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Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 斛珠夫人 Episode 41 Recap

Yu Physician Li waited outside the Zichen Hall for a long time, until Emperor Xu appeared late, and Fang Jianming next to him left with knowledge and interest, and simply went to deal with the envoys of the countries. Just as Li Yuyi mentioned Fang Jianming’s critical condition to Di Xu, Fanghai City suddenly asked for a meeting, one for the price of gold, to avoid recurring waves in the southwest.

Before Fang Haishi could talk about the second thing, Di Xu couldn’t stand his temper and ordered Fang Haishi to go to the hall with him. At this time, above the hall, Fang Jianming was poised to deal with the two distinguished guests with noble appearance and conscientious expression. Because it was not a ceremonial occasion, he was dressed only in the style of ordinary clothes.

The visit of the envoys of Nihualu did not show much fanfare, and the etiquette of the audience was reduced to the extreme. They also came to deal with the affairs of burials and the diaspora, and visited Emperor Xu. In fact, there is a hint of inquiring about the sins of the teacher, and the price of gold has been brought to the various ethnic groups. Troubles. Di Xu smiled coldly, watching Bonan’s generous remarks, and never said a word.

After the envoy Bonan had all expressed his intentions, he confirmed that the Dragon Tail God was the peerless auspicious blessing for them, so that after the beginning of the spring next year, they would gather in the capital with the envoys of various countries and appreciate the sharks together. As soon as this remark came out, Bonan’s person who revealed and accompanied him was shocked and almost stood up. After all, the shark is a genus of the immortal, so how can he be confined in the palace if he can’t meet him.

However, Dixu’s surface looked calm and calm, but his words contained great pressure, and he wanted to welcome auspiciousness into the palace for enshrinement, implying the prosperity of the country. Bonan was at a loss for his remarks, his complexion flushed, but annoyed that the negotiations on the price of gold did not come to fruition, so he had to shake hands with each other and was forced to compromise.

Fanghai City didn’t understand Di Xu’s intentions and stated that he would never bring the shark man Langhuan to the Apocalypse. After all, there is no dragon tail god in this world. The southwestern Leizhou area believes in the shark man as the dragon tail god, mainly because the shark people can Disperse the mackerel sharks and escort the sailors. Therefore, from Fanghai City’s point of view, Yuren are not gods at all, but people who live in the water. If they leave the deep sea, they will not survive, or will cause Langhuan’s unfortunate death on the way, how to explain to the ministers.

However, Dixu’s attitude was resolute, and he repeatedly refuted Fang Haishi. He wanted to pick up Langhuan’s real idea, in fact, for Fang Jianming, but he was interrupted by Fang Jianming as soon as he was about to speak, so he didn’t continue speaking. Even so, Di Xu handed over the shark hunting task to Fang Hai City and ordered her to quickly find Langhuan and bring it back to Apocalypse City.

Because of this incident, Di Xu was in a very bad mood, so he went to Yu’an Palace to find Tilan, only to feel that he wanted to save Fang Jianming. Tilan saw that Di Xu was so lonely, but she wanted to protect her friends too much, and persuaded him to try to make it clear to him.

Under Ti Lan’s suggestion, Di Xu decided to inform Haishi of Fang Jianming’s condition, but when he came to the entrance of Fengwu Palace, he sat outside and did not enter, and he began to hesitate. On the other hand, Bizi noticed that Di Xu’s cloak had fallen, and hurriedly chased him out and sent it away. He happened to see this scene, and was a little worried that he would empathize with Fang Haishi, leaving Tilan out of the cold.

In the morning of the next day, Fanghai City took the initiative to go to Yu’an Palace to find Tilan to relive the past. By the way, I heard that the various ministries of Leizhou were so devout to the Dragon Tail God, and guessed that Emperor Xu took the risk of bringing Langhuan to the Apocalypse, nothing more than to shock the ministries and calm down. Gold price chaos. Originally, Di Xu was going to visit Ti Lan, and learned that she and Fang Hai City were chatting inside, so he left first.

In order to confirm Master’s attitude, Fang Hai City went to Zhaoming Palace again, but he did not realize that Fang Jianming had already hallucinated because he missed Hai City. Since Fanghai became the favorite concubine, she has never smiled anymore, wandering around the palace all day, red outfits as companions, and yellow flowers in the mirror. In the eyes of the court and opposition officials, she was a disaster for the country and the people, but for the people, she was auspicious from heaven.

Haishi surnamed Ye, she was originally an ordinary fisherman’s pearl plucking girl, but she was blessed by the Dragon Tail God and could become a small fish swimming in the water; a spear that calmed down the square; and even the eagle that swam Haoxiang, except that she did not belong to it. Apocalypse City.

Thinking of this, Fang Jianming became more melancholy and couldn’t help sighing. Unexpectedly, he turned around and saw Fanghai City and hurriedly asked for peace. Fang Hai City saw that Master kept estranged like before, “the concubines and ministers are different”. It was particularly unpleasant. He simply expressed his intentions with the same attitude and asked him how he views the issue of gold prices.

Long before coming here, Fanghai City thought of a solution for both, planning to go to Leizhou as an envoy of the Dragon Tail God to lobby in person and sign a contract with them. Fang Jianming did not agree, and suddenly felt unwell, to avoid making Haishi aware of it, and immediately ordered to see off the guests. But not long after he left Fanghai City, he vomited blood again, causing his body to be completely weakened, and the end was approaching.

Queen Tara came to the garment shop to find Aunt Su’s shopkeeper, and asked her to help make a coat for the man of the big march, and announced the good news that she was going to marry Duohan. Zhe Liu was shocked when she heard the words. Even though she was extremely sad, she still agreed, thinking that she still had the opportunity to make clothes for Fang Zhuoying in this life, which she cherished.

Afterwards, Fanghai City came to Zhaoming Palace again, learned about Leizhou’s customs and landforms through the master, suddenly remembered all the past, lost consciousness and forgot the current business. Fang Haishi casually said a long time, how did he anger Master and remind him that there is not much time left. Fang Jianming bluntly said that Haishi, as a family member of the palace, should not have too much contact with foreign men. But Fang Haishi really couldn’t figure out why the two of them were innocent, why they had to take care of everything, which distorted the master’s meaning, and was angry that he cared for his own feathers far more than others.

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