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Introduction to Mexican traditional cuisine

Mexico has recently become more and more popular for tourism, and many domestic and foreign tourists come here in an endless stream. How can you avoid traditional Mexican food when you travel to Mexico? Traditional Mexican food has its own characteristics, and it is not easy to eat in other places. If you are coveting traditional Mexican food, you might as well find a free time to come here to see the scenery and taste the food. Next, the editor will give you a good introduction to the traditional food in Mexico!

Introduction to Traditional Mexican Food

Traditional Mexican Food: Taco Burrito

This is the burrito that we usually talk about. It is the most representative food in Mexico. Because of its simple preparation, it is deeply loved by Mexicans.

A tortilla is sandwiched with meat and vegetables, and then topped with salsa, guacamole, crushed tomato sauce, etc. according to your preferences, roll up the tortilla, and the delicious Taco is ready.

Traditional Mexican cuisine: Quesadilla crepes

This is a traditional Mexican cuisine. The basic ingredients are tacos and cheese, stuffed with mushrooms, meat and various vegetables, and topped with salsa, guacamole, sour cream, etc., usually sprinkled on the surface of Quesadilla. Diced tomatoes, onions, lettuce, jalapenos. The cheese has a very rich taste, and this Mexican dish must surely impress your taste buds.

Traditional Mexican cuisine: Fajitas

When entering and leaving Mexican restaurants, we can often see this dish on the menu, but for the locals, the representativeness of this dish is relatively inferior to that of Taco.

Fajita is a small term for Faja, which means belt and refers to the meat on the belly of the cow. It is believed that the meat here is most suitable for Mexican barbecue. Nowadays, chicken, pork, etc. have also been developed. The grilled meat is served with tortillas, with various sauces, and Fajitas is ready!

Traditional Mexican cuisine: Chilaquiles

Chilaquiles are mainly divided into two types, the main difference lies in the red chili sauce or the green chili sauce. Based on chili sauce, add corn chips, minced chicken, shredded beef, flank steak, sausage, egg, cheese, cream, onion, avocado, nepeta, bean paste, etc. It is full of Mexican characteristics.

Mexican traditional cuisine: cactus

As a big cactus country, the way to eat cacti must be studied. After removing the thorns, it can be eaten raw, cold, fried, fried, or stewed. It is also rich in nutrients and has a beauty effect.

Traditional Mexican Food: Tequila

When you go to Mexico, how can you miss the Mexican national wine-tequila! The taste is spicy and sweet. CC thought, what would it be like to drink tequila while eating Taco?

Traditional Mexican Food: Tuna Tacos

Sweet corn and tuna are very nutritious, but the main dish of this dish is not nutrition but delicious! The sweetness of corn and the deliciousness of fish, coupled with the look of the index, it is really delicious!

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