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Sword Snow Stride 雪中悍刀行 Episode 21 Recap

Wang Mingyin was unkind, and he was the first to call Xu Fengnian. Li Chungang rushed out of the carriage and flew towards him with a wooden sword in his hand. At this time, Wu Liuding walked out of the reed sway and invited Li Chungang to fight on the grounds of Suwangjian, each representing the new and old kendo leaders in the rivers and lakes, and he would definitely not be able to get away with three moves.

Wei Shuyang, Lv Qiantang, and Shu Xiu have gone to Luwei Dang to crack the five-element red armor. Although Wei Shuyang’s martial arts skills are not outstanding, he is good at setting up formations. How strong and invincible the ambush generals are. Belongs to the Daomen Shenbing, and Shu Xiu originally came from the Southern Xinjiang Wuzong, so he can handle it for a while.

Only Lu Qiantang had the lowest force among all people and entered the Reed Dang with a mortal heart. Even if he knew that he had no chance of winning against the top four, he took the lead with the sword and went against a flame armor alone. How long can be delayed. On the other hand, Shu Xi’s palms hit a wooden armor chest, suddenly exerting force, just let it shake gently, and quickly throw out two vines, if they touch it, they will be poisoned by vegetation.

At the same time, Xu Fengnian was left with only the dead blue bird, Ning Emei and a hundred Qingqi behind him, while Jiang Ni and Pei Nanwei stayed in the carriage. Ning Emei gave an order, and the Thirty Qingqi spread out in a fan shape, pointing directly to the master who has long been known in the arena. It is undoubtedly another battle between the iron-blooded soldiers and the martial arts people.

The Fengziying cavalry attacked again and again under the order of Ning Emei, but they were beaten down by Wang Mingyin each time. I saw Wang Mingyin stepping forward without fear, apparently assuming a arrogant posture to resist the army. Several groups of people were violently bounced off by the Qi machine he wandered outside of his body. On the other hand, he was unscathed.

There was a vigorous fight, and the Reed Dang was also met by a powerful enemy. The soil armor penetrated the ground and disappeared without a trace. Lu Qiantang’s hands were burned by the flame armor. The rest of the people were still fighting with all their strength. Wei Shuyang racked his brains to think about countermeasures. , Let them hold on again, now the most powerful golden armor has not yet appeared.

Outside the Reed Dang, Li Chungang faced Wu Liuding, a younger generation of kendo. He wanted to come to Wu Liuding to walk out of the mound as a sword crown, undoubtedly he has the most amazing accomplishments in swordsmanship. The two used swords against swords, and fought close to each other. They fought for several rounds in the blink of an eye.

In the end, Li Chungang picked up a sword unhurriedly and directly smashed the bamboo pole in his hand in half. Seeing this, Cuihua immediately called out the Su Wangjian. However, Li Chungang did not give Wu Liuding a chance to swing his sword. With a backhand blow, Wu Liuding fell to the ground, quite embarrassed, and could only flee with Cuihua in a hurry.

Xu Fengnian stood next to the carriage, motionless, watching Wang Mingyin’s murder in a daze, even Ning Emei was seriously injured and unconscious. The blue bird rushed to fight with it, but unfortunately it soon fell to the wind. Li Chungang hurried over, and Wang Mingyin’s internal force resisted, and Wang Mingyin and the blue bird were knocked into the air together, so that Wang Mingyin took the opportunity to cut the blue bird.

Wei Shuyang looked at Zhunfu’s weakness and stabbed the red armor with a single knife, and hurriedly ordered Shu Xiu to use his internal force. Just as Shuxun was gathering, Lu Qiantang fought the Fire Armor alone, and at this moment was burned to the point of incompleteness. Seeing Huo Jia Chao Shu ashamed, Wei Shuyang ordered Lu Qiantang to stop him.

I saw Lu Qiantang desperately dragging the fire armor, piercing the fire armor body with a sword, slamming into the soil, and using the Chixia Sword Art, allowing the flames to swallow the whole body. Following Lu Qiantang’s punches to the fire armor, until all internal strength was lost, the fire armor body exploded, shattering his internal organs.

The explosion sounded outside Luwei Dang and attracted everyone’s attention. Wei Shuyang suddenly thought of Tujia, and immediately ran to inform Xu Fengnian. As he expected, the sneak attack on the soil armor was unsuccessful, and Xu Fengnian used Li Chungang’s method to teach him to completely destroy the soil armor with an immortal kneeling.

In a blink of an eye, Xu Fengnian was knocked down by Wang Mingyin’s double sword. He thought that he was bound to die. Unexpectedly, a woman killed Wang Mingyin from behind, and then left with a smile, reminding Xu Fengnian that she was a beef jerky girl. Xu Fengnian hurriedly went to see Jade Bird and saw that she was in danger, so she begged Li Chungang to help.

But when he learned that Lu Qiantang’s veins were completely broken, Xu Fengnian appeared extremely calm and calm, and walked into the reeds with Wei Shuyang, and asked if Lu Qiantang had any last wishes. Lu Qiantang is now looking back, sitting on the ground with his knees crossed, looking at the setting sun in the distance, his expression is very lonely, even Wei Shuyang and Shu Xiu can’t help turning their backs, unbearable.

Lu Qiantang declined to enter the Lin family’s ancestral grave after his death, because he almost destroyed the family and has not yet been recognized. It would be better to throw a handful of ashes into the water without face to see his ancestors. And his biggest last wish was to hope that Xu Fengnian would treat the Lin Family well. When he died, he sighed that life is too difficult, yelled out his frustration and anger, and was immediately exhausted.

Xu Fengyoung patted Lu Qiantang on the shoulder, and ordered Wei Shuyang to cremate him on the altar, but he hadn’t walked a few steps before unexpectedly met the golden armor who had never seen his face. Fortunately, the girl flew over and slapped the golden armor with a palm. At the same time, she was ordered to kill Xu Fengnian to get the silver reward. Seeing Xu Fengnian slapped him several times and almost died, Li Chungang appeared in time to rescue him.

After Li Chungang’s treatment, the blue bird saved his life for the time being, and Xu Fengnian was fine. I thought that this fierce battle was about to end, how did he know that King Jing’an came with his troops, obviously he wanted to sit back and enjoy his success. The Qingzhou soldiers surrounded Xu Fengnian’s carriage layer by layer, and Pei Nanwei saw King Jing’an and immediately leaned over.

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