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To Fly With You 陪你逐风飞翔 Episode 15 Recap

Li Mi claimed to be Yu Bingling’s boyfriend. He threatened that Yu Bingling won the championship without any suspense, and Shao Beisheng was not convinced. At the beginning of the game, Shen Zheng took the lead one by one. Yu Bingling was unwilling to fall behind. You chased me with two people. Shen Zhengyi took the lead with a slight advantage. Yu Bingling chased and surpassed Shen Zhengyi. At the last corner, Shen Zhengyi speeded up again, and Zhuang Yue stopped Shen Zhengyi loudly, but she was dazzled by the victory and sprinted to the finish line with the first place result. Because the speed was too fast and fell to the finish line, Zhu Lele and the team members Applaud for Shen Zhengyi.

After the game, Shen Zhengyi was still immersed in the joy of victory. Zhuang Yue gave her a severe lesson. Only when Shen Zhengyi realized that he was too eager for quick success and quick profit, he repeatedly apologized to Zhuang Yue. Xiao Han saw Luo Xiaoyi in the audience, called her aside, forcibly drove her back to prepare for the elite competition. Luo Xiaoyi only wanted to see how the results of the interscholastic match would be without her, but she didn’t expect Shen Zheng to be a blockbuster.

Shen Zhengyi was cancelled the first place result for fouling. Shen Zhengyi, Zhu Lele and others were not convinced. They ignored Zhuang Yue’s obstacles and went to the referee team for theories. The referee team insisted that Shen Zhengyi fouled Yu Bingling. , Shen Zhengyi repeatedly emphasized that she had no contact with Yu Bingling, and the referee team only believed that they were photographed in the surveillance, and Zhuang Yue forcibly sent Shen Zhengyi and Zhu Lele away.

Zhuang Yue wanted to negotiate with the organizing committee. Director Zhang hurried to stop him. Zhuang Yue wanted to seek justice for Shen Zheng. Director Zhang reminded her not to fall back on the same thing twice. Back then, Zhuang Yue used to make trouble with the organizing committee and referee team for the team member Cui Enjing. Afterwards, Cui Enjing framed Zhuang Yue and encouraged her to make trouble. Therefore, Zhuang Yue was reduced from an international team to a school team coach.

Zhu Lele couldn’t find Shen Zhengyi everywhere, so he had to ask Shao Beisheng for help. Shao Beisheng found Shen Zhengyi in the playground and talked to her. Shen Zhengyi was very aggrieved and leaned in Shao Beisheng’s arms and cried loudly. Zhu Lele used his mobile phone to take a video of Shen Zhengyi’s competition. Shao Beisheng watched repeatedly and made sure that Shen Zhengyi did not meet Yu Bingling. He took Shen Zhengyi to the organizing committee for theory.

Zhuang Yuezheng quarreled with the referee team. She tried her best to fight against Shen Zheng. The two sides insisted on each other and refused to give in. Shao Beisheng took the video shot by Zhu Lele. The referee team ignored the video on the grounds that the video was blurred and insisted on canceling Shen Zheng. One’s game results. Zhu Lele, Fang Nan, and Liu Sisi came together to support Shen Zheng. Yu Bingling brought Li Mi to the organizing committee office and confirmed that Shen Zhengyi hadn’t touched her, and asked the referee team to re-judge. The chief referee agreed to discuss it again.

Shen Zheng always expressed his gratitude to Yu Bingling. Yu Bingling was going to compete with her in the final. Li Mi promised to investigate the details of Shen Zhengyi as soon as possible. He wanted to invite Yu Bingling to dinner. Yu Bingling just lost the game and she was not in the mood to eat. Li Mi had to give up. Zhuang Yue was very pleased to see that the team members were so united. Zhu Lele, Liu Sisi and Fang Nan felt that Zhuang Yue was very righteous, and Shen Zheng went to buy juice for everyone to express his gratitude.

Xiao Han consulted with Zhuang Yue and wanted Shen Zhengyi to take part in the 1500-meter part-time exercise. Zhuang Yue disagreed. She felt that Shen Zhengyi was too aggressive and could not rush. As soon as Shen Zheng finished buying drinks, she got lost on the campus. She called Shao Beisheng for help, and Shao Beisheng rushed over. Li Mi ran into Shen Zhengyi head-on, and couldn’t wait to inquire about her situation. Shao Beisheng hurriedly interrupted their conversation and found an excuse to pull Shen Zhengyi away.

Yu Bingling asked Zhou Luhan for dinner, asked her about Luo Xiaoyi’s strike, and Zhuang Yue’s training plan, and also inquired about Shen Zhengyi in detail. As soon as Yu Bingling returned to her residence, she was reprimanded by the director, who accused her of discrediting the Flying Team and even taking the lead for her old club, Zhufeng Team. Yu Bingling vowed to see the outcome in the final.

At the beginning of the men’s singles skating competition, Li Mi danced on the ice and completed the jump perfectly for four and a half weeks. The members of the wind chasing team were all dumbfounded. They were ashamed of themselves. Coach Horse cheered everyone on. Shao Beisheng saw this scene with mixed feelings. He came out alone to relax. When Shen Zheng saw his downcast look, he hurried over to comfort him.

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