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Lie to Love 良言写意 Episode 10 Recap

Ji Yingsong called Li Zeliang to report on the whereabouts of Su Xieyi. Xie Minghao drove her away with her. Li Zeliang asked Ji Yingsong to follow Su Xieyi and drove along with them to the house. After Su Xieyi returned, Li Zeliang told Xie Minghao not to worry too much about Su Xieyi, he should be responsible for those things. And Xie Minghao knew that they were only a nominal relationship between boy and girl friends, but Li Zeliang retorted that although it was only nominal, it was also related, just as Xie Minghao and Su Xieyi were also nominal brother-in-law.

Yi Fei was also following Su Xieyi and learned that Su Shuqing and she were sisters. Huo Jian recognized that they were both Shen Zhihong’s daughters. To Yi Fei must investigate their Beijing truth.

Ji Yingsong told Li Zeliang that Liu Awei’s daughter had ear problems and that it would cost hundreds of thousands to change the cochlea, so Li Zeliang asked Ji Yingsong to donate to Liu Awei’s daughter’s hospital in exchange for trust.

Li Zeliang took Su freehand to the Yunfeng Hotel. Su freehand thought of the Zhiwei of the past. The current Yunfeng Hotel is transformed from the Zhiwei of the year. The two saw Chen Hengsheng asking him to organize a meeting for employees, and Li Zeliang asked everyone to go all out to cooperate. This auction is very important and no one should have any problems. Li Zeliang’s words made Chen Hengsheng very resistant.

After the meeting, Chen Hengsheng arranged them into the honeymoon suite. Su freehand saw that Chen Hengsheng made the arrangement just to test whether the two of them belonged to a real couple or a fake, so there was an arrangement long ago, and even the pajamas that he carried with him were lovers. It’s just that the two wanted a bed and a sofa. The two discussed blindfolding, who would find the bed first, and Li Zeliang deliberately asked Su to make her feel at ease who was on the bed.

Chen Hengsheng called Huo Jian to discuss how to deal with Li Zeliang. Huo Jian told Chen Hengsheng to show off his mastery, and what to do was up to Chen Hengsheng.

Su Xieyi and Li Zeliang sighed in bed when they encountered each other two years ago. Li Zeliang told Su Xieyi that she and Su Xieyi were all in their hearts when they were together, which is also called Li Zeliang’s obsession. Both of them missed the situation back then and couldn’t help kissing each other. Su Xinyi was afraid that he would lose control and ran away but thought that Li Zeliang was too handsome, and they had forgotten the purpose of going to Yunfeng Hotel. Ji Yingsong called Li Zeliang and said that the hospital was very happy with their funding. There were too many people in need of funding, but Liu Awei had not been found yet.

Su Xinyi went to the wine cellar of the hotel to check the situation alone. There were a lot of Tibetan wines neatly arranged, and Su Xinyi took out a few bottles to check the situation. And Chen Hengsheng also arranged for employees to take out a few bottles of Tibetan wine in the wine cellar.

At this moment, Su Xiayi had to take a bottle away. Chen Hengsheng quickly asked the employees to stop it, but Su Xiayi had to take it away. . Several people stood in a stalemate, but fortunately Li Zeliang felt that he was not in danger. Li Zeliang took the wine in Su Freehand’s hand and pretended to accidentally drop it to resolve the crisis.

After returning home, Su Xieyi told Li Zeliang that Shen Zhihong liked the wine that he liked the most before, and Chen Hengsheng had fake wine in his hand. Li Zeliang told Su Xieyi not to act rashly. Chen Hengsheng was the manager there. The police had long been eyeing Chen Hengsheng, and Li Zeliang had a hand. Li also has a lot of evidence, and after the auction ends, Chen Hengsheng will be brought to justice and let Su Freehand sit back and enjoy his achievements.

Yi Fei told Huo Jiansu that freehand was Shen Zhihong’s youngest daughter, and that he went to Auman this time to find the truth about his father’s death. Huo Jian felt that Su freehand was his best pawn against Li Zeliang.

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