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Marvelous Women 当家主母 Episode 35 End Recap

Shen Cuixi persuaded the mother of the hospital to stop Cao Yaoniang from picking up guests for the time being. She went to see Cao Yaoniang, brought the sad news that Madam Cao and Cao Wenbin died together, and promised to find a way to save Yaoniang. Zeng Baoqin bid farewell to Ren Xuetang and Xiushan, and went to Beijing to participate in the Kesi Skills Competition. Ren Rufeng was puzzled.

Ren Xuetang explained that the fate of women should not be controlled by others, they should have their own choices, so they just need to wait for the result now. When the two came to the capital, when they saw them, they all expressed that the Kesi competition was exciting. Soon, the world’s No. 1 Ke competition began. Halfway through the tapestry, the tapestry loom used by Zeng Baoqin broke down. She asked the adults to replace her with a new loom.

The adults felt that she might not be able to complete the work within the prescribed time, so they asked her if she wanted to withdraw from the competition. Shen Cuixi on the side expressed his stance and asked Zeng Baoqin whether he could take a Baifu Tu together with her. The adults listened to her reasons and allowed them to be together. Later, the empress dowagers appreciated the tapestry drawings and appreciated the Fushou illustration jointly woven by Shen Cuixi and Zeng Baoqin.

They listed the Fushou illustration jointly woven by them as the first, and each made a wish for them. Zeng Baoqin’s wish is for the Queen Mother to write a plaque for Qingyuefang, to add color to Qingyuefang, and to remind her to be diligent every day. And Shen Cuixi’s wish is to ask for forgiveness for Cao Yaoniang, and allow her to be good. The queen mother was touched by her generous kindness, and finally agreed to let Cao Yaoniang regain her freedom.

Qingyuefang put a plaque inscribed by the Queen Mother. Zeng Baoqin said with emotion that Shen Cuixi was the bold person, and she would dare to speak to the Queen Mother. The queen mother was also a woman, and Shen Cuixi felt that she would feel the same way, so she said this. Soon after, Shen Cuixi took Cao Yaoniang back to Qingyuefang to study Kesi with other children.

Cao Yaoniang knelt down and swears that she will learn the skills of Kesi from now on, and she will live up to the grace of Shen Cuixi today. Ren Xuetang chiseled off Shen Cuixi’s Ren’s title from the inscription, and Shen Cuixi personally wrote his name. Since then, she no longer depends on the Ren family, she has her own independent name of Shen. In Jinxifang, a woman with a good tapestry has left, and she is going to return to Huzhou to get married.

Cao Yaoniang has some regrets. If this woman can stay, she might inherit Shen Cuixi’s mantle. Shen Cuixi told her that marrying was her own choice and had nothing to do with her family. The reason why Shen Cuixi founded Jinxifang was to let all women possess the skills, so that their gambler husbands, harsh parents-in-laws and unreasonable parents would stop beating and scolding them. She hopes that one day, as women, they can be fearless, live the life they want, and have the home they want.

In the middle and late Qing Dynasty, with the development of Jiangnan Kesi brocade craftsmanship, a large number of weavers and embroiderers went out of the back homes to participate in social production activities. The improvement of women’s economic status promoted the improvement of their status in family and social life, and made women gradually get rid of them. The status of being dominated and bought and sold.

In Suzhou, women can be seen doing business everywhere. Other than admiration for them, there is no gossip about them. Over the years, Shen Cuixi has been on the way forward, and she has gradually become Wei Lianggong and a better self. Before she decided to travel around the world and spread the tapestry skills, she came to Wei Lianggong’s tomb to say goodbye. The carriage gradually goes away, and the great behind-the-scenes story continues.


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