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Luoyang 风起洛阳 Episode 3 Recap

Baili Hongyi came to Qianji Yuzhuang for the appointment. Liu Ran had been waiting for a long time. She specially ordered a large table of dishes. Baili Hongyi couldn’t wait to read the book “Hundred Workers Must Tell”. Baili Hongyi wanted to see it, but Liu Ran unexpectedly Asked to show him on the day of the wedding, Shen Fei teased Liu Ran for forced marriage.

Yun Zhi and Shen Fei argued with reason. Liu Ran fell in love with Baili Hongyi and rejected hundreds of famous men’s proposals, and missed the best one. At the age of marriage, Baili Hongyi made it clear that he did not want to get married. Liu Ran insisted on handing the book to Baili Hongyi when he was in the bridal chamber, and then left with tears.

Gao Bingzhu secretly came to the door of the house and saw from the crack in the door that Wang Dengcheng persuaded his mother to drink porridge. His mother was eating porridge. Wang Dengcheng accidentally saw Gao Bingzhu and hurriedly called him in. Gao Bingzhu thanked Wang Dengcheng for helping his mother to take care of his mother. At this moment, Wu Siyue, Li Beiqi and Pei Jian brought people to the bad well to catch Gao Bingzhu. Wang Dengcheng hurriedly went to meet him. Wu Siyue called on everyone to report Gao Bingzhu’s whereabouts and promised to let the meritorious people leave the bad well. Wang Dengcheng clearly stated that the rules of bad wells are here to solve all problems and never sell bad wells.

Gao Bingzhu didn’t want to harass everyone, he took the initiative to show up, the guards of the Neiwei Mansion and Dali Temple besieged Gao Bingzhu, Wu Siyue chased Gao Bingzhu, Gao Bing desperately dodged by the complex terrain of the bad well, Wu Siyue still found out As for his whereabouts, Gao Bingzhu set up an agency to catch Wu Siyue and warn her not to come to the bad wells to run wild, and then he disappeared.

Lianfang is a special non-governmental organization with members from all walks of life. They act concealed, pervasive, and know everything. All the winds and grasses of Shendu City cannot escape the eyes of Lianfangjian and Shenzu. They upload information to the twelfth level. They are responsible for sorting and sorting the Buddhas, and then reporting to the headquarters. Each Buddha is in charge of the nine buildings, and Lianfang covers the entire 108 buildings of Shendu.

Gao Bingzhu quietly went to investigate outside the Baili Mansion and found that the whole mansion was decorated with lights and festoons. He wanted to get involved in the wedding to investigate the secrets of the hand halberd, so he went to find the girl to understand the situation and learned that Baili Hongyi was going to win the willow.

Of course, Baili Hongyi is extremely intelligent and proficient in Baili Gongyi, but he is a stubborn and unreasonable person. Wu Siyue and Pei Jian were sitting in the teahouse. With Lianfang’s accurate information, they quickly grasped all the whereabouts of Gao Bingzhu. Wu Siyue concluded that Gao Bingzhu was going to enter Baili’s house, and she immediately took Pei Jian there.

Today is the happy day of Baili Hongyi and Liu Ran. Baili Hongyi refused to change his clothes to pick up his relatives. Bailiyan ordered to change his clothes forcibly. Baili Hongyi resisted desperately. Bailiyan was so angry that he raised his hand to beat him, maid. Together with Jia Ding, Baili Hongyi persuaded Baili Hongyi, Bailiyan dismissed them all, persuaded Baili Hongyi with heart and soul, and explained to him the interests. If Baili Hongyi married Liu Ran, he would be able to give him a strong support, Bailiyan After saying this, he left silently.

Baili Hongyi weighed it over and over, or bit the bullet and went to pick up the relatives. The greeter team waited for an hour outside the gate of Liu’s house. Only when Liu Gongqing Liu Xiang asked people to open the door. He had heard that Baili Hongyi wanted to regret the marriage many times. Acknowledging that he married for his father, Liu Xiang gritted his teeth with anger and cancelled the marriage on the spot. Liu Ran hurried over and insisted on marrying Baili Hongyi. Baili Hongyi didn’t say much, and let people carry Liu Ran over the sedan chair. Pick up.

Wu Siyue grew up with Liu Ran. She brought Pei Jian to attend the wedding. The girl bought into Liu Zhang from the Ministry of Industry and asked Gao Bingzhu to follow him into Liu’s house. Gao Bingzhu lied to watch the fun, and Liu Zhang told him Be careful. The wedding officially began. Liu Ran and Baili Hongyi completed all the procedures in accordance with the custom. They were escorted into the bridal chamber, and Bailiyan invited the guests to the banquet.

Liu Ran sent Yunzhi to call Wu Siyue and introduced Wu Siyue to Baili Hongyi. Li Lu also came to congratulate Liu Ran. Baili Hongyi wanted to have a few words with Wu Siyue, and Liu Ran had to pick him up alone. Li Lu. Baili Hongyi asked Wu Siyue about the progress of the case, and Wu Siyue had to admit that he came here to catch Gao Bingzhu. Baili Hongyi guessed that Gao Bingzhu’s goal was Bailiyan, so he took Wu Siyue to arrest someone.

Bailiyan was killed and Gao Bingzhu stood beside him. Both Baili Hongyi and Wu Siyue believed that Gao Bingzhu had killed Bailiyan. He denied it and took the opportunity to hold Baili Hongyi away. Wu Siyue had no choice but to let go. Bingzhu left. Gao Bingzhu hijacked Baili Hongyi to the outskirts. He repeatedly explained that he did not kill Bailiyan. When he went to the room to look for Bailiyan, Bailiyan had already been killed. Gao Bingzhu went out to find someone, but Naren had already escaped. Gao Bingzhu returned to the room to look for clues, Baili Hongyi and Wu Siyue came, Gao Bingzhu asked Baili Hongyi to find out the murderer himself, and then rode away.

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