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I Am The Years You Are The Stars 我是岁月你是星辰 Episode 1 Recap

This world carries the secrets of the years, just like Jiang Baiju, an undead who lived a hundred years with secrets. For eighty years, he has been looking for a way to turn him back into an ordinary person. For Jin Xiaoyu, or most importantly, she is accustomed to seeing life and death, but a short-lived body cosmetic surgeon who suffers from a rare disease. She still has one year to live. Before she died, she just wanted to save more pension money for her master.

Jin Xiaoyu’s electric car suddenly broke down on her way back, so she had to be dragged to the repair shop. And Jiang Baiju also rushed to the car repair shop when he got the news of the special medicine. Unexpectedly, the insider Gao Guofu rushed into the bus. On the bus, Jiang Baiju accidentally ran into Jin Xiaoyu, but he didn’t care.

In 1998, Gao Guofu worked as a researcher in the department of oncology at a branch of the Central Medical University. Later, the hospital was closed due to a medical accident. Jiang Baiju just wanted to know what disease those people had suffered and why they disappeared out of thin air when they went to the hospital. Facing Jiang Baiju’s question, Gao Guofu was suddenly excited, yelling that he didn’t know anything. Gao Guofu broke away suddenly, snatched the driver’s steering wheel and forced the bus to stop.

The passengers hurried away, and Jin Xiaoyu saw that there was a little girl, so he hurriedly took the girl away. Gao Guofu catches up and takes Jin Xiaoyu hostage. Jin Xiaoyu thought that he was dead soon, so he motioned to Jiang Baiju to leave. The siren gradually became louder, Gao Guofu fled to the bus, and Jiang Baiju also caught up. Later, Jin Xiaoyu witnessed the vehicle crash into the deep sea. This picture made Jin Xiaoyu’s heart tremble, but in the end he heard that the people in the car were placed in the morgue. Before he got over, Jin Xiaoyu was dragged out of the Chinese medicine ward by the master.

The family of the deceased went to the morgue to see his son for the last time. Unexpectedly, the corpse coughed. It just so happened that Jin Xiaoyu arrived, and after careful inspection found that it was just a glimpse. Subsequently, the bus was also salvaged. Jin Xiaoyu looked at Jiang Baiju’s corpse and couldn’t help feeling emotional, remembering that he was the one who saved a car today. Afterwards, Gao Guofu’s daughter went to the funeral home to claim the corpse, but there was no sadness on her face, even terribly calm.

Jiang Baiju and Mrs. Dao founded the fashion empire of Qing Ai Group together, and the Dao clan guarded Jiang Baiju for four generations. Not long ago, Mrs. Dao gave the position of the fourth-generation guardian to grandson Dao Ruifeng. In the dead of night, Jin Xiaoyu burned paper to pray for his savior, unaware that his savior was struggling painfully in the morgue. Just as she was about to get off work, Jin Xiaoyu heard the movement inside the box and quietly stepped forward to check it out.

Unexpectedly, something flashed out of the morgue and overthrew her to the ground. The waiters in the morgue flickered and frightened Jin Xiaoyu into a panic, ready to call Master for help. Unexpectedly, he was knocked out by the sharp edge of the knife before he could call. Qian Cheng and Dao Ruifeng controlled Jiang Baiju, who was mad and mutated. After waking up, Jiang Baiju hurried to check Jin Xiaoyu.

What happened last night was like a nightmare, awakening Jin Xiaoyu. But when he rushed to the morgue, the corpse was taken away. The investigation discovered that the corpse turned out to be his savior. I wanted to rely on surveillance to prove that I didn’t have a dream last night, but all the surveillance from last night was missing. Jin Xiaoyu followed the clues to find Qing Ai Group, but the thoughts in his mind were even more chaotic.

On this day, Jin Xiaoyu sorted Gao Guofu’s body, but found that his death did not look like drowning, or even a living person.

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