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6 years creating the Arcane: League of Legends series

League of Legends series

6 years ago, when the world was filled with so many animations. Riot Games is another company that sees their League of Legends games as an animated series. The problem, however, is that they’ve never made a nine-episode narrative animation before.

“When you don’t make 2 or 3 minutes, it’s 6 hours,” said Christian Link, Arcane curator and creative director of the game. Discuss the first obstacles to creating a series. “And rebuild everything from start to finish. learn new tools Because the tools they used to work with didn’t work for such a large build. So that’s why it took us 6 years, a long life we ​​can’t get back.”

To turn League of Legends into the Arcane series, they had to face many challenges. as the game never offers Whether it’s the story or the details in the League universe, there are only legends that players have to find and read on the web or watch clips to get to know them.

“In the game, you need to write in a simple way what the 150 characters are. and a short speech to be stuck in the brain of the player That was their only perception.”

Therefore, everything that happens in League is not thought out in its entirety. like what the characters do or the outfits they wear when they’re not fighting.

“When we were testing the early animations of Arcane, it came to the point that we had never seen these characters talk. because from the point of view of the game it never let us see And it’s a really big deal.”

As the staff tried to bring the characters to life. Link pondered, “The question is, if the game’s jinx is a texture? And what’s under there?” Before he and voice actor Ella Pernell found the prototype of the character, DC Comics’ Harley Quinn.

“When I was looking for inspiration I found I came out empty-handed,” Pernell said. “Because we’ve never had a villain as violent, chaotic, and destructive as we have with men, Harley Quinn is a famous example to talk about madness. She is a huge inspiration for us.”

and when talking about the story The production team tried to extract elements from various classic anime. and slowly laying out the story Early in the series, Game of Thrones was used to create tension between the main characters Y and Jinx.

“We care about those scenes in our favorite series. Scenes where silence between characters is as important as words are dramatically tense. And it is both subtle and meaningful.”

As of this interview link, the series has not yet been aired. causing them to not know what the feedback will be

“Will the League gamers really like it? Do they think this is a proper expression of the character and if so, we’d love to keep doing the series, but right now we just stole some money from Ryor’s pockets. go big You have to see if it’s safe.”

Of course it’s worth it. because recently This time, Riot has officially announced the season 2 has been completed.

“Yes, we’re working on Arcane Season 2,” said Nicoli Laurent, CEO of Riot Games. “The good news is you don’t have to wait six years, but the bad news is. It won’t be released in 2022.”

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