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Happiness Is Easy 不惑之旅 Episode 28 Recap

Lin Wanrou suggested that Marlene, who was in Shanghai, go personally, just to relax. Marlene went home immediately and told him that if he was going on a business trip, Lin Wanrou received the news halfway through the road that the boss of the Shanghai talks party was ill and was hospitalized. A few days.

Feng Chunsheng went to the hotel to find Marlene to deliver the contract. Marlene learned that Jian Jian was going back to his hometown and went to see her under the heavy rain, but simply did not open the door. Maleven went downstairs and looked at Jian Jian who was standing in front of the window. It’s right.

Qiao Qingqian was anxious to raise money for Xingran, so that the owner of the yoga studio would also arrange her to have classes on weekends. The boss introduced Qingqian to go to the bar to be a DJ at night. With a daily end of three thousand and five thousand, Qingqian was moved. After get off work in the bar, a boss Chen took a fancy to Qing Qian and asked her to come over to accompany him with a drink, but Qing Qian refused.

Lin Wanrou went to the hotel to pick up Marlene. Wang Yiru followed. She saw the two coming out of the hotel and was mad, crying and calling to make it easy. On the way, I recalled that he simply told him that Marlene lied to himself to go on a business trip and actually hid in the hotel with Lin Wanrou. Simply persuaded Yiru not to be impulsive, Yiru couldn’t listen at all. As soon as she entered the company, she slapped Lin Wanrou, and asked Marlene who had heard the news to drive Lin Wanrou away. Seeing that Marlene refused, she lost her reason. The vase was smashed in the past, and a simple step on the side stepped forward to protect Malevin.

Journey Without Doubt Episode 28 Stills
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Xing Ran rushed to the hospital and learned that her sister had a slight concussion, and warned Malevin to stay away from her sister. In the evening, Malevin solemnly stated that he would separate from Yiru. He was afraid of hurting Yiru and Mu Jia, but now he found that this would cause harm to more people. Yiru firmly disagrees, but Malevin has decided to let Recalling the request, he tried his best to satisfy it.

Feng Chunsheng went downstairs to Baigang at night and asked him to play games. Bai Gang lied that he was not at home. Chunsheng waited downstairs. After a while, he saw Bai Gang coming out and Wan Liming driving out. Chunsheng followed him and found out. The two entered the hotel box to drink and chat, fighting fiercely.

Marlene went to Principal Wang’s house and asked the principal to forgive him. He could not remarry with Yiru, but no matter what happened, he would respect the principal and take care of Yiru, but he could not live with Yiru anymore. He could sign a compensation agreement. Let Memories have no worries about food and clothing. Wang Nianli rushed in and said that his sister’s illness was caused by Marlene, and he couldn’t make up for it.

Recalling that she would let her father and younger brother go out, she agreed to Marlene, but wanted all his money, real estate, and company shares. Marlene wondered if the company was her own 20 years of hard work, and she wanted to keep the shares in order to manage her well and take good care of her. With Mu Jia’s life, I recall that Marlene was so angry that he would rather go bankrupt in order to get rid of himself.

Journey Without Doubt Episode 28 Stills
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Xiaoting and Chunsheng went to the father-in-law’s house for dinner. Zhuo Nan’s Kuaiwan Liming attracted Bai Gang’s investment. Xiaoting told her father that Bai Gang’s investment was attracted by Chunsheng. The talk was about to be concluded, and Wan Liming used it. The next three bad methods are cut off. Zhuo Nanzhi disagrees. He feels that Xiao Wan is indeed stronger than Chunsheng in some places. He also said that the millet porridge on the table was also brought by Xiao Wan from home. His wife is just an ordinary nurse. Xiao Wan has come now entirely on his own, Chunsheng. Hearing this, my heart was mixed.

After the meal, Xiaoting asked Chunsheng to drive first. She was angry that her father was really confused. Wan Liming was not as capable of Chunsheng at all, and his father simply couldn’t make it through. Zhuo Nanzhi told her daughter that Feng Chunsheng has some talents. If he were not Xiaoting’s husband, he might reuse him, but now that he is her husband, he must use it with caution, because a person who can even change his child’s surname is terrible. Let him get ahead too soon and there will be trouble in the future. Xiaoting begged her father to treat Chunsheng fairly. Zhuo Nanzhi said that Chunsheng would not be fair for her husband. Whenever he has no ambitions and no longer demands, he will be given a chance.

Marlene and Wang Yiru signed a property division agreement. It is sad that their only contact now is Mujia. The relationship for more than ten years is like a joke. Marlene persuaded her to forget the past, and her eyes were tearful for the last time. Hugged Malevin affectionately.

Mu Jia had difficulty accepting the divorce of her parents and didn’t want to live with her father. She was angry that her mother had become like this and the father was also responsible. If Teacher Jian did not show up, at least the family would still be together.

Wan Liming privately told Feng Chunsheng that the person in charge of the new project would be finalized next week at the latest. Chunsheng smiled and said that if it was him, he would cooperate fully.

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