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“Half Warm Time” Scheduled Time

半暖时光 – The Memory About You

Some time ago, the TV series “Half Warm Time” (半暖时光) was revealed to be scheduled for Jiangsu Satellite TV, and it is expected to officially start the premiere mode on November 24 . The online broadcast platform of the show is Youku. This TV series starred by young actors such as Yang Xuwen and Xu Lingyue. Fans on the male lead have high expectations. The story of the play is very young, and it should be suitable for young audiences to follow the drama. And “Half Warm Time” has a larger ethical scale, which is also worth noting.

Let’s talk directly about the plot content of the play, and then talk about the larger ethical scale of the play. Up to now, this TV series has exposed a relatively complete plot synopsis, you may wish to take a look at the leopard:

Yan Xiaochen (played by Xu Lingyue) grew up in a warm family. She originally had a promising future, but her life direction was completely changed because of an accident at home. This accident not only made Yan Xiaochen lose her mother, It also made her bear heavy family burdens too early. In order to make a living, Yan Xiaochen had to work in a bar. In the process, she met a rich second-generation named Cheng Zhiyuan (Ding Guansen).

Cheng Zhiyuan cares about Yan Xiaochen very much, which makes Yan Xiaochen’s boyfriend Shen Hou (played by Yang Xuwen) jealous. However, at this juncture, Yan Xiaochen was shocked to find that his mother’s death was not a simple accident, and the mastermind behind the scenes was his prospective mother-in-law. Unable to accept this huge blow, Shen Hou chose to escape and go abroad, leaving Yan Xiaochen alone at a loss. (This summary is from Douban, and some of the content seems to be inaccurate.)

In some data platforms, the car accident was not the mother of the heroine, but the father of the heroine. In the original novel, it is the outline of the story:

The protagonist Yan Xiaochen suffered from cheating in the college entrance examination and was admitted instead. Her father tried his best to get justice for her, but died in a car accident on the way home. For Yan Xiaochen’s family, the warm and happy time ended, and the “half-warm time” appeared: Yan Xiaochen pursued his ideals, repaid his kindness, and went to the ideal university; Yan Xiaochen’s mother was unable to get out of the blow of her husband’s car accident, and she has been drunk since then. , indulged in gambling, and unintentionally passed this “hatred” to Yan Xiaochen. Who replaced Yan Xiaochen in the college entrance examination? Who was the real murderer who killed her father? The “secret” planted the bane.

Love is undoubtedly warm. Yan Xiaochen and her classmate Shen Hou fell in love with each other at first sight. The family’s “half warm time” made Yan Xiaochen meet Cheng Zhiyuan, a gentle and elegant “local tyrant” in a bar, who always helped her when she needed it most. The trouble of happiness came soon, Shen Hou’s mother firmly opposed them being together, and Yan Xiaochen was pregnant at this time.

The secret that she “accidentally” knew, Shen Hou was the one who cheated in the college entrance examination to replace her, which naturally dispelled her determination to break through the opposition of Shen Hou’s mother and finally get married. Cheng Zhiyuan took the stage, and was even willing to admit that the child in Xiaochen’s belly was his, so there was a grand wedding. However, it was another secret. Cheng Zhiyuan was the real murderer who killed her father, which determined that it was just another “half warm time”.

At present, the TV series “Half Warm Time” has exposed a relatively complete plot trailer. In this trailer, the plot presented is the same as the story outline of the original novel. Obviously, in the play, there was an incident of cheating in the college entrance examination. Such a thing has rarely been heard in recent years. Twenty years ago, something similar did seem to have happened. Therefore, this TV series is still relatively old-fashioned.

At the same time, I say that the ethical standards of the original work of this TV series are larger, because, first, this fiance was the one who replaced the heroine in the college entrance examination, and secondly, the mother of his fiance planned the car accident against the heroine’s father. In this case, the heroine stands at the crossroads of love and life. Marrying the son who “killed his father and the enemy” obviously has the taste of family ethics. We used to see this kind of content often in martial arts novels. This time, this content appeared in modern drama works.

According to the content of the trailer that has been exposed, in the play, Mr. Zhang Guoqiang guest starred as the heroine’s father, and Mrs. Xu Fan guest starred as the heroine’s mother. In the trailer, the mother also strongly opposes her daughter’s choice of marriage. For the audience of the show, after entering the state of the plot story, they should also face this kind of thinking, should they continue to enter the marriage hall with the male protagonist, or should they choose to break up? This is a typical ethical choice between love and “killing the father and the enemy”.

The director of “Half Warm Time” seems to be able to reassure the audience. The director of the play, Jin Ye, graduated from the Chinese Department of East China Normal University in 1998. He joined the industry in 2000 as the assistant director of “Pink Girl”, and later worked with director Zheng Xiaolong for many years. Director, co-produced TV series such as “The Legend of Zhen Huan”, “The Legend of Miyue” and “Red Sorghum”. In 2017, his first TV series “Red Rose” directed independently was broadcast. The Douban audience rating of the TV series “Red Rose” is 7.0 points, which is relatively good. Therefore, audiences should be at ease with the director’s level of directing.

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