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Dear Children 亲爱的孩子们 Episode 4 Recap

Liu Yang and Mu Feng talked as they walked. The more they talked, the more speculative they were. Liu Yang revealed that her father had just been rehabilitated and was now the deputy director of the machinery factory. Liu Yang casually asked about Mu Feng’s relationship issues. Mu Feng lied that he was jumping in the line. Except that learning is work, and there is no dating at all, Liu Yangmeng has the idea of ​​interacting with him, and he is ashamed to say it in person.

Mullin told Bai Ge about the trouble with Peony. Bai Ge decided to secretly obtain the certificate from Mullin. She took advantage of her mother’s preparation and tried to steal the household registration book, but she was caught by Peony.

Mullin came to Bai Ge’s house to whistle. Bai Ge heard the signal and hurried out to talk to Mullin on the wall. Mullin learned that Peony had hidden the household registration book. He didn’t know what to do for a while, and Peony suddenly carried it. A basin of dirty water came over and poured it all on Mullin. Bai Ge and Bai Haowen came out, and they took Peony home.

When Mu Feng sent Liu Yang home, he hurried to see Xue Hua. Xu Liqun sent a list of utility bills and agreed to pay at this time next month. Xue Hua couldn’t wait to know if Mu Feng had made it clear to his mother. Mu Feng told him what Mu Lin had upset his mother. He didn’t dare to provoke his mother for the time being. He wanted to wait for a while.

Zhang Xiaoqing had been waiting for Mulin at the door of her house. When he saw him coming back like a chicken, she realized that Mulin was kicked out in pursuit of Baige. She expressed her heart to Mulin. Mullin made it clear that she had true love for Baige and always regarded Zhang Xiaoqing as Sister, Zhang Xiaoqing is not reconciled, she vowed to chase Mullin.

Mu Xue once again dreamed of the painful past of killing her boyfriend by mistake. She was so scared that she exclaimed, and Mu Qing hurried over to comfort her. Zhang Chenguang came to the car repair booth early in the morning to ask Mr. Mu Linxing about his crimes and condemned him that he should not betray Zhang Xiaoqing.

Mullin repeatedly emphasized that Zhang Xiaoqing should be his sister. The person he loves is Baige. Zhang Chenguang threatened to be incompatible with Mulin. Mullin warned him to leave Baige. Keep the song away, or you will never be polite. Zhang Chenguang mocked Mullin and spoke harshly, claiming that he could bring happiness to Baige, and Peony strongly opposed this marriage. Zhang Chenguang reminded Mullin not to affect Baige’s future, Mullin He didn’t buy it at all, and sneered at him.

Mu Qing hurriedly came to Mullin, Bai Ge wanted to commit suicide by hopscotch, Mullin and Zhang Chenguang rushed over immediately. Bai Ge forced Peony to take out her household registration book, otherwise she would jump down. Peony refused to agree. Bai Ge forced her to die. If Mullin would not marry, Peony did not believe that she would jump down. Zhang Chenguang came in time to stop Bai Ge and swear in public. To give everything for Bai Ge, but also to commit suicide with Bai Ge.

Mullin hurried over, begging Baige not to dance. Peony persuaded Baige to leave Mullin and choose Zhang Chenguang. Baige felt that Mulin was a hundred times stronger than Zhang Chenguang. Peony refused to give in. The mother and daughter refused to give in to each other, Baige. Suddenly they slipped and fell off the roof. Zhang Chenguang and Mullin rushed up to save the people. Bai Ge pressed them to the ground. Fortunately, there was no life-threatening danger, but an ankle was sprained.

Bai Haowen advised Peony not to block the marriage between Bai Ge and Mulin, but Peony instead condemned him for offending the Mu family at the beginning, and the two broke up unhappy. Mulin and Zhang Chenguang accused each other, Bai Ge was very annoyed, and wanted to drive Zhang Chenguang away. The nurse came to deliver the medicine bill, and Zhang Chenguang hurried to pay the bill.

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