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Dear Children 亲爱的孩子们 Episode 1 Recap

On July 7, 1980, this day was very unusual for the Mu family. Mu Tianyang was an engineer at the Heshan Machinery Factory before his death, and his wife Li Ailing was the head nurse of the factory hospital. They had two children and two daughters under their knees, Mu Tian Yang was still carrying Bai Zhuan’s big hat until his death. Today, he was finally rehabilitated. Li Ailing is going to announce the good news to the children tonight and notify them in advance to go home for a meeting.

The eldest son of the Mu family, Mu Feng, has been in the countryside for seven years. Not long after he returned to the city, his second son, Mu Lin, set up a car repair booth on the roadside. He learned from his father a solid repairing technique since he was a child, and won praise from customers. People come to him to fix the car. The third daughter Mu Chun works in the city song and dance troupe, and the fourth daughter Mu Xue serves her sentence in prison.

Today is the day of the college entrance examination. Mu Feng and the educated youth who went to the countryside took the exam together. He jumped into the team for seven years and insisted on reviewing. Today, he played incisively and vividly in the examination room. Zhang Chenguang is the pillar of the city song and dance troupe.

He and Bai Ge rehearsed the dance “Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai”. The two people cooperated tacitly and danced on the stage. The director and actors present applauded them. Only Mu Chun hid away. I was fascinated by watching martial arts novels. Until the end of the rehearsal, Bai Ge came to call Mu Chun to eat together, and Mu Chun still had no idea.

Mu Xue was released from prison early because of her good performance. She breathed the free air, feeling more enjoyable than ever. Today is Bai Ge’s birthday. Zhang Chenguang gave her a plum watch. Bai Ge refused to accept it. He lied that she was not for her birthday in the Gregorian calendar. Mu Chun knew that the plum watch could not be bought by ordinary people and persuaded Bai Ge to accept it. Bai Ge and Mullin have been childhood sweethearts since their childhood. Because Bai Ge’s father criticized Mullin’s father, Li Ailing has always disagreed with this marriage.

Mu Feng was waiting for the bus. High school classmate Liu Yang took the initiative to greet him. The two of them had not seen each other for many years before Mu Feng learned that Liu Yang was working as a nurse under his mother. Liu Yang gave him an apple to congratulate him on his success in the college entrance examination. Bai Ge and Mu Chun came to Mullin. Mullin pretended not to remember Bai Ge’s birthday. Bai Ge was greatly annoyed. Mullin hurriedly took out the “flame of love” small ornament he created by himself. Bai Ge couldn’t put it down.

Mu Lin, Mu Chun and Mu Feng met at the entrance of the Hutong. The three brothers and sisters went home together. Li Ailing announced to them that her father Mu Tianyang was rehabilitated. The three brothers and sisters burst into tears. The factory approved a child to take over. Mu Feng firmly believed I was able to enter the university and gave this indicator to Mu Lin.

My mother was worried that Mu Feng would not be able to pass the exam. She wanted to wait until the college entrance examination results. Mu Feng felt that Mu Lin had contributed the most to the family and insisted that he take over. Lin cheered happily. When Mu Xue went home suddenly, the whole family was shocked. Li Ailing excitedly hugged her little daughter Mu Xue tightly, and the mother and daughter cried in each other’s arms.

Bai Ge’s mother, Mudan, is the administrator of the cafeteria, and his father Bai Haowen retired from illness. Bai Ge went home happily. Mudan made a big table of dishes to celebrate her as a leading actress, and tried her best to match her and Zhang Chenguang’s marriage. Bai Ge only knew Zhang Chenguang called his mother in advance and repeatedly claimed that his father, who had asked to be the factory manager, had won the lead role for Bai Ge. Bai Ge firmly refused to agree. Peony tried to persuade her. Bai Haowen disagreed with this marriage. If they didn’t agree, they had a big fight and filed for divorce again.

Bai Ge hurriedly stopped her parents. She was determined not to fall in love with Zhang Chenguang. She clearly stated that she and Mullin were in love, and that Mullin did not marry. Peony was furious. She saw Mullin’s birthday present to Bai Ge. , I remembered that today was my daughter’s birthday, and felt guilty in my heart. Li Ailing and the three siblings celebrated Mu Xue’s release from prison, and set a rule on the spot, from now on not allowing anyone to mention Mu Xue’s imprisonment.

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