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My Heart 卿卿我心 Episode 11 Recap

Lu Qingqing could not stop the two from competing, she stood by with worry, because she knew that Nangong Yixin was not feeling well, Rong Yun told Lu Qingqing that even if she was fighting for her life today, Nangong Yixin would have to win, Lu Qingqing I feel that it’s just a common trial that cannot be done like this.

Since Nangong Yixin lost a lot of spiritual power in order to save Lu Qingqing, he was defeated during the competition. Nangong Yixin insisted to be stopped by Lu Qingqing. Lu Qingqing told the prince that Nangong Yixin was unwell even if the prince won. He didn’t win the battle and changed to another day of competition. Although the prince was jealous, but he didn’t want his image to be compromised by Lu Qingqing, he agreed. Lu Qingqing also said that he would go back after practicing.

When the queen saw the prince come back, it was a reprimand. The queen blamed the prince should not go to the wild forest to take risks for an abandoned prince. The queen felt that Lu Yunxi was the most suitable person for the prince, and the prince insisted not to change the prince. The queen didn’t know what to do, so she had no choice but to sigh the prince’s obsession.

Sikongying wanted to make Guan Qing happy, so she brought the wine. Guan Qing suggested that they drink each other. If Sikongying loses, she never come here again. Sikongying also suggested that he can come here anytime after he wins, as long as he can watch it. When I arrived at Wanqing, I was satisfied, and Wanqing agreed.

Lu Yunxi thought about seeing Lu Qingqing’s powerful spiritual power in the wild forest, and asked Pearl to help investigate the books related to the lotus water seat. It happened that Qi Yi took the initiative to help find them together, but was Lu Yunxi. Refused.

After the competition, Sikongying lost, Xiao Yi told Sikongying that he was drunk and unconscious, and Guan Qing took care of him all night before going to rest at dawn.

Guan Qing prepared breakfast for Si Kongying, and told him to leave as soon as possible after eating, and not to come again in the future. When Sagong Ying heard that he couldn’t swallow, Wan Qing reminded Sagong Ying to be willing to bet. Sikongying left silently, Guan Qing handed the buns to Sikongying and walked to eat. Sikongying was happy in her heart and said that she would eat nothing left.

Nangong Yixin told Sikongying that he and Rong Yun found a powerful seal in her body when he was treating Lu Qingqing, which he thought might be related to the spiritual power stone, while Lu Hongzhu was investigating the spiritual power stone and worried that after Lu Qingqing returned. It’s like a sheep enters a tiger’s mouth.

Lu Yunxi’s search for books was quickly learned by Lu Hongzhu. Lu Hongzhu specifically called Lu Yunxi and Zhuzhu for questioning. Only then did he find out that Lu Qingqing had a lotus water seat, and Lu Hongzhu also became suspicious. It is related to the spiritual power stone. Recalling that when Lu Hongzhu chased the spiritual girl to the edge of the cliff, begging the spiritual girl to follow him back, so that everything could be agreed to by the spiritual girl. But the spiritual girl jumped off the cliff with her baby in her arms.

When Lu Hongzhu was sad, he searched under the cliff, but he did not find the body of the spiritual girl. Instead, he heard the cry of the child. Lu Hongzhu wanted to kill the child with a palm, but after hearing the cry of the child, he couldn’t bear it. She took it home.

Lu Qingqing showed her palmistry to Nangong Yixin. When she held Nangong Yixin’s hand, Nangong Yixin actually felt her chest pain and a chill was rising on her body. Nangong Yixin did not show it, but was puzzled.

In order to help Lu Qingqing practice, Nangong Yixin turned her into a worm and threw her in the air for the birds to chase, and then turned Lu Qingqing into a shuttlecock to kick back and forth between him and Si Kongying. Si Kongying watched Nangong Yixin and Lu Qingqing bickering and showing affection, suddenly felt that she was a bright oil lamp.

Lu Qingqing tried to urge the dead tree to bloom, but the flowers disappeared instantly. Just as Lu Qingqing frowned, Nangong Yixin urged the flowers to bloom all over the tree. Lu Qingqing was surprised.

Yesterday it snowed like a flower, today the flower is like snow, and the cherry blossoms in full bloom are exceptionally beautiful. Lu Qingqing has never seen such a cherry blossom in full bloom. It can even be described as extravagant. Lu Qingqing hopes that the flowers on the tree will never bloom. After losing, Nangong Yixin once again urged her spiritual power to make the flowers undefeated, but she didn’t expect a pain in her chest.

The pain was fleeting, Nangong Yixin took out a hairpin from his arms and wanted to give it to Lu Qingqing, but was embarrassed and deliberately threw the hairpin on the ground, falsely claiming that he picked it up and gave it to Lu at will Qingqing and Lu Qingqing were surprised that the hairpins they picked up were so beautiful, and they happily wore them on their heads. Nangong Yixin and Lu Qingqing looked at each other with affection.

Although Si Kongying couldn’t come to see Wan Qing, she wrote to Wan Qing every day, and she also told about the daily affairs with Nangong Yixin Lu Qingqing. Wan Qing’s heart gradually melted. I remembered that Si Kongying, who Heizi had been with that day, said a lot of affectionate words. He didn’t want Wan Qing to be alone every day. He wanted to drink, even if he was drunk, he could accompany Wan Qing to get drunk.

Lu Qingqing practiced exercises in the bamboo forest at night, and Nangong Yixin came to tease Lu Qingqing and sprinkled the bamboo leaves on her body, so angry that Lu Qingqing came to chase Nangong Yixin, but every time she was hiding by Nangong Yixin. pass. Lu Qingqing deliberately hit the west, and gave Nangong Yixin a tree, and the two looked at each other and sentiment surged in their hearts.

Sikongying also came to see the children and brought a lot of candied haws. When she learned that Guan Qing went to the river to wash her clothes, she hurried over, and she almost fell into the river when she slipped and was pulled into her arms by Sikongying. Sikongying and Lu Qingqing were fishing, and the sky suddenly rained and wet the clothes of the two of them. When it was raining to dry the clothes, Sikongying saw through the gaps in the clothes the smiling man sitting next door with his face exposed. With a happy smile, as long as she can look at Wan Qing like this every day, Sikong Yingduo feels that doing everything is worthwhile.

Rong Yun came back to check the results of Lu Qingqing’s practice, and was pleasantly surprised to find that Lu Qingqing had made rapid progress and reached the fourth level of spiritual power. Lu Qingqing modestly said that both Rong Yun and Nangong Yixin taught him well, and Rong Yun found that Lu Qingqing Recently, Nangong Yixin has taken good care of her, and she is a little bit fatter. Lu Qingqing nervously argued that she did not eat fat, and if she got fat, she would be laughed at by Nangong Yixin.

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