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Lie to Love 良言写意 Episode 11 Recap

Oscar and Shi Chuchu followed Ji Yingsong to the concert together. Oscar wanted to perform a piece of his own rock music for Shi Chuchu, but Shi Chuchu found Oscar very annoying, so he just wanted to call Ji Yingsong to the scene as soon as possible. Unexpectedly, after arriving at the scene, Oscar’s father-in-law still called Shi Chuchu unacceptable. But Li Zeliang felt that Oscar’s work was good, so Oscar wanted to present a masterpiece to Su Xieyi, the only applauding in the audience, which was also a song that his boyfriend liked very much.

Unexpectedly, after Oscar sang Su Xianyi, he felt really good. It seems that Li Zeliang’s vision is still good. After that, Su Xinyi wanted to go back to rest, and they still had a lot of important things to do the next day. Just after Su freehand went back and met Xie Minghao, the two went out to eat together. Xie Minghao bought Su Yiyi a special toothache medicine from abroad, and Li Zeliang on the other side also went to the pharmacy to buy Su Yiyi a medicine for his toothache.

Shi Chuchu couldn’t sleep in the room because Oscar had been playing guitar on the balcony. Shi Chuchu quickly knocked on the door and told Oscar to stop. Unexpectedly, Oscar recommended a piece of software to Shi Chuchu, as long as they enter their photos and birthdays to know if they are suitable. Shi Chuchu asked Oscar to show her the price, but when the two robbed her, the phone fell on the balcony downstairs, and there was Li Zeliang’s room, so they decided to get the phone back.

Just when Xie Minghao and Su Freehand had a meal together, Li Zeliang also passed by, so Li Zeliang wanted to have a lunch with Su Freehand to show his affection. Seeing the toothache medicine Xie Minghao gave Su Freehand, he didn’t feel embarrassed to take out his own, but told Su Freehand to go back to rest and he wanted to talk to Xie Minghao. After Su Xieyi left, Li Zeliang asked Xie Minghao not to go too close to Su Xieyi, but Xie Minghao insisted that they are family members and grew up together since childhood. He is the only person who knows Su Xieyi best.

After Li Zeliang went back to the room, he quarreled. Li Zeliang felt that Su Xinyi should not be too close to Xie Minghao, but Su Xinyi said that they cannot live without a private life together. Li Zeliang said angrily that Su Xinyi should not let everyone know that they were there. acting. Just then the curtains opened, and both Oscar and Shi Chuchu knew that they were pretending to be in love.

Early the next morning, Su Xieyi prepared breakfast for Li Zeliang, but Li Zeliang was still angry, thinking that the relationship between Su Xieyi and Xie Minghao was too ambiguous.

Early in the morning, Roman took Nina to the hotel to check in, and Li Zeliang and Huo Jian and his party personally met at the door. Chen Hengsheng told Huo Jian to deal with Li Zeliang, otherwise they would be difficult to handle. However, Huo Jian told Chen Hengsheng that they now have one more piece of chess as Su Xieyi, because she is the daughter of Shen Zhihong. If Mrs. Roman is asked to drink the alcohol prepared by Su freehand, then things will be completely under their control, and the location of the hotel will always be Chen Hengsheng’s after the incident is completed.

When Li Zeliang took Su Freehand to the reception, Chen Hengsheng secretly poured poison into the lemon, and when Nina was celebrating with everyone, Huo Jian asked Su Freehand to make a drink for Nina himself. Su Xinyi really made a plan to make a drink for Nina. At this moment, Oscar picked up a lemon to wipe the bracelet, and confused Nina’s drink, so Su Xinyi gave Nina a fresh drink.

At this moment, Oscar came to the stage to cheer for everyone to perform rock and roll. Unexpectedly, halfway through the show, he suffered from abdominal pain and was rushed to the hospital. Su Xinyi felt that the glass of wine was made for Nina. Someone should have deliberately made a ghost. Li Zeliang told Su Xinyi not to worry that they had already called the police.

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