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My Heart 卿卿我心 Episode 6 Recap

Lu Qingqing was able to win the third place, even she herself did not believe it. The last step was for the prince to pass the hydrangea to the candidate of the princess. When he came to Lu Yunxi, Lu Yunxi smiled shyly, the queen on stage And Lu Hongzhu also showed gratified smiles. Unexpectedly, the prince gave Lu Qingqing the hydrangea, and Lu Qingqing would pass it to Lu Yunxi when he changed hands.

The surrounding girls satirized the “sister love” Lu Yunxi rejected Lu Qingqing. Lu Qingqing didn’t know how to refuse for a while. After Nangong Yixin watched the prince announce that the candidate for the prince princess was Lu Qingqing, I left with the excuse of being unwell.

The queen was angry that the prince shouldn’t choose a woman with no dignity as the prince princess. Lu Hongzhu felt that it was his daughter anyway. He also expressed that he would strictly discipline Lu Qingqing. The queen believed that Lu Hongzhu could educate the prince, as well as educate the prince. Good for my own daughter, so I can only agree, and let the mother also teach Lu Qingqing how to behave.

Lu Yunxi lost her position as a princess, and after returning home, she cried bitterly. Lu Qingqing was also unhappy because of this incident. Baihe felt that Lu Qingqing’s spiritual power was to avoid being bullied, but now she becomes a princess, and in the future It is the queen, who will never be bullied by others again.

Baihe thought that she didn’t need to rub her spiritual power anymore, but Lu Qingqing was not happy at all, and threw away the hydrangea. Lu Qingqing thought of a painting she saw in Nangong Yixin’s place before. It’s kind of like that Nangong Yixin said that the painting is the Wasted Linggu, and also tells many stories about the Wasted Linggu.

Nangong Yixin also stayed up all night because of Lu Qingqing’s selection as the prince, and he was full of thoughts about Lu Qingqing’s affairs. She became a bird and flew into Lu Qingqing’s room early in the morning. . Nangong Yixin originally wanted to retrieve the porcelain fox she gave to Lu Qingqing. It was a relic of her mother, and it was also sent by Xiaowu by Nangong Yixin.

But when Nangong Yixin opened the box, he found that the fox was broken. Nangong Yixin misunderstood that Lu Qingqing used him in pursuit of prosperity, and now he broke the fox in order to clear the relationship. Lu Qingqing knew that this was the relic of Nangong Yixin’s mother, but she had only seen it from Nangong Yixin, and she never knew how to get back to her.

Nangong Yixin didn’t listen to the explanation at all, and left angrily. Lu Qingqing had to tell Lily about the incident. Lily found out after inquiring that the guards sent them in when they were not in the house. Lily hurriedly went to Xiaowu to find out the situation. On the other hand, Xiao Wu also persuaded Nangong Yixin, thinking that maybe Lu Qingqing hadn’t lied, because Lu Qingqing and Baihe were not there when the gift was given.

The queen was always dissatisfied with Lu Qingqing being the princess, thinking she would make a lot of jokes, but the prince felt that Lu Qingqing was very important to him, and Lu Qingqing could make him happy and joy from the heart. The queen thought that the prince should take on the great responsibility in the future, and he should be delighted by the joy of the people. Although the queen didn’t like Lu Qingqing, but for the prince’s plea, she promised that she would not be embarrassed as long as Lu Qingqing didn’t do the right thing.

Lu Hongzhu comforted Lu Yunxi and promised to find her a better husband in the future. On the other hand, he also asked the mother from the palace to teach Lu Qingqing

Etiquette, Lu Qingqing was tired, and Nangong Yixin was all in her mind.

After Xiaowu and Baihe learned about the situation, they also persuaded Nangong Yixin that they must have misunderstood, but Nangong Yixin felt that it didn’t matter whether it was a misunderstanding. The important thing is that Lu Qingqing will become the prince. At this time, a carrier pigeon flew, and it was Lu Qingqing who sent a letter to meet Nangong Yixin.

In the evening, Nangong Yixin came to Lu Qingqing. Lu Qingqing explained that it was not that she had broken the porcelain fox, and she would also find someone to repair it, but Nangong Yixin said that the thing could not be restored if it was broken. As for the porcelain fox, Nangong Yixin also said that he was no longer angry, but hoped that Lu Qingqing would be a princess.

Lu Qingqing explained that she didn’t want to be the princess, but chose the princess by mistake. Nangong Yixin also nodded to express that she knew, and persuaded Lu Qingqing to be the princess. Watching Nangong Yixin leave, Lu Qingqing shouted that she didn’t want to be a princess, but just wanted to be with Nangong Yixin, and she would go wherever Nangong Yixin went.

The prince and queen suddenly came to Lu’s house to see the results of Lu Qingqing’s training by the mother, only to find that Lu Qingqing had not been taught well, but became more and more disrespectful, and the queen turned around and turned back in anger. The prince urged Lu Qingqing as long as he behaved himself. He didn’t want Lu Qingqing to change. If it changed, it would not be Lu Qingqing.

The next day, Lu Hongzhu asked Lu Yunxi to persuade Lu Qingqing to train well, but Lu Qingqing stunned the guard and Lily escaped the marriage alone. After Lu Hongzhu got the news, he blamed Lu Yunxi for failing to supervise him. Pearl was fighting for Lu Yunxi’s injustice. He thought that Lu Qingqing had done something wrong but let Lu Yunxi be punished. Lu Yunxi yelled at Pearl and shut up.

Lu Qingqing came all the way to the outside of the Wasted Spirit Valley, but the guards from the Qiyuan mainland at the door could not enter, and there were chasing soldiers who were about to find Lu Qingqing. Nangong Yixin suddenly appeared. Lu Qingqing hurriedly took his arm to ask for help. She also claimed to escape the marriage because of Nangong Yixin. She didn’t adapt to those cumbersome palace rules. Whenever she thought of never seeing Nangong Yixin again, she would sad.

Nangong Yixin was happy in her heart, but she did not forget to remind Lu Qingqing that he would commit a crime if he escaped from marriage, and that Lu Qingqing could not care much. Nangong Yixin turned her into a rabbit and hugged her into the Desolate Spirit Valley.

Everyone here can take care of themselves. Unlike the Qiyuan Continent, everyone does not need physical strength and can do it with a wave of spiritual strength. In contrast, Lu Qingqing likes it more and wants to stay here. .

But Nangong Yixin left. Lu Qingqing couldn’t help holding Nangong Yixin. Here she only knew Nangong Yixin, but Nangong Yixin told Lu Qingqing stiffly that there was nothing to do with Lu Qingqing, and Lu Qingqing thought that Nangong Yixin had nothing to do with him. Xin avoided it because he was afraid of being involved. Thinking of this, Lu Qingqing stopped stopping.

Lu Qingqing came to the market by himself, and there was delicious food everywhere. Lu Qingqing ate a large table of steamed buns, but was chased by the boss for money. Lu Qingqing realized that he was here. You need money to eat.

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