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Sword Snow Stride 雪中悍刀行 Episode 10 Recap

The sword is the courage of a hundred soldiers, and it is open and closed, and the inner family’s cultivation base pays more attention to step by step. Because Hong Xixiang is proficient in the law of infinity, Xu Fengnian repeatedly practiced day and night under his demonstration point. Finally successfully cut off the waterfall. During this period, Xu Fengnian would occasionally find some river stones, while meditating on his mind, he cut the river stones into black and white chess pieces.

On the other hand, Jiang Ni manages the vegetable garden on Wudang Mountain. Knowing that Xu Fengnian has a soft spot for sweet potatoes, he gave him two to roast them. Hong Xixiang didn’t understand why Jiang Ni was so obsessed with planting. Xu Fengnian felt that Jiang Ni had lost too much since he was a child and he was obsessed with one thing. Just like he was going to Wudi City to find Wang Xianzhi, Hong Xixiang firmly believed that he would become the number one in the world.

At the same time, Zhao Fengya came to Wudang Mountain and went straight to the vegetable garden to question Jiang Ni, asking her to tell the whereabouts of Xu Fengnian’s brother. Jiang Ni was angry because of her wanton trampling, so she pushed her away. Unexpectedly, she angered the troubled princess. Not only did she humiliate Jiang Ni, she slapped her in public, and even ordered her attendants to razing the vegetable garden to the ground.

Just as Zhao Fengya was about to clean up the ginger mud, a long knife flew across the air and plunged straight into the soil to separate her from the ginger mud. Princess Sui Zhu recognized Xu Fengnian at a glance, and asked him if he remembered herself. Even if Xu Fengnian couldn’t remember her appearance, she would at least see the two dragon and phoenix baby night pearls in her hand.

However, Xu Fengnian has always been retributable to the canthus, and his maid can only be bullied by him, and the others are not allowed to humiliate, so he tied the long knife to his hand and asked Zhao Fengya to immediately apologize to Jiang Ni, otherwise he would never give up. However, Xu Fengnian practiced one and a half tricks, but after all he could not reach Sun Diao Temple, but fortunately Lao Kui appeared in time.

Xu Fengnian quietly asked Lao Kui whether he was sure to agree, and after getting his affirmation, his words became tougher. Zhao Fengya became angry and ordered everyone to arrest Xu Fengnian. Unexpectedly, Lao Kui subdued Sun Diaosi in two or two, and the other servants who were not well-known could only give up.

Jiang Ni said that Zhao Fengya’s apology was not needed, as long as the vegetable garden was restored. Zhao Fengya didn’t have much money with her. She wanted to pay an IOU, but Xu Fengnian was reluctant, so she had to throw her Ye Mingzhu over to settle the account, a total of thousands of taels. The head Wang Chonglou came over to be a lobbyist. Zhao Fengya ordered Wang Chonglou to take the three of them down when he saw this, but was tactfully refused.

Over the years, Longhushan has successively annexed sects large and small, all because of the support of the royal surname Zhao. Wang Chonglou knows that the so-called Jianghu school is just a few leaves on the water. If there is no foundation, it will overturn at any time. At the moment, only the Beifang Xu family can guarantee the Wudang line.

Zhao Fengya knew that he was in a disadvantaged situation. After all, he was in the local area of ​​Wu. He reluctantly softened his attitude, and Jiang Ni threw it back to Ye Mingzhu to humiliate the other party and avenge the destruction of the vegetable garden. Seeing Zhao Fengya and others leave in anger, Wang Chonglou asked Xu Fengnian to talk a few words alone, and then waited for him at the waterfall.

Xu Fengnian took the initiative to apologize to Jiang Ni. After all, this matter has something to do with him. He originally wanted to help recover, but was rejected. In fact, Jiang Ni knew that Xu Fengnian’s behavior was actually intended to deliberately provoke Zhao Fengya and make the other party mistakenly believe that the son of dignified Bei Miao was an impulsive and irritable idiot. This was his true intention.

Zhao Fengya and Sun Diaosi walked down the mountain and discussed Xu Fengnian. They determined that this person was not a climate. If Beizhu was handed over to him, it would be regarded as Xu’s dignity almost exhausted. As for Wang Chonglou, the head of Wudang, Zhao Fengya saw that he was determined to be an enemy of the court, and Beifang might be able to become the backer of Wudang, or he might be too busy to take care of himself.

While talking, a group of people had arrived at the mountainside, and Hong Xixiang was waiting here with a bull, and took the initiative to surrender to Zhao Fengya, and work with Wudang to bring chaos up and down anyway. Zhao Fengya questioned Hong Xixiang’s strength, after all, he had a lot of bold words, how could he beat the successful Wang Chonglou.

Hong Xixiang invited Zhao Fengya to follow him to the waterfall, where he heard the conversation between Wang Chonglou and Xu Fengnian. Wang Chonglou bluntly said that Beijing and Beifang are two undercurrents, and Wudang, which has always been in a neutral position, is already at the head of the rapids at this moment. In order to protect himself, he decided to invest in Beifang.

Since Beifang is willing to bless Wudang, this kindness must be repaid. Wang Chonglou has cultivated the Peerless Rhubarb Court, and is willing to send his true qi to Xu Fengnian to help him break through the Zhixian realm, and still be able to compete with Wang Xianzhi. But the exhaustion of the martial artist’s true energy also meant that his life would not be long. Xu Fengnian immediately refused. How did he know that just after the voice fell, Wang Chonglou shot him down into the river with a palm of his hand, and immediately transmitted the true energy, sealing the river surface.

Looking around, a piece of golden color floats on the waves, Xu Fengnian gradually sinks, as if countless pictures flashed before his eyes, including when his mother died, Jiang Ni was by his side to comfort him. Wu Su Yinrong appeared, Xu Fengnian desperately went upstream, but he exhausted all his strength, unable to break free, and finally fell into a coma due to lack of oxygen.

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