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My Heart 卿卿我心 Episode 16 Recap

Lu Qingqing missed King Jin very much, but couldn’t find King Jin. The uncomfortable King Jin was missing and turned into a fox. Lu Qingqing wanted to push King Jin away, but was hugged by King Jin and King Jin couldn’t bear it. Can’t see Lu Qingqing. As soon as Lu Qingqing hugged King Jin, she realized that King Jin’s body was cold and chest pained. Lu Qingqing pushed King Jin away and ran back into the room. She could no longer hurt King Jin in the name of love.

In order to be able to recover as soon as possible, Nangong Yixin came to my doctor to check his pulse. I didn’t know why he became the way he is now. My doctor felt that the pulse was poisoned. King Jin recalled that when he was studying with the prince when he was a child, the back of the king came to a plate of dim sum and watched Nangong Yixin eat it, but he would not let the prince eat it. He thought he was poisoned at that time.

My doctor can give Nangong Yixin a needle to control the development of toxins, but he cannot use his spiritual power, otherwise his spiritual power will be lost and serious death will result. But Nangong Yixin insisted on letting my doctor administer the needle. Si Kongying wanted to stop it, but Nangong Yixin said that he could not give up Lu Qingqing.

In the evening, the prince took Lu Qingqing to the Zangshu Pavilion to check, and found that a book recorded the condition of cold poison, but when they were about to check the treatment, the guards came in and checked, and the two hurriedly hid.

The prince personally escorted Lu Qingqing home. Pearl learned that Lu Yunxi had been fighting an injustice, and felt that Lu Qingqing had to pester the prince. Lu Yunxi remembered the night with the prince, and the prince who drank a happy birthday called Lu Qingqing’s name. Lu Yunxi voluntarily had a relationship with the prince. The prince blamed himself the next day, but he was unwilling to marry Lu Yun. Xi felt that that was the wrong thing, and he couldn’t make mistakes again and again. Lu Yunxi looked at herself in the mirror, and sighed that she wanted nothing but nothing.

King Jin came to the door to find Lu Qingqing. Baihe lied that Lu Qingqing was not at home, but King Jin didn’t believe it at all and had to wait at the door. Although Lu Qingqing felt sorry for King Jin, she still didn’t dare to meet, so she could only let King Jin wait at the door. Lu Yunxi felt sad when he learned that King Jin was waiting at the door, and felt that he was quite different from Lu Qingqing, and he didn’t understand why. Pearl provoked discord, thinking that Lu Yunxi had always given way when she was a child, and now Lu Qingqing felt that the prince was hers of course.

Pearl proposed to let Lu Qingqing disappear completely from the prince. Lu Yunxi angered Lu Yunxi when he said a word. Lu Yunxi annoyed Pearl for her nonsense, and she was not allowed to hurt Lu Qingqing. Pearl did not understand why Lu Yunxi was bullied like this. Towards Lu Qingqing.

When Lu Qingqing saw that King Jin had been standing at the door, she felt distressed, so she asked Lily to find Xiaowu to pick up King Jin. It was raining heavily in the sky. Xiaowu drove the carriage over to take King Jin away, but King Jin insisted. To go, Xiao Wu stunned King Jin and took it away. Lu Qingqing saw everything shed tears. Baihe was sad for Lu Qingqing, and finally had someone she liked, but she got such a strange disease. Lu Qingqing was worried about Nangong Yixin’s body.

Xiao Wu prepared ginger tea for Nangong Yixin, and found that the current King Jin was actually very weak, and he was able to successfully knock people back in a sneak attack. King Jin had to tell Xiao Wu that his spiritual power was sealed. Xiao Wu suggested that King Jin write to Lu Qingqing, and now he loses his spiritual power and can’t see Lu Qingqing, so he can only use this method.

The prince came to find good Lu Qingqing to set the lantern. Lu Qingqing agreed to hear that the lantern was very effective, hoping to pray for Nangong Yixin. Lu Yunxi was angry when he learned that the prince had come and went directly to Lu Qingqing, thinking that the prince was not willing to see him anymore. Xiaowu sent a letter to Baihe, and Ah Fu volunteered to deliver the letter, but was halfway by Lu Hongzhu.

Lu Hongzhu found out from the letter that the cold poison written by King Jin had been relieved, and Lu Hongzhu hurriedly went to the queen to inquire Is there an antidote. It turned out that only the Chi Yan Qionghua that has bloomed for thousands of years can detoxify, but so far no one has been able to find it. Jin Wang has a deep affection for Lu Qingqing, and there is only a dead end. Lu Hongzhu is relieved.

In order to find out how King Jin retrieved the hibiscus fruit at that time, Lu Qingqing asked Lily to find Xiaowu’s routine and learned that King Jin had gone to find Lu Yunxi. Lu Qingqing ran to Lu Qingqing to question. Lu Yunxi frankly admitted that he did it by herself, and accused Lu Qingqing of entanglement with the prince, and then held onto the king of Jin.

Lu Yunxi thought that Lu Qingqing had been chasing the prince. Let go, Lu Qingqing told Lu Yunxi to pursue it upright if he likes it. You don’t need to do these little tricks. Based on the relationship between sisters for many years, Lu Qingqing promises not to talk about the hibiscus fruit, but if there is another time, definitely Won’t let her go.

Lu Qingqing ran out of the room and burst into tears, and Lu Yunxi in the room also shed tears.

Guan Qing came to my doctor and asked if he remembered bringing a Crimson Army with him three years ago. My doctor remembered that incident because she lost her beloved and wanted to seek her own shortsight, but she forgot to commit suicide because she saved others. , The person who was rescued by her was Si Kongying.

The prince’s carriage came to the door. Pearl thought it was coming to meet Lu Yunxi. Lu Yunxi ran out happily, but found that Lu Qingqing got on the carriage and left. Pearl became even more angry. Before scolding Lu Qingqing, she said she didn’t like the prince. The head and the prince went to the Yuan Festival, and Lily explained that the two had made an appointment two days ago. But this incident made Lu Yunxi very uncomfortable.

Nangong Yixin was thinking of Lu Qingqing and wondering why Lu Qingqing refused to reply. In the end, he heard Xiaowu say that Lu Qingqing went to the Shangyuan Festival and went with the prince.

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