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Who is the historical prototype of “Luoyang” Baili Hongyi

Watching “Feng Qi Luoyang“, everyone is interested in whether Baili Hongyi is a famous family, and the discussion is very interesting. Then I will talk about the surname “Baili” and what status the Baili family belonged to during the Sui and Tang Dynasties.

Speaking of the surname “Baili”, which one is most familiar to everyone? You should all know “Bai Li Xi”, right? I should have memorized it when I was in school—”Shun was issued in the acres, Fu Shuo was lifted between the printing plates, the glue 鬲 was lifted in the fish and salt, Guan Yiwu was lifted in the sea, Sun Shuao was lifted in the sea, and Baili was lifted in the sea. The city. Therefore, the heavens will presume the great responsibility and the human beings, and they must first suffer from their minds, their muscles and bones, their bodies are hungry, their bodies are emptied…” This paragraph, right? This “Bai Li Xi” was later the ancestor of the Baili clan.

Where does the surname “Baili” come from?

What do you mean by “Bai Li Xi Ju Yu Shi” first? In fact, Bai Lixi was once a slave, and he was exchanged for five pieces of black sheepskin by Qin Mu from the Chu State Market, and assisted Qin Mugong all the way to become one of the five tyrants of the Spring and Autumn Period.

Bailixi, the ancestor did not have the surname Baili. Therefore, Bailixi did not have the surname Baili at the beginning, it should be a surname related to the “surname Jiang”.

Mainly, after Bailixi became a powerful scholar-official in Qin, he was sealed in Bailiyi. After that, Bailixi’s son Meng Shiming took “Baili” as the surname, and the surname “Baili” was thus derived Come.

Is Bailishi a famous family?

A long time later, the Baili clan, as a Han Chinese surname, has been living together in Xincai County and Jingzhao County, and they are also local prominent families. Xincai County-Henan Xincai area, Jingzhao County-Shaanxi Xi’an area.

Although it is also considered a distinguished family with a long history, in the Sui, Tang and Wu Zhou periods, the Baili family was really not regarded as a famous family among the noble families.

It’s not counted as the first-tier gentry of the “Five Surnames and Seven Wangs”, nor can it be counted as entering the second-tier of the Guanlong Group, and not even the third-tier of the prime ministers of the Tang dynasty such as Pei, Xue and Du. The marginalized gentry class.

The prominent family members refer to the five surnames, seven hopes and members of the Guanlong Group.

The feudal aristocratic privileged group formed by the clans as the bond of the noble family has a brief rise in the Sui and Tang dynasties.

However, in the Tang Dynasty, the five surnames actually declined, because of the imperial family’s overt and secret suppression, and the Long Group was also another major power group in the Tang Dynasty.

Bailijia, Wu Zetian should like to reuse and promote it.

Wu Zetian’s own Wu clan was not a distinguished family or noble family. When Tang Gaozong wanted to abolish the king and establish Wu Zetian, the courtiers strongly opposed it.

Wu Zetian herself was disliked all the way by these five-surnamed clan of Guanlong Group, who were a mess of celebrities and prominent clans. As soon as she became the emperor, she continued to suppress the old clan and promote the emerging clans.

Baili Hongyi’s family background, you can say that he has the background, because after all, he is a family of Han nationality. However, the surname Baili was really not considered a prominent family in the Sui, Tang, and Wu Zhou periods.

However, a family like theirs is the one that Wu Zetian likes to reuse and promote, to contend with the old powers and celebrities.

The Baili family and the Liu family are very close friends.

The daughter-in-law Liu Ran that Baili Hongyi married belonged to the Han clan of the Guanlong Group—Hedong Liu’s family. This family is a well-known family in the Sui, Tang and Wu Zhou dynasties.

However, Liu Ran’s status is still incomparable with the “five-surnamed woman”, and it is incomparable with the core of the Guanlong Group, and it seems that it is incomparable with the families of the prime ministers of the Tang Dynasty. Therefore, her marriage to Baili Hongyi belongs to the right family.

Because although she belongs to the Hedong Liu clan of the famous family, it is obvious that Wu Zetian is more supportive of the emerging gentry.

Although the Liu family has a profound family background and a good family background, in fact, Baili’s family is not bad, but Liu Xiang is greedy and Baili Yanqingzheng.

I happened to see a pair describing the surname “Baili”, and I felt quite suitable for Baili Hongyi:

Baichuanhui is deep and wide; there are needles in the cotton that are soft and rigid. The surname that implies “Baili” also fits the personality of Baili Hongyi.

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