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Dream Garden 沉睡花园 Episode 2 Recap

Yan Luo’s diary records the encounter with W Wangsu in just a few months. Because the hand-painted board that had been with him for many years was broken, the two met by accident. It didn’t take long before Yan Luo was moved by the other’s carefulness and gentleness. However, Wang Su’s desire for control was so strong that he even asked Yan Luo to delete all men except for his relatives.

After discovering that after Lin Shen, he lost his temper without waiting for Yan Luo to explain. What happened later completely broke Yan Luo’s illusion about love. Wang Su even secretly used her mailbox to send ambiguous e-mails to Lin Shen, put a recorder in her room, and proposed to break up, Wang Su became even more hysterical and threatened. Die with her.

Xiao Xiao came to Yan Luo’s house to look for clues, followed by a mysterious trace. The mantis hunted the cicada and the oriole was behind. It was Yan Luo’s younger brother Xiaofeng who was sneaky. Lin Shen was worried about her safety. Xiao was injured by mistake. Xiaofeng thought that Xiao Xiao had hidden Yan Luo, and also misunderstood the relationship between her and Lin Shen. Xiao Xiao silently rolled his eyes and continued to check the information, while Lin Shen was in charge of interrogating Xiaofeng Yanluo for any abnormalities recently.

Yan Luo once gave Xiaofeng a pair of sneakers, saying that it was suggested by a friend. She also answered the phone at the time. Yan Luo had been missing for a few days, and his parents had to find the shooter. Unexpectedly, the editor called at this time to say that Yan Luo had changed. This was drawn by Xiao Xiao based on the semi-finished products left by Yan Luo. Perhaps this can lead to Wang Su. Lin Shen didn’t want to reveal the time when Yan Luo came for psychological consultation. Xiao Xiao repeatedly pleaded that she was Yan Luo’s best friend, but he didn’t know what happened to her, so he was very self-blame.

But Lin Shen said that most people do psychological counseling and don’t want the closest people to know about it, but Yan Luo is lucky to have a girlfriend like Xiao Xiao. When it comes to hypnosis, even though Xiao Xiao has tried it once, it is still incredible. She also feels that the work content of the two is similar, and they are both emotional trash cans of others. After Xiao Xiao’s question was finished, Lin Shen asked her why she wanted to be an emotional blogger.

When he was in college, Xiao Xiao entered the radio station to host the women’s thoughts column. Because of his proposal, the girls gained confidence in their relationships, and Xiao Xiao was also very satisfied, so he created an official account. Xiao Xiao just wanted to ask another question. There was a sudden power outage at Yan Luo’s house, and she realized that she forgot to pay the bill. At this time, the sound of opening the door sounded, and then a man entered the room and mistook Xiao Xiao for Yan Luo, and Lin Shen hurried to catch up.

The man ran away, but Lin Shen remembered his physical signs very clearly, and soon helped the police find his identity, Wang Su. According to Wang Su, they broke up two weeks ago, but Wang Su just bought a ticket to Huangshagang Town. The homestay where Yan Luo often went to collect wind was there. Xiao Xiao thought that Yan Luo might have gone there to hide from Wang Su. Xiao Xiao finally found Yan Luo at the hotel. Yan Luo’s hands were still shaking after the transcript.

Wang Su was arrested at the bus station heading to Huangshagang Town. He also installed location software on Yan Luo’s mobile phone. Yan Luo couldn’t be contacted all the time, and he was found in just five seconds after turning on the phone today. Lin Shen deliberately went to Wang Su to chat, he had agreed to accept psychological counseling, and Yan Luo was relieved.

Lin Shen found out that she was sensitive to certain cell phone ringtones when she was consulting Wang Su, so he hypnotized him. Through the memories of Yan Luo, I discovered that Wang Su’s previous unbearable relationship. He and Weiwei have been together for a long time, but Weiwei betrayed him and finally broke up.

Because of the betrayal of his first love girlfriend, Wang Su’s desire for control is overwhelming in love. After the psychological consultation, Wang Su wanted to see Yan Luo, but of course Yan Luo didn’t want to see him. Wang Su could only ask Xiao Xiao to help and apologize. Wang Su claimed that he had reconciled with the past during hypnosis, because he had not touched the bottom line of the law and obtained the understanding of the parties, the police closed the case.

Only Shao Ning knew that Lin Shen also had a serious psychological disorder, and it was difficult for doctors to treat himself. Shao Ning was very worried about his condition. Xiao Xiao published the latest article on the official account through Wang Su’s case. After being hurt, it is not others who do not believe. After all, it is not believe that we can still meet love. May we still have a lover and be loved no matter what we have experienced. Courage. Shanshan is obsessed with star chasing and also said that she had been with idols. After her mother threw everything out hysterically, Shanshan also collapsed and left…

To thank Lin Shen for his help, Xiao Xiao gave him a necklace. Legend has it that this is the Eye of Horus, and those who stare at it will lose consciousness and fall asleep. Xiao Xiao took out the necklace, and Lin Shen actually entered a hypnotized state. Xiao Xiao thought he had succeeded, but he did not expect Lin Shen to cheat. Xiao Xiao angrily slapped his resignation letter on his desk. If they hadn’t had Yan Luo, they wouldn’t have met at all. In this case, bye bye! As soon as Xiao Xiao left, Lin Shen asked Zuo Yan to dispose of the flowers and plants she raised. The city is still disturbed, and everyone’s ordinary life has become an extraordinary city.

At the event scene of the popular star Zhou Ran, Shanshan sneaked up and forced his car to stop. After Xiao Xiao left, Lin Shen inevitably recalled the days when she was there. Xiao Xiao loves to raise more flesh, Lin Shen thinks she loves to take shortcuts, just like she uses only a little micro-expression to show on the show, but people’s heart is like a mysterious garden, how can we judge the owner of this garden by micro-expression? Woolen cloth.

Feeling disgusted, Lin Shen still helped take care of Xiao Xiao’s succulents after she left, and even took a pot from Zuo Yan. In the latest “Heartbeat of Love”, the CP in the last issue was still together again. This was the same as Xiao Xiao’s guess, which made Lin Shen’s face a little uncontrollable. When he was angry, he slid and deleted Xiao Xiao’s WeChat account. Lin Shen wanted to add WeChat back silently, obviously there was no such way. Xiao Xiao was very angry when she realized that she had been deleted.

Today is Yan Luo’s last time for consultation, and she is going to pick her up. Wang Su’s influence on Yan Luo has not been eliminated, but it has improved a lot, and she has to move to start a new life. Xiao Xiao came to pick up Yan Luo and took away Succulent. Zuo Yan said that Lin Shen took a pot back to the office. Xiao Xiao dressed up very beautifully today, just to give Lin Shen a good start, and she felt so proud to see him deflated.

The news of Shanshan’s entanglement with Zhou Ran on the street was widely reported, and her parents suspected that she had delusions, so they made an appointment with Lin Shen for consultation. Xiao Xiao has been chasing this gossip and wanted to write a tweet on the hot spots, but on the Internet, besides cursing people, he is cursing.

Zhou Ran is also Zuo Yan’s wall, Shanshan also has some reputation in the circle, she established Zhou Ran’s support club, and later heard that she was driven out by her agent because of harassment. Zuo Yan believes that Shanshan is an illegitimate fan, she is purely directing and acting herself. Shao Ning thinks there is another possibility. Maybe Shanshan has delusions, but he didn’t expect Lin Shen to follow this case.

Xiao Xiao received a phone call from Zhou Ran’s agent Fang Ling while watching the house with Yan Luo, and Xiao Xiao was very excited. Shanshan came voluntarily. She had always insisted that she really had a relationship with Zhou Ran before, but now she changed her words, as if to satisfy her parents. Lin Shen played a piece of music to relax her. She had always wanted to learn music before. It was because of her mother’s strong opposition that she learned business administration.

This was the reason why she liked Zhou Ran at first. A year ago, Zhou Ran was chosen by the agency to sign the contract. Shanshan was doing an internship at that time and was unknowingly attracted by him. Zhou Ran disagreed with the company’s arrangement to insist on making music, so the resources were abusive. Shanshan became his first fan, and more people paid attention to Zhou Ran.

Xiao Xiao met Zhou Ran, and recorded the audio during the dialogue in order to organize the documents. At that time, they were just ordinary idols and fans. The change happened after Zhou Ran participated in the first director. The company rented out fans to watch the movie. Shanshan almost fell and Zhou Ran caught her, but Zhou Ran and Zhou Ran and Shanshan said that he would let go soon. Shanshan was a little agitated when she said that, Lin Shen hypnotized softly and returned to that day.

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