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A Little Mood for Love 小敏家 Episode 5 Recap

Chen Zhuo complained that Li Ping should not engage in material temptation to Chen Jiajia, but Li Ping complained that he was not caring about Chen Jiajia’s affairs. Chen Zhuogang wanted to leave, and suddenly received a message from Liu Xiaomin. Liu Xiaomin wanted to settle in with his ex-husband Jin Bo. Chen Zhuo gave a bitter smile and then left alone. drive home.

Jin Bo started to fall asleep as soon as he got in the car. Jin Jiajun helped him wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth. Liu Xiaomin saw this scene in the rearview mirror, thinking of Jin Jiajun’s indifference towards her, and his heart was mixed. Chen Jiajia asked Li Ping about her relationship with Liu Xiaomin. Li Ping mocked Liu Xiaomin. Chen Jiajia suddenly pointed out that she was jealous because of jealousy. Li Ping said that she now has a house and a car and lives happily. Li Ping was speechless when she heard her continue to talk and put on the headphones in anger.Liu Xiaomin took Jin Bo and Jin Jiajun home. Jin Bo couldn’t wait to take out the specialties of his hometown to please Wang Sumin. Wang Sumin forbidden him to enter the door and forced him to clarify the reason for coming to Beijing. Liu Xiaomin didn’t want to embarrass Jin Jiajun and asked Jin Bo to send his luggage to Jin Jiajun’s room first. Wang Sumin complained that Liu Xiaomin shouldn’t let Jin Bo come in. Liu Xiaomin had no choice but to learn from Jin Jiajun that Jin Bo was drunk and had a big fight with him, so Jin Jiajun came to Beijing outrageously.

Jin Bo and Liu Xiaomin have discussed in advance, let Jin Jiajun finish the third year of high school in Jiujiang, and then return to Beijing to take the college entrance examination. Jin Bo complained that Jin Jiajun was too impulsive. Jin Jiajun exposed that Jin Bo was unreliable and owed a large amount of money. Jin Bo claimed that he had settled it. He pretended to mortgage his father’s house to the creditor, and then came to Beijing with the real estate certificate. Jin Bo wanted to stay. Looking for a job in Beijing.

Wang Sumin made dinner soon, and Jin Bo wittily bid farewell to Liu Xiaomin. Liu Xiaomin left him after dinner before leaving. Naturally, Jin Bo couldn’t ask for it. Jin Jiajun kept serving Jinbo with vegetables. Jinbo praised Wang Sumin’s cooking skills and claimed that their family hadn’t eaten together for a long time. Wang Sumin clearly stated that Jinbo and them are not a family anymore. She wants to know what Jinbo is. When he left Beijing, Jin Bo said his thoughts. Jin Jiajun promised to accompany Jin Bo to find a place to live after eating. Wang Sumin would not allow Jin Jiajun to mix up with adults. Jin Bo was unfamiliar with the place when he first came, so he could only bite the bullet and go out alone to find a place. .

Liu Xiaomin asked Jin Bo for his ID card, and he went out without eating. Jin Bo was very sad and wanted to leave something for Liu Xiaomin. Wang Sumin asked him to eat. After the meal, Jin Bo took the initiative to help Wang Sumin wash the dishes. Wang Sumin exposed his impure purpose in coming to Beijing and was not allowed to disturb Liu Xiaomin’s life. Jin Bo cried poorly to Wang Sumin. Wang Sumin severely taught him a meal. Jin Jiajun was indifferent, and Wang Sumin thought that something was wrong. He suspected that something happened to Jin Bo, so Jin Bo had to admit that he had lost money in his investment. He wanted to come to Beijing to do a few more jobs to pay off his debts and accompany Jin Jiajun.

Wang Sumin immediately understood the reason why Jin Jiajun insisted on coming to Beijing. She gritted her teeth with anger. Jin Bo saw that Li Ping’s school was so big. In addition, his father was directly under Li Ping’s father before his death. Jin Bo wanted to find Li Ping for help. For work, Wang Sumin forbids him to find Li Ping. Liu Xiaomin quickly booked the hotel and called Jin Jiajun to send Jin Bo over. Jin Jiajun took Jin Bo to the hotel, and then went to the supermarket to buy him food.

Chen Jiajia returned home with her beloved violent bear, and complained to Chen Zhuo that Li Ping and Hong Wei were not doing things reliably. The so-called teacher was an intermediary. As long as she paid enough money, she could go to Harvard University. Chen Zhuo also felt that That teacher is a liar. Jin Jiajun bought two large bags of food and daily necessities for Jin Bo in one go. Jin Bo encouraged him to ask Liu Xiaomin for more money. Jin Jiajun promised to find a way to help him pay off his debt. Jin Bo wanted to go out to find a job, so that Jin Jiajun could prepare for the college entrance examination with peace of mind. Liu Xiaomin went home with a lot of thoughts, Wang Sumin uncharacteristically said good things for Jin Bo, Liu Xiaomin made it clear that she had nothing to do with Jin Bo now.

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