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Luoyang 风起洛阳 Episode 4 Recap

Baili Hongyi hasn’t returned. Liu Ran was anxious and sent people to look around. Butler Bailiwujia sent people to look for it, but found nothing. Liu Xiang persuaded Liu Ran to go home with him. Liu Ran insisted on staying in Baili Mansion. Baili Hongyi returned soon. He silently stood by Bailiyan’s body, and Liu Ran stayed by his side.

Baili Hongyi stayed all night, and Bailiwu kindly persuaded him. Pei Jian took people to the bad well and ordered all exits of the bad well to be closed, and no one was allowed to enter. Everyone complained. Wang Dengcheng asked Pei Jian to open the net. If they were trapped here, they would soon starve to death, Pei Jian. Insist on catching Gao Bingzhu.

Liu Ran sent Bailiwu to prepare a superior coffin, and asked the maid and Jia Ding to replace the Da Hong Xi Lian with Elegy Lian, and they did so separately. Pei Jian led people into the Jishan Bofang and carefully searched Gao Bingzhu’s whereabouts. Yao Niang denied that she had seen Gao Bingzhu. Pei Jian didn’t believe it. She came to her boudoir again for investigation, but was held hostage by Gao Bingzhu. Pei Jian persuaded Gao Bingzhu to surrender. Surrender, otherwise the bad well will be sealed up forever. Gao Bingzhu promised to catch the real culprit and send it to Dali Temple within ten days, and ask Pei Jian to treat the people of bad well well.

Yao Niang persuades Gao Bingzhu not to intervene in this matter, so as not to cause trouble to his upper body. Gao Bingzhu does not want to inflict bad people on the people, and he also wants to take the opportunity to investigate the old case five years ago, and Yao Niang no longer persuades. There was a sudden noise downstairs. The girl hurried down to see what was going on. She learned that the shipmate had not repaid the gambling debts, and she also made an excuse that the owner did not pay her wages. When they died unexpectedly, the guy promised to pay the bills and take the cargo on the ship as collateral. The girl didn’t believe it at all, and ordered them to be beaten up badly.

Gao Bingzhu followed the guys on the boat all the way to the West Market Pier. He pretended to be a porter and got on the boat. He soon discovered that the guy was a fake. Gao Bingzhu tried to force one of the guys and found out that someone had hired them to lead Gao Bingzhu to the ship. On the boat, when Gao Bingzhu realized that he was fooled, the guys were all killed by the masked man. His murder weapon was the hand halberd.

The masked man defended Gao Bingzhu with all kinds of sophistry, and his tricks were lethal. Gao Bingzhu resisted desperately, and the two started on the boat. In the fierce battle, Gao Bingzhu tried to uncover the mask several times without success. Both of them were injured. The masked man jumped into the sea. Gao Bingzhu then jumped down to catch up.

Today is the day of funeral. Baili Hongyi tearfully made his final goodbye with Bailiyan’s body. He accidentally saw a lot of rash on his chest. Bailiwu thought it was a rash. Baili Hongyi carefully inspected the wound and found that His father was assassinated after being poisoned to death. He immediately turned out the trash can in his father’s room and found that there was poison in the white fungus and lotus soup.

Gao Bingzhu tried his best to swim ashore and found that the person wearing the mask had died of anger. He picked up his hand halberd and went to the graves of the brutally killed brothers to pay homage. He also brought their favorite pine leaf wine, although the brothers The feud has been reported, but Gao Bingzhu is still in his heart. He promised to settle his brothers’ family well and then reunite with them.

Baili Hongyi gathered all the maids in the mansion to learn more about the whole process of white fungus and lotus seed soup stewing. Gao Bingzhu swaggered back to the bad well and publicly confessed his guilt to the families of the murdered brothers. He had already killed the murderer and avenged the brothers. But the people didn’t buy it at all. They insisted that he was the sinner of the bad well and forced him. After driving away, Gao Bingzhu shared all the money he had with them.

Gongzi Chu received the news that Gao Bingzhu had been trapped on the boat after the incident. He believed that an internal traitor had occurred in Lianfang and deliberately blocked the news. The more Gao Bingzhu thought about it, the more wrong he became. He clearly remembered that when the masked murderer jumped into the sea, his halberd fell into the water. It was impossible for the halberd to appear on the deceased. Lie, the real murderer is someone else. He sneaked into Baili Mansion overnight, and Baili Hongyi had been waiting for a long time.

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