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Luoyang 风起洛阳 Episode 27 Recap

Wu Siyue rushed to rescue Gao Bingzhu in time. Gao Bingzhu was in a coma. Wu Siyue tried his best to rescue him and called out his name loudly. Gao Bingzhu finally regained consciousness, Wu Siyue was extremely excited. , Couldn’t help but hug him tightly, Gao Bingzhu urged her to catch Dai Zhou as soon as possible.

Liu Ran disguised herself as a man and went out to help Baili Hongyi purchase the raw materials for pill production. The people from Tiantong kept squatting at the gate of Baili Mansion. When he saw Liu Ran leaving in a carriage, he quietly followed her to the drug store in Nanshi. The people in Tiantong insisted that the shopkeeper sells fakes, claiming that Dongji Pharmacy is the No. 1 in the capital of God, and talked a lot about alchemy. Seeing that he was an expert, Liu Ran asked him for the address of Dong Ji’s pharmacy. The people in Tiantong took the initiative to show her the way and took the opportunity to lead her to the alley and take her away.

Wu Siyue quickly grabbed Dai Zhou, and Dai Zhou told the Tiantong people to help him introduce Prince Li Dun, and used Li Dun to forge the medical documents for the Kebu caravan, and took the opportunity to obtain a large number of Beidi Xuanzhu and Tiantong people. Only one or two hundred catties of Beidi Xuanzhu was given to Li Dun, and the other goods were smuggled away by the people of Tiantong. Wu Siyue forced Dai Zhou to tell how he contacted the people of Tiantong. Dai Zhou confessed that they were persuading them.

At the connection of Shanfang, Li Beiqi took Dai Zhou back and handed it to Wu Youjue. Wu Shenxing learned from Wu You’s decision that Dai Zhou had made money under the name of the prince and even smuggled contraband and filled his pockets. Wu Shenxing thought this was an opportunity to hit the East Palace hard.

Shen Fei went to the pharmacy to look for Liu Ran and left without buying anything. Shen Fei realized that the situation was not good and hurriedly looked for Liu Ran, but found nothing, so he had to report to Baili Hongyi. Baili Hongyi suddenly received a secret letter, asking him to meet at Dunhuafang alone. Wu Siyue discovered that Gao Bingzhu had changed. He even gave up chasing Dai Zhou in order to save the gambling man. Gao Bingzhu wanted to find the whereabouts of the people in Tiantong as soon as possible. The two of them came to Yuncuiguan and found that the people in Tiantong had already escaped. Wu Siyue pressed the Taoist priest and learned that Tiantongren had a house in Beishan outside the city.

When Baili Hongyi came to Dunhuafang, the Tiantong people sent someone to follow him and took him to the Beishan Courtyard. The Tiantong people kidnapped Liu Ran and forced Baili Hongyi to hand over the code. Baili Hongyi asked him to let Liu Ran go first. , The people of Tiantong resolutely refused to agree, and ordered that Baili Hongyi’s neck be tightly strangled. Baili Hongyi insisted on letting Liu Ran go to the death and insisted that Liu Ran was strangled to death by the people of Tiantong. Baili Hongyi had to admit the handwriting. in his body.

The saint sent someone to inform Wu Shen to go to the palace to see him. Wu Shenxing met Li Dun and ridiculed him. Li Dun ridiculed him. Wu Shenxing reminded Li Dun to find a reliable person to do things in the future, so as not to burn his body, Li Dun Gritting his teeth with anger. The saint sent someone to call Litton, and Litton had to leave first.

Baili Hongyi guessed that the Tiantong people would not let him go out alive, pretending to cooperate with the Tiantong people, and begged the Tiantong people to let Liu Ran go. The Tiantong people didn’t believe him, and sent someone to lock Liu Ran. Baili Hongyi admitted that Wu Siyue had given him the handwriting. He was refining Fuhuo Thunder. People in Tiantong didn’t believe that he had penetrated this recipe in just a few days, and ordered Liu Ran to cut off a finger.

Baili Hongyi hurriedly stopped and agreed to go to the alchemy workshop to prove it to him. The saint gave Lipton a severe lesson. Li Dun repeatedly explained that he wanted to give the saint the elixir of longevity, but ended up in Dai Zhou’s trap. The saint didn’t buy it at all, and punished him to face the wall in the east palace on the grounds of misbehaving and impunity. I thought, he was not allowed to see anyone before the Lantern Festival.

Wu Shenxing invited the sage to take credit for Wu Shenxing and counted all the credit for capturing Dai Zhou on him. The sage appreciated Wu Youjue very much. Wu Shenxing took the opportunity to recommend Wu Shenxing as the official book of the Ministry of War. The sage worried about Wu Youjue. The sickly body couldn’t stand it, so Wu Shenxing had to give up. The saint sent Wu Shenxing to Hanjiacang to check the corn turned in from various places, and asked Yang Huan to go with him. The Tiantong people brought Baili Hongyi to the alchemy room, and Baili Hongyi refined Fuhuo Thunder according to the handwritten formula, and the Tiantong people supervised.

The Tiantong people found the fire in the alchemy furnace was blazing into the sky. He was very pleasantly surprised and forced to ask him what raw materials he had added. Baili Hongyi only admitted that he had added sandalwood and asked the Tiantong people to release Liu Ran, and then tell him the other ingredients. The Tiantong people didn’t buy it at all, they also locked up Baili Hongyi. Liu Ran was locked up next door. She blamed Baili Hongyi for hurting Baili Hongyi, and Baili Hongyi comforted Qiniang, who would definitely leave her to comfort her.

Shen Fei couldn’t find Baili Erlang, so she went to seek Wu Siyue’s help. Gao Bingzhu, Li Beiqi and Wu Siyue led people to the back mountain in the northern courtyard of the city, but they didn’t know where Baili Hongyi was locked up. Li Beiqi wanted to take people in to save people. Gao Bingzhu felt that he should go first. Let Baili Hongyi know that they are coming.

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