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The Mask 也平凡 Episode 7 Recap

After waking up, Ji Ping stared at a pendant necklace. The slender figure dancing in his mind could not be erased for a long time. The memories made Ji Ping sober and also made him painful. Ji Fan and Xiong Zhennan came to Li Qian’s house again, saying that Li Qian had asked him to come in a dream, and the old lady’s memory was confused again, so they let them in. There were a lot of idol posters in Li Qian’s room, and there was a very precious radio. Ji Fan began to fudge that Li Qian asked them to keep these things and brought them back to the police station.

The radio was full of old songs, and finally heard something different, and the shy sea ordered a song for Li Qian. Zhang Xiaoming explained that the previous song station was very expensive, which happened to show that this person had an unusual relationship with Li Qian. The old lady also mentioned in her testimony that Li Qian had been killed by a meteor shower, indicating that she had been asked out by someone else. Ji Fan once again used the traces on the radio to retrieve information from the radio station, but the phone number of the song orderer was difficult to search. Ji Fan checked the number of the most frequently ordered song that year, and planned to find out one by one.

Xiao Jianguo’s signal appeared, and Zhang Xiaoming quickly contacted Xiong Zhennan and immediately started the arrest. Xiong Zhennan and Ji Fan went to investigate the ten numbers, and finally locked Lu Yang and Xu Dazhi. Lu Yang is a well-known host, and Ji Ping’s next target is also him. Zhang Xiaoming led the team to the place where the signal appeared, only to find the dying Wang Dajun and a mobile phone. Xiao Jianguo suspects that his son’s disappearance is related to the Mo Wenhua case. He will definitely find the next victim before the murderer. Ji Fan thinks he is likely to make some actions. Zhang Xiaoming told Xiong Zhennan about the situation here, and Xiao Jianguo forced Wang Dajun to tell that it was Lu Yang who was trapped by the hair.

The recent homicides made Lu Yang deeply aware of his own danger, Xiao Jianguo also rushed to the TV station. Xiong Zhennan and Ji Fan race against time to get to the dressing room, but Lu Yang has been taken away. Ji Fan quickly noticed something was wrong with the cleaner who had just walked out, and hurried to the basement to track it down.

Ji Ping made a desperate move and drove away. Ji Fan didn’t see his face clearly, but the watch on his hand made Ji Fan’s heart startled. Xiong Zhennan chased it out and found that Ji Fan was missing and his mobile phone was left behind. Xiong Zhennan hurriedly returned to the police station to find someone. It would be nice to say if Xiao Jianguo took him away, but what if it is the murderer. The license plate number is fake, and Xiong Zhennan can only find a needle in a haystack.

After Ji Fan woke up, he was in an abandoned factory. The person in front of him was not Ji Ping, but Xiao Jianguo. Xiao Jianguo didn’t plan to do anything to him, but wanted him to listen to himself. While he was talking about burning the child’s portrait, Ji Fan asked a question, what exactly did Xiao Jianguo do in the Li Qian case? It has been twenty-seven years, and now they are not robbing time with the murderer, but with Xiao Jianguo themselves.

Ji Fan tried to impress Xiao Jianguo. After the death of Mo Wenhua and his wife, Xiao Jianguo suspected that Mo Wensheng had kidnapped his child, but Mo Wensheng died in a shipwreck when he was smuggling abroad, and Xiao Jianguo’s clue was broken. It was years later that Xiao Jianguo learned that Mo Wensheng was not dead, but he didn’t recognize him anymore. Xiao Jianguo promised that Rao Ying would not make this matter public, and only then brought Ji Fan over. Among the many steps, Ji Fan missed Xiao Jianguo’s selfishness as a father and the obsession of an old policeman.

A person wearing a hospital gown suddenly came to the head, it was the case of Li Qian falling from a building. Mo Wenhua is not the real murderer, this person is not the real murderer, but Xu Dazhi is willing to expose it, but asks them to protect himself. Xiong Zhennan had guessed that the person he was talking about was Lu Yang, and it was better to eat in prison than to be killed. At that time, Lu Yang and Xu Dazhi were working at the post office. Lu Yang fell in love at first sight with Li Qian, who was sending a letter, and asked her to watch the stars together.

Xu Dazhi loves to join in the fun, so he has to go with Lu Yang. Xiong Zhennan didn’t believe it, but Xu Dazhi obviously liked Li Qian too. That night, the three people went to the abandoned upstairs with beer. Lu Yang and Li Qian talked more and more speculatively, but it didn’t take long for the two to quarrel. When Xu Dazhi passed by, Lu Yang had already killed someone. At that time, both of them were scared and stupid, and Xu Dazhi hid in the house for a month without daring to go out.

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