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Dream Garden 沉睡花园 Episode 3 Recap

Six months ago. Zhou Rui, the financial director of Model Group, woke up during Lin Shen’s hypnosis. In the hypnosis, the victim and the perpetrator were all himself. Lin Shen explained that hypnosis is a subconscious enlargement. We live in a metropolis.

At least it will be a little stressful. It was too late to end the psychological consultation, and it was still raining. Lin Shen and Zhou Rui were going to catch the subway after they said goodbye. However, Zhou Rui had a car accident afterwards…

Under Lin Shen’s hypnosis, Shanshan returned to that day. On the stage, Zhou Ran took her hand, but Shanshan said that these were all fantasised by her. Zhou Ran told Xiao Xiao that she was kind to Shanshan only because she was a fan who supported her through difficult times. But the subconscious mind will not deceive.

Although Shanshan is trying to deny it, countless of them are telling her that they have been together since that day, and they raised a dog called the Three Three Monsters together, and they painted the rooftops and wrote the Three Three Monsters together. s home.

Fang Lin provided a video at Xiao Xiao’s request, saying that Shanshan tried to break into Zhou Ran’s house by private, but he had already moved out, and Zhou Ran’s expression on the side was a little unnatural.

Under the hypnotic state, Shanshan entered the rooftop, but there was no Three Three Monsters there. Is there any home for the Three Three Monsters? Shanshan really thought they had a dog, but when she couldn’t open the door with the key yesterday, Shanshan woke up completely. Waking up from the hypnotic state, Shanshan was even more sure that she was sick, and she killed herself in fantasy.

Shanshan can’t wait to leave the psychological counseling center, and Xiao Xiao also published an article about bastard meals on her official account. However, Zhou Ran’s unnatural performance made Xiao Xiao realize that something was not quite right. She couldn’t judge this matter based on Zhou Ran’s words alone, so she called Shao Ning for advice. It happened that Lin Shen was here, and Shao Ning asked Lin Shen to talk to Xiao Xiao. Xiao Xiao’s complaining words came through the phone, and Lin Shen deleted her a long time ago.

Lin Shen pressed the hang up button with a guilty conscience, and was teased by Shao Ning. Shao Ning suggested that Lin Shen and Xiao Xiao talk about Shanshan. Lin Shen tried to make a call several times, but he hung up countless times, and after he got through with his hand sliding, he informed that the other party was on the call. Xiao Xiao was calling Fang Lin, and her request to interview Shanshan was rejected.

Xiao Xiao deliberately took Yan Luo to see the house. Yan Luo was very satisfied and signed the contract decisively. Lin Shen also lives in this community, and Xiao Xiao used this to create a chance encounter and have a meal together. Lin Shen had long noticed that this was a banquet, Xiao Xiao also showed him the video materials provided by Zhou Ranfang straight away, all of which proved that Shanshan was an illegitimate meal. The two heads got closer and closer, and Yan Luo couldn’t help laughing. The evidence provided by Zhou Ran cannot withstand scrutiny.

Lin Shen told Xiao Xiao that everything has two sides. If you want to truly understand one thing, you have to look at the other side of the matter. If Shanshan and Zhou Ran have really fallen in love, then Shanshan’s actions are all reasonable. During the discussion between the two of them, Yan Luo was already drunk. After Xiao Xiao and Lin Shen sent her home, Yan Luo aroused the fear of Wang Su in his heart because of similar behaviors, and gave them to them. Closed to the balcony, and then fell asleep. Lin Shen and Xiao Xiao were a little embarrassed. One mobile phone was out of power and the other didn’t bring a mobile phone.

iao Xiao’s official account couldn’t send the articles on time, but after talking with Lin Shen, they didn’t plan to publish anymore. I can only hope that Sun Kele will handle the advertisers well. Bar. Xiao Xiao couldn’t help but fell asleep sleepily, and restlessly put his head on Lin Shen’s body, the two hearts were already close unconsciously.

However, Sun Kele couldn’t contact Xiao Xiao, so he posted her article in the draft box. It was only one night that this article became popular in the circle. Every fan is accusing Shanshan of illegitimate rice, Shanshan Seeing these emotional breakdowns. Early the next morning, Yan Luo woke up to think of Lin Shen and Xiao Xiao who were locked out by him, but Lin Shen was a gentleman, not only gave Xiao Xiao his coat as a quilt, but also didn’t let Yan Luo wake her up. Lin Shen has already left.

What’s worse, Xiao Xiao’s article was sent out. Even though Sun Kele was asked to delete the article, it was too late. Shanshan’s family was harassed by fans. Despite her parents’ obstruction, she wanted to tell them that she was not sick, but she accidentally fell down the stairs. Shanshan was stunned by fans, her home address, and whereabouts were all clearly understood. Shao Ning arranged for Lin Shen not to come to consult for a few days. But Shao Ning discovered that Xiao Xiao had also come to join in the fun, and Lin Shen hurried to take Xiao Xiao away.

In the coffee shop, Lin Shen took the opportunity to add Xiao Xiao’s WeChat again. After receiving the news that Shanshan had entered the hospital, Lin Shen decided to go to the hospital, but Xiao Xiao couldn’t go, after all, it was the person who sent an article to attack her. It happened that Xiao Xiao received a call from Fang Lin, and the two met to chat.

Shanshan’s parents declined all visitors to protect her. Lin Shen wanted to wait for Shanshan to wake up and have a good chat with her. Shanshan’s father chose to trust him. Fans can drown Shanshan with a single spit. Zhou Ran didn’t expect this situation, but Fang Lin didn’t care about Shanshan’s situation at all. In fact, Zhou Ran did raise a dog, and Fang Lin was taking care of it these days, but she thought that stray dog ​​was no longer worthy of Zhou Ran’s identity, and wanted to help him get another one. Xiao Xiao and Fang Lin confronted and found that they had hired the navy to comment, and Fang Lin was the one who led the netizen Rou Shanshan.

Immediately after Shanshan disappeared, Lin Shen and Xiao Xiao thought of Zhou Ran’s old house at the same time, but received a call from Shanshan’s father saying that she had found it. The two ran into the stray dog ​​named San San Yao by chance, but they didn’t expect Shanshan to forget the San San Yao. Lin Shen believes that Shanshan was really in love with Zhou Ran.

After she suffered a major mental shock, she had selective amnesia and forgotten everything about Zhou Ran, but Shanshan’s parents only wanted to lead a clean life, and she didn’t want Shanshan to think of Zhou Ran. . Lin Shen was inconvenient to interfere any more, and Xiao Xiao was very depressed.

Some time ago, Xiao Xiao received a call from the Model Group. He hung up because he didn’t want to deal with it. Unexpectedly, Fan Qi of the Model Group found Xiao Xiao after a few days. They met at Zhou Ran’s company and heard that Xiao Xiao deleted the article and Zhou Ran’s company was very unhappy, so Fan Qi wanted to help, because his company and Zhou Ran’s company would have some cooperation. When asked why he wanted to help himself, Fan Qi’s expression was a little unnatural, and then he gave a perfect answer. He wanted to act for the commercial part of Xiao Xiao’s official account. Xiao Xiao only wanted to see Zhou Ran, so let’s talk about cooperation later.

Shanshan, who has selective amnesia, chooses to forget everything about Zhou Ran, but her subconsciousness always makes her have nightmares. Shanshan’s life is back on track for the time being. She works in a store and is related to her favorite music, but when she sees Zhou Ran’s poster, Shanshan’s memory is touched again. Deleting the article brought some negative effects to Xiao Xiao, but Fan Qi did what he said and helped her get two tickets for the VIP seats at Zhou Ran’s meeting.

Shanshan also came to the meeting and watched Zhou Ran shine on the stage among thousands of fans. The host drew a few fans to interact with each other. Surprisingly, Shanshan was also selected. When she stepped onto the stage, she looked confused, and then surrounded by entertainment reporters. Shanshan fell off the stage in fear. Xiao Xiao fell to save her. Injured into a coma. After all this happened, Zhou Ran jumped off the stage desperately.

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