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Sword Snow Stride 雪中悍刀行 Episode 1 Recap

The mountains and rivers entered the painting as the Shenzhou, saying that the world was in chaos and the nine kingdoms were divided, and what followed was the disputes between the various countries. The Liyang dynasty broke out and wiped out the eight kingdoms, and achieved the unification. Most of the credit was given to the Northern Iron Cavalry. Xu Xiao made great contributions to the destruction of the six kingdoms with invincibility and peace of the world.

From then on, Liyang unified, Xu Xiao appointed the king, granted the state of Zhushang, guarded the three border states, and commanded a 300,000 army to resist foreign enemies in the wind and snow. Since ancient times, the masters of high-strength tremors are in danger, those who hold the heavy soldiers are the most suspicious, the emperor is jealous, and wants to betroth Princess Sui Zhu to Xu Xiao’s eldest son Xu Fengnian, in order to restrain Beifang.

In order to avoid the imperial marriage, Xu Fengnian, who was nearly a weak crown, was arranged by his father to remove his brocade clothes and Chinese clothes.

In the green hills and green waters, the old and the young traveled together, returning thousands of miles away, and turned into refugees in despair. The clan children of other people’s families are all freshly clothed and angry, and Xu Fengnian’s clothes are ragged, and he is defenseless. He spends his nights and sleeplessly on the mountain, stealing melons and fishing for fish in the water.

Despite the frustration, he and the horse husband and old Huang had fun in bitterness, and they were very leisurely. It was not until a group of “horse bandits” galloped that they were alert. Everyone rested in the ruined temple and threatened to capture the son of the king of Beiju alive. It was because there were no portraits for reference, and men of the same age encountered along the way would not let it go.

At this moment, Xu Fengnian was like a trapped beast, for trial. The leader is sure that the son of the king of Beizhu will definitely learn martial arts, but Xu Fengnian has no internal strength and is slow to respond, indeed very much like ordinary refugees. As everyone knows, Xu Fengnian saw the Xi Chu army flag at a glance, and suddenly realized in his heart, so he pretended to cry with tears from the people of Chu, and lamented the sorrow of the country’s subjugation.

In the past, the Western Chu Dynasty claimed that the 120,000 Eucalyptus was invincible, but it was ultimately defeated by the Northern Horseman. It was Xu Fengnian’s saying that the country was destroyed and the clan was destroyed, and the Chu people evoked the sad past of the leader. In the battle of Jinghe, the whole army was annihilated. All the soldiers were killed and wailed like thunder. From then on, he branded the mark of revenge in his heart.

Taking advantage of the lightening of the sky, Xu Fengnian and Lao Huang slipped away from the ruined temple. They wanted to drive as soon as possible, but after walking only a few steps, they saw the remnants of Chu besieging a man in white and mistakenly regarded this man as a real man. The son of Bei Miao. Xu Fengnian hid in the side to watch the battle, and looked closely at the white-clothed man’s celestial jade. He seemed weak and not shocking, but he could be harsh and unpredictable in his martial arts.

After all, it takes a long time to travel the rivers and lakes. Xu Fengnian has gained insights, but he is still a little measured. He didn’t talk too much with the white-clothed man, and urged Lao Huang to take the horse and leave quickly. Unexpectedly, there is a meticulous work hidden in the Northern Star Army, who secretly colluded with the Euphorbia and sent a portrait of the son of the prince, so that Xu Fengnian’s identity was exposed.

At a critical moment, Xu Feng is in a hurry to become wise, seeks the help of people in white clothes, and is willing to pay for his life with a lot of money. However, the white-clothed man did not respond, as if passing by, and did not seem to intend to be nosy. Just as the leader was about to attack Xu Fengnian, the white-clothed man knocked out the opponent’s long sword just as it was about to hit Xu Fengnian. After confirming Xu Fengnian’s identity, the white-clothed man proposed to enter the Tingchao Pavilion as a condition to protect his safety.

Xu Fengnian naturally agreed readily. After all, with the hermit master by his side, He Worried his head on the belt of his trousers. The three were resting in Lao Lin. Xu Fengnian took the opportunity to look at the man in white, and saw that his skin was as white as jade, and his eyes were peach blossoms, like a bewitching white fox face.

Through some conversation, Xu Fengnian learned that the man in white was a martial idiot, and the reason he wanted to listen to Chaoting Pavilion was to seek martial arts secrets. As the voice just fell, a hidden weapon flew from a distance, and the white-clothed man quickly shot, flew to the top of the cliff to teach the remnants of Chu State, and then handed these people over to Xu Fengnian’s disposal.

However, Xu Fengnian understood the Chu people’s vengeance, and was unwilling to add more blood debts, thus increasing the killing. The man in white was touched by the words and showed him and Lao Huang the two long knives worn around his waist for an unprecedented time. One is called Xiudong, blunt and simple, like the world of the world; the other is called Chunlei, blowing hair off. Hair, sharp and unparalleled, like a poisonous heart.

After nightfall, Xu Fengnian can’t sleep, Lao Huang sings beside him, turning over and over again an old tune, but he never gets tired of singing. In the second half of the night, the white-clothed man fell asleep after eating food mixed with medicine. Upon seeing this, Lao Huang hurriedly woke up Xu Fengnian, mainly because he didn’t know the origin of the person in white, lest he be unpredictable, so for the sake of safety, he should get rid of the other party.

The two led their horses out of the forest and headed north. They had not yet entered the city. Not far from the city wall, there was a stall selling sweet-scented osmanthus wine. When Xu Fengnian and Lao Huang just sat down, the group of remnants suddenly rushed out and took the lead to order two bowls of wine to send them on the road. How did you know that the white-clothed man also appeared at this moment and asked Xu Fengnian if he had agreed to count.

Hearing Xu Fengnian’s promise, the white-clothed man took the lead in a fight. Xu Fengnian was very satisfied, pinched his fingers and blew the whistle, and an eagle falcon swept across the city like an arrow. Xu Longxiang, who was originally guarding the gate of the palace, knew that it was his eldest brother who had come back and followed the Eagle Falcon ecstatically. Ning Emei led a group of cavalry sprinting out, with a mighty momentum like a rainbow, and went straight to greet Xu Fengnian outside the city.

The leader saw that the visitor was General Fengziying Wudian, and he was angrily abandoning his army. Ning Emei was extremely dissatisfied with the noble attitude of the white-clothed man, and wanted to kill him, but was blocked by Xu Fengnian. Xu Longxiang hurried over, and Xu Fengnian was reunited with his younger brother. With mixed feelings, he immediately put Xiao Er on a pot of good wine and decided to eat and drink before returning home.

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