the best of both worlds, Chen Zhuo was even more confused, and finally, Qian Feng came up with a good idea.

Chen Zhuo came to Li Ping early in the morning and admitted that he and Liu Xiaomin were in a relationship. Li Ping had already guessed their relationship, but he was not sure. Chen Zhuo repeatedly told Li Ping not to tell Chen Jiajia about this, so as not to affect the child’s learning. Li Ping swore that it would not be leaked out, and Chen Zhuo left with confidence.

Li Ping revealed the news to Hong Wei when she got home. Hong Wei was not interested in it. Li Ping felt very disappointed. She bought a gift and went to the hospital to find Liu Xiaomin, wishing her and Chen Zhuo happiness. Liu Xiaomin was surprised, she pretended not to Li Ping was sent away with a loud voice.

Liu Xiaomin came directly to Mr. Chen Zhuoxing to ask the guilt, complaining that he should not tell Li Ping about the two of them, worried that Li Ping would soon spread a lot, Chen Zhuo repeatedly explained that Liu Xiaomin didn’t listen at all, and left without looking back. . Chen Zhuo was upset, so he had to drink alcohol to drown his sorrows. He called Qian Feng to accompany him, and Qian Feng brought Liu Xiaojie with him.

Chen Zhuo complained that Qian Feng had a bad idea, which caused him to break up with Liu Xiaomin. Zhuo told the whole process of the matter in detail. Liu Xiaojie felt that Chen Zhuo’s actions were inappropriate. Chen Zhuo asked Liu Xiaojie to help him with ideas. Liu Xiaojie asked him to coax Liu Xiaomin. Chen Zhuo thought he was right and he didn’t want to bow his head.

Chen Zhuo drank a lot of alcohol in one breath, and he was unconscious. Liu Xiaojie drove him home. Chen Zhuo wanted to sing to apologize to Liu Xiaomin, so Qian Feng had to call Liu Xiaomin.

Liu Xiaomin answered the phone, and when she saw Chen Zhuo’s drunken appearance, she immediately softened her heart. Chen Zhuo sang an impromptu song for her. Liu Xiaomin suddenly lost half of her anger and told Qian Feng to bring Chen Zhuo home. Qian Feng was full of mouths. promise.

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