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A Little Mood for Love 小敏家 Episode 10 Recap

Liu Xiaomin came to pick up Jin Jiajun for dinner, and happened to meet Li Ping to pick up Chen Jiajia to buy clothes. The two exchanged a few simple words and then left with their children. Chen Jiajia didn’t want to buy clothes, Li Ping promised to let her be the flag bearer at the games, and Chen Jiajia gave in. Jin Jiajun invited Liu Xiaomin to watch him play, and Liu Xiaomin also wanted to buy him a sportswear.

Liu Xiaojie specially ordered an internet celebrity restaurant to invite Jin Jiajun to dinner, and asked Qian Feng to accompany him. Qian Feng offered to accompany Jin Jiajun to buy clothes. . After the meal, Qian Feng, Liu Xiaomin and Liu Xiaojie accompanied Jin Jiajun to choose clothes. Jin Jiajun felt that the price was too expensive and did not want to buy it. Liu Xiaojie reminded him in a low voice not to always refuse, otherwise Liu Xiaomin would be unhappy. Jin Jiajun chose the cheapest clothes, and Liu Xiaomin felt that The color is too old-fashioned. Liu Xiaojie chose a sportswear. Liu Xiaomin was very satisfied, so he took Jin Jiajun to try it on and pay for it. Liu Xiaojie complained that Qian Feng should not have brought up Chen Zhuo in front of Jin Jiajun, and Qian Feng was so frightened that he repeatedly admitted his mistakes.

When Liu Xiaomin was washing Jin Jiajun’s clothes, he secretly called Chen Zhuo and reminded Chen Zhuo to stay away from her when he went to the sports meeting, so as not to arouse Li Ping’s suspicion. When Chen Zhuo was talking to Liu Xiaomin, Li Ping suddenly barged in. Chen Zhuo was so frightened that he hung up the phone and lied that he was talking to a client about work. Li Ping didn’t believe it at all.

When Li Ping went to the toilet, Chen Zhuo whispered that Chen Jiajia should not take Li Ping home. Li Ping wanted to go to the toilet at home, but Chen Jiajia could not do anything. Well, she begged Chen Zhuo hard, and Li Ping came out of the toilet to help, but Chen Zhuo reluctantly agreed.

Today is the college entrance examination sprint sports meeting of the Nengcheng Counseling School. Liu Xiaomin prepared fruit, pure water and a lot of snacks in the morning. Jin Jiajun put on the newly bought sportswear. Liu Xiaomin’s eyes lit up and repeatedly praised him as the most handsome. The sportswear, Jin Jiajun thought it was inappropriate, Liu Xiaomin changed into a casual dress, Jin Jiajun thought it was inappropriate, Liu Xiaomin changed into a white dress and white high heels, Jin Jiajun thought it was too formal, but it was too late, Liu Xiaomin had to wear this outfit Clothes go out.

Chen Zhuo and Chen Jiajia were both wearing white sportswear. They came to the school gate and met Liu Xiaomin and Jin Jiajun face to face. Chen Jiajia called Jin Jiajun away, and Chen Zhuo accompanied Liu Xiaomin to the stand. Is to speak, had to send a message to chat. When the Games officially started, Chen Jiajia appeared with a big banner, and Chen Zhuo hurriedly took pictures of her.

Jin Bo was late, he sat between Liu Xiaomin and Chen Zhuo, and repeatedly explained that it was not Jin Jiajun who told him, but that he saw the notice from the circle of friends. Jin Bo shouted Jin Jiajun, and Liu Xiaomin was very disgusted. Li Ping came to the stage and delivered a brief speech, inviting parents to attend the college entrance examination consultation meeting. Immediately afterwards, Hong Wei announced the official opening of the sports meeting. Jin Bo shouted and cheered, and Liu Xiaomin avoided him. A colleague suddenly called Chen Zhuo, and Chen Zhuo naturally asked Liu Xiaomin to leave to answer the phone, and when he came back, he sat behind Liu Xiaomin.

The competition officially started. The students were all gearing up for the first place. Next was the men’s 3,000-meter race. Jin Jiajun was far ahead all the way. Jin Bo borrowed a cheer stick from his neighbor and rushed to the railing of the playground to shout for Jin Jiajun. Liu Xiaomin hurriedly followed. In the past, remind him not to put pressure on Jin Jiajun. Seeing other classmates being left far behind, Jin Jiajun couldn’t help but think of being chased and beaten by the children when he was a child and making fun of him for wearing white shoes. He rushed forward, for fear of being caught up, and accidentally fell to the ground. Jin Jiajun struggled to get up and continued to run, and finally reached the finish line.

Chen Jiajia rushed over to greet Jin Jiajun first, Liu Xiaomin and Jin Bo came later, Liu Xiaomin gave him a simple treatment of the wound, Jin Bo kept complaining about Jin Jiajun and gave him a lollipop to shock him, Jin Jiajun was very embarrassed, he wanted to go to Tsinghua University When the admissions office consulted, Jin Bo and Liu Xiaomin went with him. Li Ping shouted to stop Liu Xiaomin, and also called Chen Zhuo and Hong Wei. She suspected that Liu Xiaomin and Chen Zhuo had made an appointment in advance to wear white clothes, and joked that Liu Xiaomin was wearing a pair of white leather shoes. Liu Xiaomin was very embarrassed. When the parents came to find Li Ping, she was willing to leave.

Liu Xiaomin quickly found Jin Jiajun. Jin Bo was not there when he went to the toilet. Liu Xiaomin took the opportunity to ask about Jin Bo’s coming to the sports meeting. Jin Jiajun admitted that he informed Jin Bo. Liu Xiaomin reminded Jin Jiajun to tell her in advance when she encountered the same thing. Jin Jiajun took all the school’s information. Just as Liu Xiaomin wanted to leave, Chen Zhuo hurriedly stopped her. Liu Xiaomin was worried that Li Ping saw them together. Chen Zhuo didn’t want to be sneaky anymore and wanted to confess their relationship to Li Ping. Liu Xiaomin disagreed and left without looking back.

Chen Jiajia hurriedly came to Chen Zhuo and took him to line up at his favorite school. After the consultation meeting, Chen Jiajia got on the school bus, Jin Jiajun and Jin Bo also came up, Chen Jiajia greeted Jin Jiajun to sit next to her.

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