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Dear Children 亲爱的孩子们 Episode 2 Recap

Li Ailing and her four children toast to a new life. Bai Ge quietly came to the door of Mu’s house and hummed “Young friends come to meet.” Mullin heard the signal and whispered to remind Mu Qing to cover him to go out to see Bai Ge. Mu Qing lied that Zhang Chenguang asked Mulin to repair the car, and his mother let him Mu Qing and Mulin stayed to do the dishes. Mu Qing urged Mulin to find a partner as soon as possible. His mother firmly disagreed that he and Bai Ge fell in love. Mu Qing had expected such a result a long time ago.

Director Zhang found out that the plum watch he bought for his wife on a business trip was missing. He guessed that his son Zhang Chenguang had sent it to Bai Ge, but Zhang Chenguang returned in disappointment. When Director Zhang knew that his confession was rejected, he comforted him and his sister Zhang Xiaoqing encouraged him. Zhang Chenguang pursued boldly and took the initiative to accompany him to discuss countermeasures with Mullin.

Bai Ge waited for Mulin outside the door. Seeing Zhang Chenguang and Zhang Xiaoqing riding from a distance, she hurriedly hid. Just as Zhang Xiaoqing wanted to knock on the door, Mulin hurried out, Zhang Xiaoqing stalked Mulin. Bai Ge hurriedly stepped up to stop him and made it clear that she had made an appointment with Mullin. Mullin and Bai Ge talked and laughed and went roller skating. Zhang Chenguang and Zhang Xiaoqing were speechless with anger.

Mu Feng was married to the local girl Xue Hua when he jumped in in the countryside. He had a fake divorce with Xue Hua in order to return to the city. But soon after he left, Xue Hua found out that he was pregnant and was about to give birth, so Xue Hua had to hold his belly When he came to Mu Feng, Mu Feng didn’t tell his family about the marriage, and worried that his mother could not accept it. Mu Feng hurriedly settled Xue Hua to the guest house.

Mullin didn’t want to skate. He just wanted to find a place to talk to Bai Ge. The two came to the river. Mullin couldn’t wait to tell her about the succession. Bai Ge was also happy for him. The two complained to each other sincerely. Bai Ge urged him to take advantage of the victory to go home and explain the matter to his mother. Mullin knew his mother’s personality and promised to get along with the best of both worlds as soon as possible. Bai Ge didn’t want to wait any longer. The families of both parties will meet in a month.

This night, Mu Feng and Mulin had their own confession, they could not fall asleep toss and turn. Mullin thought that Mu Feng was worried about tomorrow’s college entrance examination subjects, so he cheered on him. Mullin borrowed 20 yuan, and Mullin handed over all the money he earned to his mother. He saved 16 yuan for frugality and gave it all to Mu Feng. Mullin asked Mu Feng to persuade his mother to accept Baige, and Mu Feng was full of words. promise.

Zhang Chenguang became more angry as he thought about it, and couldn’t help but vomit bitterness to Zhang Xiaoqing. He felt that Mullin couldn’t compare to him in every way, but Baige chose Mullin. Zhang Xiaoqing had a soft spot for Mullin, so Zhang Chenguang was not allowed to speak ill of him, Zhang Chenguang wanted Forming an alliance with Zhang Xiaoqing and helping each other to pursue their beloved, the two hit it off. Mu Xue was awakened by the nightmare, and Mu Qing hurriedly hugged her and hugged her to sleep. Mu Lin found Mu Xue frown early in the morning, and desperately to make her happy, Mu Xue broke into a smile.

Li Ailing deliberately boiled two eggs and gave them to Mu Feng and Mu Xue respectively. Mu Chun was so dissatisfied that she couldn’t help complaining about her mother’s partiality, and her mother didn’t buy it at all. Bai Ge revealed to his parents that Mu Lin’s father had rehabilitated Mu Tianyang. His father Bai Haowen was very pleasantly surprised. He could finally get rid of the thorns that had been in his heart for many years. Bai Ge wanted to marry Mulin. His mother Peony refused to agree. Bai Haowen supported him. Bai Ge, Bai Ge does not marry Mullin, Peony gritted his teeth with anger, chasing out to persuade Bai Ge.

Zhang Chenguang came to the door of Bai Ge’s house to wait early in the morning. Peony saw Zhang Chenguang and hurriedly greeted him with a smiley face. Bai Ge ran away in anger. Zhang Chenguang followed closely behind him, and Bai Ge wanted to resign the leading role to the head of Yu. Zhang Xiaoqing came to Mullin directly. Mullin avoided her and urged her to go to work in kindergarten as soon as possible. Zhang Xiaoqing chased her and went to the stall with him. Mullin had to ride a tricycle to take her away. Zhang Xiaoqing happily went all the way. Sing loudly.

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