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Happiness Is Easy 不惑之旅 Episode 38 Recap

Yiru thought that the simplicity was just sympathy for Malevin’s crazy wife and disabled child, and simply expressed that they were in love, and that Malevin and Yiru were already divorced. Yiru is angry that she has always regarded Jian as her friend, but she hurt herself so cruelly. Simple and sorry that she didn’t want to hurt Yiru, but at this point, she didn’t want to give up Mariev.

After recalling her departure, she simply called Marlene. She had presupposed countless possibilities before, but now all the worries and entanglements disappeared in an instant. She decided to face it calmly no matter what happened in the future.

Recalling an appointment with Malevin, he asked him why he found a woman who was inferior to him in every aspect. Malevin hoped that she would not entangle with the past and start a new life as soon as possible. He suggested that people only know what they really want by paying the price. If they ended early, there would not be so much pain, as if calling them a liar, they were already together before they left home.

At the Zhuoyuan meeting, the project leaders all reported to Xiaoting that the chairman’s illness had spread. Now all cooperative projects have been affected, she must make a decision as soon as possible.

Xiaoting went to the hospital to see her father and lied that everything was fine in the company. Zhuo Nan knew it well and asked Chunsheng to go back to help her. Seeing that Xiaoting disagreed, Chunsheng agreed with her refusal. Before Zhuo Nanzhi got angry, he asked Chunsheng to return to the company just to go back. To pave the way, he became angry: Chunsheng must return to the company.

Xing Ran brought Qingqian to the studio and showed her the cleanness of his paintings in the past few days. He wanted to restore the cleanliness to the drawing paper from memory, but then he felt that there was a chance to keep her, so there was no need to stay in this one. In the painting, Xing Ran was sorry that he should trust Qing Qian, so he decided to queue downstairs to buy a drink for Qing Qian. Unexpectedly, someone sent Xing Ran’s paintings for the exhibition, and Qing Qian accidentally saw one of the paintings. It’s Ronana.

Zhicheng’s President Yan informed Feng Chunsheng to let him take over the position of President Ni of the Ministry of Commerce, and also told him to go to the hospital to take care of his father-in-law, Zhuo Yuan will be his sooner or later, and all of them are waiting to be exposed to him.

Chunsheng told Xiaoting that he had resigned from Zhicheng. Zhicheng signed with Ovano because he had bribed Wan Liming at the beginning. Xiaoting slapped Chunsheng in a slap, and Chunsheng begged her to let her be her husband and son-in-law in the end. He can sign an agreement and never take a penny or use any resources when his father-in-law recovers from his illness.

Xiaoting asked to be simple, saying that Chunsheng had betrayed her father for the benefit of the company, and used Judy to achieve her goal. She felt simple and understood Chunsheng better, and wanted to know what kind of person Chunsheng was? Simply point out that Chunsheng wanted to get married under the pressure of her parents after betraying herself at the beginning.

She also hesitated and lost, but later realized that only by getting rid of the bondage of others can she become who she is. Xiaoting felt that she used to be like this and stayed with Chunsheng in spite of everyone’s opposition, but now she has lost. Simply tell Xiaoting that she didn’t win or lose, she couldn’t recover a completely objective Feng Chunsheng, and how to choose in the future can only be decided by Xiaoting herself.

Yiru took Mu Jia home and wanted her to live with herself in the future. Mu Jia disagreed and was anxious to return to school. Yiru said that Jian was already with her father and asked her daughter which side she was on. Mu Jia didn’t want to see the three of them become enemies, and hoped that her mother would not be arrogant, otherwise she would never be happy. Yiru cried hysterically and said that she simply lied to herself, apparently making friends with herself, but behind her father, Mu Jia hugged her mother in distress, and promised to stay with her at night, but Yiru coldly refused. Before going out, Mu Jia asked Yiru: Does she think she is a qualified mother?

At the meeting, Feng Chunsheng asked to stop the Tongzhou project because it was a bottomless pit that would drag the group down. The company must invest in projects that pay back quickly. The executives believed that this decision was the worst signal to the outside world. Collective opposition. Chunsheng said that he ran through all the company’s accounts and found that most of them would lose their interests because of his decision, but it was Zhuoyuan Group who benefited. Wan Liming was the first to jump out to support Feng Chunsheng. decision.

After the meeting, Mr. Wang approached Xiaoting and said that when Feng Chunsheng came back, he had hired more than a dozen people to install in various departments. This was obviously a public revenge. If the company was disrupted, a big deal would happen. Xiaoting pointed out that Mr. Wang had started his father’s business since then. He was a veteran, but his hands and feet were dirty in recent years, but his father had made up for the money he took, otherwise he would not be here long ago.

Qing Qian dressed up and went out, before leaving, told Xing Ran to pick herself up at night. She invited Pan Yanming to dinner, and sent a message to Xingran during the dinner, asking him to wait in the hotel lobby, and then deliberately walked by Pan Yanming in front of Xingran, and went to the guest room upstairs. After arriving, she burst into tears. , Confessed that these two meetings with Pan Yanming had used him to give Xing Ran a reasonable excuse.

Pan Yanming said that I was sorry for Qing Qian in the past, but now he is sincere to her. Qing Qian thanked Pan Yanming for allowing herself to know a whole new world. She previously thought she was the same person as Pan Yanming, but now she feels that she has lost her youth and sincerity, and her most true fantasy about the future. Pan Yanming felt that Qing Qian was worthless for Xing Ran’s poor boy, but Qing Qian felt that Xing Ran gave him the best love. That time was his happiest time. He taught himself how to sincerely love someone and how to love. pay.

Principal Wang learned about the meeting between Yiru and Jian, and criticized Yiru for being a literate person. Yiru disagreed. She felt that Marlene and Jian would not be happy together.

Wan Liming took the initiative to find Feng Chunsheng for almost a deal. He didn’t expect Chunsheng to resign, and also told him about the kickback in the elevator procurement of the Tongzhou project. Wan Liming was angry that the money was not as much as the odds given by Zhicheng. He saw Feng Chunsheng want to do business. Wan Liming knelt down with a plop and said with tears that he had just bought a house, his wife was pregnant, and his parents had come to Beijing. To expel him would kill him, and Chunsheng remained unmoved.

After Feng Chunsheng reported the general situation of the company to Zhuo Nanzhi, Zhuo Nanzhi praised that he did a good job. He was going to have an operation in a few days, so Chunsheng called his parents to have a good time together. Xiaoting wanted to stay with her father at night, and Zhuo Nanzhi let Chunsheng stay and chat for a while. He saw that Chunsheng and Xiaoting’s relationship had a problem. Chunsheng explained that he was too concerned about his work and ignored Xiaoting’s feelings.

Zhuo Nanzhi took Chunsheng’s sign language and said sincerely that he was the same as him decades ago, Xiao Ting’s mother has been away for more than 20 years and has not been married. She just doesn’t want Xiaoting to be harmed. Now that he is ill, he understands that money, fame and fortune are all things outside of his body. Only Chunsheng and Xiaoting are his own. He was sorry for them before. Regardless of the outcome of the operation, he hoped that Chunsheng would understand: To be a man you must be responsible and understand what is the most important thing.

On the way, Xiaoting asked about the conversation between her father and Chunsheng. Chunsheng felt very much in agreement with her father-in-law’s words. He felt that at the moment of life and death, the person who was most important to him was the one he could remember, so he didn’t want to leave regrets.

Malevin called it simple, saying that she was the first person to see herself thoroughly in many years. He has always felt that he has read a lot of books, but in fact he is a giant of thought and a short man of action. Now he has found him to walk with him. People who are in the second half of their lives and confirm that they have not found the wrong person. I wonder if simple is willing? Simply leaned on Malevin’s shoulder and said: Yes.

Yiru dressed up carefully and sent a message to Malevin and simply saying that one of them is her beloved husband and the other is her good friend, but they have destroyed her last hope for the world. After that, Yiru put on her wedding dress, turned on the gas, and lit the lighter.

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