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My Heart 卿卿我心 Episode 1 Recap

Lu Qingqing is a woman who is incompatible with Qiyuan Continent, Qiyuan Continent respects spiritual power, but Lu Qingqing has worked hard for many years, but she has no spiritual power at all. It is said that there is a place called Fei Ling Gu, where people have no spiritual power, and Lu Qingqing always feels that he should live there, so that he doesn’t have to be locked in the yard since he was a child.

Today was the crown prince’s ceremony. Lu Qingqing wanted to go out to see the excitement. She stepped out of the wall. The maid behind her hurriedly chased after her. For fear of her accident, the naughty child turned Lu Qingqing into a rabbit.

The rabbit was chased by the maid behind him, and he was so scared that he ran all the way for fear of being caught back, but never thought of meeting the carriage of Jin Wang Nangong Yixin. Nangong Yixin found the cute little rabbit in her hand. Lu Qingqing felt this The popularity field with seventh-level spiritual power is very strong, and he couldn’t help but took a bite, wanting to see if a bite can divide her spiritual power.

Nangong Yixin was bitten by the rabbit and was a little bit painful. He placed the rabbit on the ground unexpectedly. Lu Qingqing realized that the bite was wrong and hurried away. Nangong Yixin couldn’t help but smile when he looked at the back of the rabbit.

Lu Qingqing fled all the way to a room, and she called her human form. A voice came out begging to let her out. Lu Qingqing stepped forward and touched the bag. As a result, the beast inside ran out with her. Lu Qingqing flew into the air.

Lu Qingqing anxiously wanted to go down, but the beast did not let Lu Qingqing go, but made Lu Qingqing anxious. Lu Qingqing had to admit that she had no spiritual power, and the beast could not control the direction without practicing flying for many days. Lu Qingqing fell into the crown prince’s place.

Lu Hongzhu was Lu Qingqing’s father. He was presiding over the crown prince’s ceremony in the main hall. Lu Qingqing, who was suddenly smashed down, was stunned and reprimanded Lu Qingqing for not coming out of the house. Only then did the prince know Lu Qingqing Lu Hongzhu’s daughter, who has never seen her face, is also full of curiosity about her, and Lu Qingqing also marvels at the “beauty” of the prince.

The sacred beast gradually woke up and stood swayingly. First of all, he saw the enemy Lu Hongzhu. He locked himself up for many years. Lu Hongzhu also recognized that the sacred beast was 梼杌. 梼杌 was detained for many years. If he rushed out, he would kill Lu Hongzhu. Lu Qingqing rushed to protect his father, but Ying Xiao wanted the father and son to die together.

At the critical moment, Nangong Yixin came back. Not only did he save Lu Qingqing, he also seemed to have some kind of contact with Lu Qingqing. When Ying Lu attacked again, Lu Qingqing stood up in front of Nangong Yixin, and his whole body exuded spiritual power. Flew the 梼杌 bomb out. Nangong Yixin took advantage of the situation and put a sword on Yinglu’s neck. The soft-hearted Lu Qingqing hurriedly interceded for Yinglu. Nangong Yixin only took Yinglu, claiming that Yinglu’s natural love for freedom is similar to his personality, if Everyone can’t stand it, he can take care of it for him.

The prince was very happy to see Nangong Yixin coming back. It had been a long time since he was looking forward to it, but the queen did not like it so much. Nangong Yixin didn’t care about it when talking with Nangong Yixin.

Lu Qingqing went back with Lu Hongzhu and met Nangong Yixin again. Lu Hongzhu invited Nangong Yixin to have a drink in the Fuzhong tomorrow. Nangong Yixin readily agreed. Lu Qingqing also thought to herself and felt that she and Nangong Yixin must be determined. There is some kind of fate, otherwise you won’t see each other many times. Looking at the back of Lu Qingqing’s departure, Nangong Yixin said with emotion that Lu Qingqing had found a second stone of spiritual power.

When Lu Qingqing and Lu Hongzhu went back, they saw auspiciousness in the sky, and the spiritual power stone actually appeared. Twenty years ago, the spirit girl took the waste spirit stone to the waste spirit valley, and has not fallen yet. The prince hopes to find the spiritual power stone. . Now that the spiritual power stone reappeared, Lu Hongzhu was also worried. He always knew that she was not dead.

After returning home, Lu Hongzhu reprimanded Lu Qingqing, blaming Lu Qingqing for not going out to cause trouble, and Lu Qingqing was also very wronged. She felt that the eldest sister could come and go freely, but she was kept in the yard since she was young. year. Lu Hongzhu bitterly told Lu Qingqing that because she had no spiritual power, she would be in danger at any time when she went out, unlike her elder sister who had high spiritual power.

Lu Qingqing asked her father if she could go out if she had spiritual power? Lu Hongzhu asked Lu Qingqing how he defeated Yingzhao in the hall. Lu Qingqing didn’t know about this, and thought it was Nangong Yixin who defeated it. Seeing Lu Qingqing said this, Lu Hongzhu thought it was for himself. wrong.

Thinking of all the things today, Lu Hongzhu felt that it might be the soul girl who was coming back.

Lu Qingqing went out privately and was punished to copy the “Enlightenment Sutra” a hundred times, which made her complain so much. Thinking of what happened today, Lu Qingqing felt that she might have fainted the ugly cat 梼梼. Maid Lily didn’t believe it at all, and asked Lu Qingqing to try to become a rabbit, but no matter how she tried, she couldn’t transform, so she began to wonder if she had spiritual power.

Lu Yunxi is Lu Qingqing’s elder sister, and she has always been fond of Lu Qingqing. When Lu Qingqing went out to make troubles, when the little maid knew about it, she felt unfair to such an excellent young lady, and felt that she shouldn’t be so used to the road. Qingqing, Lu Qingqing is the one who caused trouble, and Lu Yunxi warned the maid to respect Lu Qingqing, otherwise she would never be merciless.

Lu Qingqing was unwilling to nest in the room to copy books, so she asked Lily to help copy the books. She turned into a little rabbit and ran around, but accidentally ran into the kitchen and was almost stewed by the chef. In a critical moment The little rabbit’s ears glowed, and Lu Qingqing broke free from the chef and escaped. Coincidentally, I met Nangong Yixin again as a guest. Nangong Yixin used his robe to cover the little rabbit to help it escape.

Nangong Yixin recognized that this rabbit was the one who bit him yesterday, and ordered the little rabbit to change back, otherwise he would bite it back, and open his mouth to face the little rabbit. The little bunny’s ears glowed again and turned into a human form. Nangong Yixin looked at Lu Qingqing so close and was a little stunned. Both of them fell to the ground. They looked at each other and were a little confused. Lu Qingqing turned again. The rabbit escaped.

Lu Hongzhu deliberately arranged for Lu Yunxi to receive Nangong Yixin. Lu Qingqing secretly hid behind the rockery to eavesdrop, but was discovered by Nangong Yixin and deliberately cast a spell to make Lu Qingqing fall to the ground. Lu Qingqing had to give Nangong Yixin a toast on her father’s order. She looked at Nangong Yixin’s face up close. Lu Qingqing was a little surprised, but when Lu Qingqing looked at Nangong Yixin’s face, her face turned red, and she didn’t know the pouring. It overflowed without noticing it.

Nangong Yixin also gave Lu Qingqing a spell, which made Lu Qingqing mistakenly believe that she had spiritual power to walk around with this spell.

Lu Yunxi’s maid could not understand Lu Qingqing, but because of the young lady’s face, she had no choice but to take Lily to the backyard to bully, and she happened to be hit by Lu Qingqing, who defended Lily domineeringly.

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