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Luoyang 风起洛阳 Episode 14 Recap

Li Yichen deliberately pretended to be stupid and thwarted Baili Hongyi’s request. Baili Hongyi had no choice but to reveal that Li Yichen was the son of Lianfang Chu, and firmly believed that he would not die to Wu Siyue, so Li Yichen had to pretend to be drunk. , Leaving Hongrongfang early, sent female guard An Baitan to quietly deal with Gao Bingzhu’s affairs.

When Pei Jian received the secret letter, he hurriedly brought Baili Hongyi and Bailang, who were disguised, to the prison to meet Gao Bingzhu. Baili Hongyi briefly described Wu Siyue’s capture by Wang Dengcheng. Pei Jian exchanged Bailang and Gao Bingzhu. . Gao Bingzhu learned that Wang Dengcheng had finally appeared at Zeyanfeng. He hurried to the Guandi Temple where he first saw Wang Dengcheng and found Wang Dengcheng and the kidnapped Wu Siyue and old mother.

Eight years ago, Wang Deng became the tomb of Luoyang Ling who healed his mother. He was chased down and broke his leg. Wang Dengcheng hid in this ruined temple. Gao Bingzhu rescued him back to the bad well. Wang Dengcheng In order to thank Gao Bingzhu for his life-saving grace, he worked tirelessly to take care of Gao Bingzhu’s mother and the people in bad wells.

Wang Dengcheng persuaded Gao Bingzhu to kill Wu Siyue, and then regarded her as a nomination for joining the Spring and Autumn Dao. The two brothers went on their journey together. Gao Bingzhu only wanted to avenge his partners, and persuaded Wang Dengcheng to turn his head and leave the Spring and Autumn Dao, otherwise he would take her Bad wells lead to a dead end. Wang Dengcheng keeps saying that he is the right way, and he really thinks for the bad people. He raised his sword to kill Wu Siyue. Gao Bingzhu desperately stopped him and knocked him to the ground. Gao Bingzhu thought that he was determined by his many years of caring for his mother. Letting him go, Wang Dengcheng suddenly hijacked Gao Mu and forced Gao Bingzhu to make a choice.

Gao Bingzhu was caught in a dilemma. On one hand, he was his biological mother, and on the other hand, he was born and died for his confidant Wu Siyue. Wang Dengcheng forced Gao Bingzhu to choose one quickly. Before doing it, Gao Bingzhu would knock his mother three heads, and then pick up a scimitar to try to kill him. . Gao Mu loudly stopped Gao Bingzhu and admitted that she had been pretending to be crazy and stupid. Only in this way could Gao Bingzhu take revenge. Gao mother advised Gao Bingzhu to live well. She stretched her neck to Wang Dengcheng’s dagger and killed herself. Gao Bingzhu was heartbroken and desperate to live.

Pei Jian and his guards arrived in time to rescue Wu Siyue. He ordered Gao Bingzhu and Wang Dengcheng to be arrested. Wu Siyue asked him to send Wang Dengcheng to Dali Temple. Pei Jian had to do so. Baili Hongyi had been waiting at the gate of Dali Temple. Seeing Wang Dengcheng was captured, he couldn’t wait to inquire about Gao Bingzhu’s whereabouts and learned that Gao Bingzhu’s mother had died.

Gao Bingzhu buried his mother and carved a wooden spirit sign with his own hands. He cried so much because of his sadness. Wu Siyue was also moved by it. She couldn’t bear to keep watching, so she quietly hid. When Baili Hongyi learned that Gao Bingzhu’s mother was dead, he couldn’t help but think of his deceased father. He felt very uncomfortable. He was anxious to go home. Liu Ran wanted to have a good talk with him. Baili Hongyi was not in the mood to talk about it. However, it is not helpful to ask each other hard.

Wu Siyue came to the grave to look for Gao Bingzhu early in the morning and found that he had disappeared. Wu Siyue had to come to Bailang’s house to look for it and found that Bailang had been released. He didn’t know the whereabouts of Gao Bingzhu. Wu Siyue came to Bad Well again, she looked around, but Gao Bingzhu was not seen, she was desperate.

Baili Hongyi did not eat or drink, and sat in the room until noon. Shen Fei persuaded him to eat something. He sent Shen Fei to inquire about Gao Bingzhu’s whereabouts. Shen Fei complained that he was too cruel to Liu Ran yesterday and persuaded him to go and see. Look at Liu Ran. Suddenly, Yunzhi hurried to report to Baili Hongyi. Liu Ran was gone, and took away her clothes and jewelry. Baili Hongyi and Shen Fei looked around in the mansion, but did not see Liu Ran’s figure. Yunzhi accused Baili Hongyi of having no conscience and let down Liu Ran’s infatuation with him. Baili Hongyi carefully inspected Liu Ran’s room. After discovering that her favorite fish gelatin and the mask she used every day were missing, Baili Hongyi determined that Liu Ran had run away from home.

Baili Hongyi took Shen Fei to find Liu Ran, and when he went out, he ran into Liu Shi who had returned from the mountain to practice. Liu Shi is Liu Ran’s biological father. When he learned the whole story, Baili Hongyi advised Baili Hongyi not to worry. Liu Ran has been since childhood. With her own opinion, she just went out to relax, Liu Shi gave the wild eggs brought from the mountain to Baili Hongyi, and took Yunzhi home.

Wu Siyue came back to return to Wu Youjue. Wu Youjue had already received a notification from Dali Temple and learned of what Wu Siyue had done in the past two days. She gave her a severe lesson and immediately decided to send someone to Gao Bingzhu. After catching it, Wu Siyue knelt down and begged Wu Youjue to come forward and Gao Bingzhu’s innocence, and promised to listen to Wu Youjue’s arrangements from now on. Wu Youjue was so angry that Wu Siyue gritted her teeth. Kneeling to plead.

Liu Ran sent someone to send a letter to Wu Siyue and asked her to meet in Liubailou. Wu Siyue came to the appointment on time. Liu Ran pretended not to ask Wu Siyue to drink tea. Wu Siyue could tell at a glance that she had something on her mind, Liu Ran Desperately covering up, Wu Siyue wanted to ask Baili Hongyi to ask clearly, Liu Ran desperately stopped, she didn’t want to cause Baili Hongyi any more trouble. Liu Shi came to Baili Hongyi for accountability. He counted Baili Hongyi’s repeated anti-marriage and resignation to make a living by Liu Ran’s dowry. Baili Hongyi repeatedly explained the reasons. Liu Shi didn’t believe it at all and just wanted to know Liu. However, after so many wrongs, he was forced to run away from home.

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