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Luoyang 风起洛阳 Episode 20 Recap

Yi Ze swears to his death without confession, Li Yichen gritted his teeth with anger, threatening to let Yi be alive than to die, Li Yichen handed over the message sent by Yi Ze to Gao Bingzhu. Gao Bingzhu investigated one by one. On the day Han Dongqing was killed, Yi sent a message, “There were pilgrims in Fashan Temple making trouble, and three people were seriously injured.” Gao Bingzhu clearly remembers that there were no pilgrims making trouble on that day, only him, Wu Siyue and Wu Siyue. Baili Hongyi was in Fashan Temple, and Li Yichen sent An Baitan to check where the news was sent.

Baili Hongyi was imprisoned in the Neiwei Mansion, Wu Siyue sent people to follow him every step of the way, and he was not allowed to leave for half a step. Baili Hongyi saw Neiweimen training for grappling and wrestling.

Li Yichen sent someone to call Wu Siyue. When Wu Siyue walked in, she saw Gao Bingzhu. Gao Bingzhu couldn’t wait to tell her about Lian Fang’s detection of the rape. Wu Siyue was overwhelmed by Han Dongqing’s death. When the rape is found out, it is half the revenge. Wu Siyue revealed to Gao Bingzhu that Shiliuye was a woman.

An Baitan hurriedly sent the results of the investigation to Gao Bingzhu. Yi Ze sent the piece of information to Jishan Bofang. Gao Bingzhu left without saying a word. Wu Siyue wanted to call him, but he left without looking back. .

An Baitan took Wu Siyue to see Li Yichen. Li Yichen asked Wu Siyue to send Han Dongqing the last time. Li Yichen took out Han Dongqing’s roster and wrote down solemnly “Zhongliang, Ren Yong With the words “Justice and Cinda”, Han Dongqing’s life is over. Wu Siyue vowed to eradicate the real culprit as soon as possible to avenge Han Dongqing. Li Yichen made it clear that he would eradicate the Spring and Autumn Road at all costs.

Baili Hongyi went around the Neiwei Mansion to find faults and troubles. He was still arguing about eating the abalone soup in the Zhaixinglou. Neiweimen complained and came to Li Beiqi to complain. Li Beiqi angrily came to Baili Hongyi for accountability, but Baili Hongyi eloquently talked about the situation of internal defense, Li Beiqi angrily ordered him to be sent to prison. Liu Ran came to the Neiwei Mansion to look for Baili Hongyi, but was stopped by the guards.

Baili Hongyi was imprisoned, and the prisoner Li Ji in the cell nearby shouted injustice, but Li Beiqi ignored him. Li Ji took the initiative to say hello to Baili Hongyi, and also confessed his grievances. Li Ji met a gangster in Tianxianglou, so he pushed him casually. As a result, the gangster died of bleeding. Li Ji The father bought the work and found that the Hu people had their internal organs destroyed. Baili Hongyi inferred that the Hu people had been infected with the Shachi snake venom, and asked Li Ji about the situation of the Hu people.

Gao Bingzhu came to Jishan Bofang and offered to have a drink with Yao Niang. Yao Niang announced that it would be closed ahead of schedule and drove all the guests away, and took out the long-cherished good wine to entertain Gao Bingzhu. Liu Ran came to Wu Youjue for help, and Wu Youjue personally came to the prison to release Baili Hongyi.

Gao Bingzhu and Yao Niang talked about the wine, and casually said that Yao Niang’s husband Kang Jiulang owed a lot of money to escape. Yao Niang thanked Gao Bingzhu for so many years of help and allowed Jishan Bofang to develop and grow. Gao Bingzhu exposed the Yao Niang face to face. It was Sixteen Nights, Yao Niang confessed to this, she was reluctant to kill Gao Bingzhu.

Yao Niang recounted her experience in detail. Her father sold the young Yao Niang to the people of Chunqiu Dao. Yao Niang was forced to practice exercises with hundreds of arrested children, and she also practiced killing. In the end, only three people survived. , Yao Niang killed all her companions in one breath, and she was the only one who survived. Yao Niang admitted that Kang Jiulang was not his husband, but his senior brother. Kang Jiulang’s ardent deeds resulted in the failure of the mission. The Zhang Qiu envoy sent Yao Niang to kill Kang Jiulang, and then took over Jishan Bofang.

Xiao Niang just picked up the Jishan Bofang, and a group of scumbags came to the door to collect debts. Thanks to Gao Bingzhu, who came in time and lied that the scumbag was his woman. They kept saying bad words and scared all those scumbags away. Bingzhu is grateful. After listening to Yao Niang’s narration, Gao Bingzhu couldn’t help but laugh at himself.

He actually helped the murderous Yo Niang in the past. Yao Niang complained that Gao Bingzhu should not bring his friends to appear where they shouldn’t be, and Gao Bingzhu was furious with anger. Five years ago, after all his companions were killed, Gao Bingzhu, who was seriously injured, was pulled back, and the girl took good care of him.

Gao Bingzhu tightly grasped Yao Niang’s slender hands, and counted her bloody debts one by one. Yao Niang was ordered to kill Chen Que and deliberately left a hand halberd on the scene. She invited Gao Bingzhu to investigate Bailiyan, and then again. After killing Bailiyan, she wanted to plant the money on Gao Bingzhu. Later, the girl arranged for a boatman to come to the Bofang to make a big noise, and led Gao Bingzhu to the boat, creating the illusion that Shiliuye was killed.

Yao Niang complained that Gao Bingzhu shouldn’t stand in front of her again and again, and she didn’t want to keep track of her. If she hadn’t been grateful, Gao Bingzhu would have died more than once. Gao Bingzhu never thought that his most trusted woman would be The murderous assassin Sixteen Nights, he was very distressed. Wu Siyue asked An Baitan about Gao Bingzhu’s whereabouts, but An Baitan refused to answer, but Wu Siyue forced her to find Gao Bingzhu’s whereabouts.

Yao Niang received a secret order from Zhang Qiu’s messenger in advance to get rid of Gao Bingzhu. Yao Niang specially put on the night clothes for the mission, and also brought a hand halberd. Yao Niang admired Wu Siyue very much, so she could communicate with Gao Bingzhu. But she could only hide in a dark corner, Gao Bingzhu loudly stopped her, and she was not allowed to be compared with Wu Siyue, Yao Niang apologized to Gao Bingzhu and promised not to lie to him, and then took her halberd to commit suicide.

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