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My Heart 卿卿我心 Episode 19 Recap

Fearing that Lu Qingqing might be in danger, Nangong Yixin asked Rong Yun to write a letter summoning Lu Qingqing to go back to practice in Youhuang. Yixin cannot use spiritual power, so it can only last for two hours.

When Lu Qingqing saw the letter from the little fox, she guessed it was Nangong Yixin, and promised to go back to Yuhuangli to practice in person tomorrow, and left the little fox to rest with her for one night. Lu Qingqing covered Nangong Yixin with a quilt. She fell asleep by the bed, and Nangong Yixin, who had turned into a human form, gently covered Lu Qingqing with a quilt and left quietly.

The prince was dissatisfied with Lu Hongzhu’s assassination of King Jin and asked the queen to reason. He hoped that neither the queen nor Lu Hongzhu would interfere in the affairs between him and Lu Qingqing, nor would anyone allow anyone to assassinate King Jin. The prince assured the queen that as long as he was given time, he was confident that Lu Qingqing could get the spiritual power stone, and the queen ostensibly agreed to the prince’s request.

When Lu Hongzhu saw the prince leave, he showed the will to the queen. When the queen saw the will, she was furious, thinking that although she was a queen, she was always inferior to Nangong Yixin’s mother, and she was the only one in the eyes of the king, remembering Having been in this cold palace for decades, the queen felt terribly chilled. But as long as she can let the prince ascend to the throne, she can bear it. Now she didn’t expect that the first king would let Nangong Yixin ascend the throne, and the queen was angry.

Lu Hongzhu has been tracing the whereabouts of the Li’an Sect Master and wanted to smash him into thousands of pieces. Now it is even worse. The reason is that Lu Hongzhu liked the spiritual girl when he was young, but the spiritual girl and the Li’an Sect master fell in love at first sight, when the spiritual girl knew about Lu Hong When Zhu was about to kill Li’anmen, he ran to the Desolation Valley to report the letter, but unfortunately died. Since then, Li’anmen master disappeared, and Nangong Yixin and the commander of the Crimson Army Sikong and others also discussed and started to step up to deal with Lu Hongzhu.

Before going to Youhuangli, Lu Qingqing came to the Valley of Wasted Spirits, and happened to hear that Sikong’s subordinates were talking about the spiritual force killing innocent people everywhere. This made Lu Qingqing unacceptable and felt that Lu Hongzhu led the way. The spiritual force is a very regular force. Nangong Yixin happened to see Lu Qingqing coming, and took her to the street to take a look. Today is the Li’an Festival, and the festival set for Li’anmen is also very lively.

Just as Lu Qingqing was happy, she encountered the spiritual force army bullying, and Lu Qingqing shot to help and was almost injured. As a last resort, Nangong Yixin came forward to help Lu Qingqing defeat the spiritual force army, and Lu Qingqing felt sad. It’s his father, and the one he loves on the one hand, and it’s going to be a big battle on both sides.

The next day, Nangong Yixin sent Lu Qingqing to Rong Yun to practice. Lu Qingqing wanted to help Nangong Yixin but was rejected by Nangong Yixin. Nangong Yixin was also afraid that Lu Qingqing would be in danger and that she would be embarrassed. .

Commander Sikong gave a mask to Nangong Yixin and Sikongying, and asked them to use the mask to attract Lu Hongzhu over, because the scar on the mask was left by Lu Hongzhu. He was familiar with this mask, and the mask was exactly Li’an. The sect master, this made Nangong Yixin guess that Li’an sect master and Sikong commander had a private connection.

When Lu Qingqing was practicing, Lu Hongzhu rushed to take Lu Qingqing away. Lu Qingqing was unwilling to go back, and wanted to follow Master to practice. Rong Yun saw that Lu Hongzhu insisted on pulling Lu Qingqing back, so he protected Lu Qingqing with the power of his master. Seeing Rong Yun and Lu Hongzhu fought, Lu Qingqing promised to follow his father back. Rong Yun suggested that if there is any If things happen to him in time, Lu Hongzhu just wants Rong Yun to take care of his own affairs.

Lu Hongzhu trapped Lu Qingqing in the yard and used the barrier to trap Lu Qingqing. Lu Qingqing used his spiritual power to break through the barrier. Seeing Qi Yi and others could not hold Lu Qingqing, Lu Hongzhu Came to strengthen the enchantment. Fortunately, Baihe always enlightens and believes in King Jin’s feelings for Lu Qingqing, but Lu Qingqing feels less and less understanding of King Jin.

King Jin was emotional when he learned that Lu Qingqing had been taken away by Lu Hongzhu. Sikongying persuaded King Jin not to mess around, believing that Lu Hongzhu would not hurt Lu Qingqing for the time being, and they only had to draw Lu Hongzhu out.

When Lu Qingqing heard that Lu Hongzhu was going to Waste Spirit Valley, she worried that she was going to Nangong Yixin. Lu Qingqing was anxious to go out, so Lu Yunxi rushed over to see Lu Qingqing, and Lu Qingqing asked Lu Yunxi. Helped to open the barrier, but Lu Yunxi urged Lu Qingqing to stay on his own and not make her father sad anymore.

Qi Yi rushed to Waste Spirit Valley and found a person wearing a mask. The celebrity caught him, only to find that it was Wan Qing. Wan Qing stole the mask in order to lure Lu Hongzhu out, just when Wan Qing was in danger. When Sikongying appeared and rescued her. Si Kongying held Guan Qing’s hand and asked her to allow him to protect him at the last moment of her life, and Guan Qing was moved by Si Kongying into his arms.

Qi Yi took the mask back to Lu Hongzhu. Lu Hongzhu knew that this was a declaration of war against him, and immediately ordered Qi Yi to gather all the spirit forces and rush to the Desolate Spirit Valley.

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