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Happiness Is Easy 不惑之旅 Episode 36 Recap

As soon as he entered the house, Xing Ran went crazy and asked Qing Qian Zeng personally that he promised not to go back, why did he go to find the surname Pan again, and how much did he give her? Qing Qian pretended to be relaxed and said that he would find his fourth brother to open a yoga studio, whatever he wanted. After the angry Star Ran rushed into the bedroom, tears were streaming down his face.

At eleven o’clock in the evening, Zhu Di sent a WeChat message to ask Feng Chunsheng to go there. Chunsheng told Xiaoting not to wait for her to sleep first. But as soon as he left the house on the front foot, Xiaoting took a taxi on the back foot and followed to Judy’s residence. She watched Chunsheng hesitate to return to the car for a long time after getting out of the car. She wanted to walk there, but she didn’t expect that Chunsheng would eventually get out of the car and go upstairs after struggling in the car for a while.

After Chunsheng went upstairs, he realized that Judy had a housewarming party. He called a room of people and looked at his surprised expression. Judy smiled and said that the moment he pressed the doorbell, he should have made a decision, but he was not. Casual woman, just want to see where his bottom line is. Most people surrendered as long as they gave them a little bit of hope. Chunsheng was Zhuoyuan’s prince. When he met him, he thought he was different from others, but he didn’t expect it to be. Chunsheng felt that he was being teased, and just about to have an attack, Judy told him that SK had decided to cooperate with Zhicheng and would let Agent Huang contact for follow-up matters.

When he returned home, Chunsheng felt uncomfortable. He wanted to talk to Xiaoting but didn’t know how to face it. Xiaoting, who was separated by the door, put his hand on the door handle for a long time and didn’t know how to speak. In the end, the two of them split up as usual. To sleep.

After seeing the psychologist, Xiaoting felt much more relaxed. She told Wanrou that when she was chatting with the doctor just now, she found that she didn’t like Chunsheng anymore. She just didn’t think it was worthwhile for him. So it doesn’t matter whether Chunsheng tells the truth, Wan Rou. Rou believes that Xiaoting will get better and better.

Zhuo Nanzhi felt very uncomfortable, so he called Chunsheng to come to the office immediately. He first congratulated Chunsheng for his achievements in Zhicheng, and frankly said that he must have hated himself, and then took out a diagnosis certificate and asked him not to tell anyone about this matter, including Xiaoting.

Lao Cai told Lin Wanrou that the company has passed the review. No one knows the relationship between the money and Xusheng after the money left from this company, but it will take some time. Wanrou hopes that the sooner the better, and remind Lao Cai them It’s a person on a boat. Don’t play any tricks. I didn’t expect Lao Cai to sit close to Wanrou to confess to her, and Wanrou warned Lao Cai not to force herself. She went to the bathroom to look at herself in the mirror and wept.

Marlene said with excitement that the opening of the new store will be good for the company’s valuation. Simple and there is good news. She plans to combine textbook dramas and online education to create a new model. The two are chatting, and the police are here. They told Marlene: The police suspected that Spark Culture was involved in overseas money laundering activities. Because Xusheng acquired Spark Culture and asked them to find out the situation, Maleven quickly asked Simple to ask Mr. Cai, but the secretary told Mr. Cai that he had taken leave for a week. , Can’t be reached.

Lin Wanrou was packing her luggage at home. Malevin used the courier to knock on the door. Malevin reminded her that if it was not worth it to punish herself, the police are arresting Cai Hongyi. If Wanrou tells herself the truth, she can be released. One horse. Wanrou admitted that it had something to do with this incident. She was angry that she was smiling at the company every day to prevent Marlene from seeing her bleeding heart.

Marlene didn’t understand that she had put herself in for revenge. Lin Wanrou is unwilling to watch Malevin share her hard-earned results with other women. She is angry that she has paid so much for Malevin, but it is just the mosquito blood on his wall, and it is his heart to simply do nothing. White moonlight. Marlene explained that everyone has the right to choose love. He persuaded Wanrou to surrender. Lin Wanrou said that he would not let him go or call the police and arrest her. After all, Marlene couldn’t help being cruel.

Lin Wanrou was arrested by the police in the parking lot after arriving at the building. She suspected that Marlene had called the police? The police told her: It was Cai Hongyi.

Zhuo Xiaoting met with a lawyer to learn about the division of property after the divorce. The lawyer told her: The dividends generated by her 12% of Zhuoyuan’s shares belong to the post-marital property, and the other party has the right to take his part. In the evening, Feng Chunsheng asked Xiaoting to go back to see her father when he had time. He went back to the bedroom to sleep, but Xiaoting was not used to it and asked him to go to the study.

Simply invite Chunsheng and Xiaoting to dinner and introduce them to Marlene’s plan to open a chain bookstore. At present, several funds have come in. I want them to help see if there is a possibility of cooperation on the venue. Xiaoting said that Chunsheng is doing well in the new company. Xiaoting quickly gave the information to Chunsheng. Xiaoting learned that Jian and Marlene were already together, reminding her that Marlene was a negative man now, and she didn’t care about Simplicity.

This made Xiaoting appreciate it very much, and Chunsheng promised to make the plan as soon as possible. Get it to the company meeting to discuss, and give Mr. Ma a reply as soon as possible. Xiaoting sighed with simplicity. She saw who she used to be and helped her lover to make progress step by step with all her heart. She didn’t expect that after a round trip, she turned into the simplicity that used to be.

On the way home, Xiaoting received a call from lawyer Lin Wanrou, who told her that Lin Wanrou was involved in financial fraud and had been arrested.

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