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Taiwan’s “The Most Beautiful Doctor” was exposed to derailment and large-scale dialogue shattered three views

Xu Lanfang, a well-known Internet celebrity named “The Most Beautiful Doctor”, was shocked to steal a married doctor. The two started dating and had a relationship in September last year. Not only did the two call each other babies, but Xu Lanfang also talked about the details of his orgasm in the conversation, and even Send naked sexy photos to the other party, and also said that the two people’s sexual experience should be packaged as a “friend’s story” and shared with fans in the live broadcast.

Ms. A, the close friend of Zheng Gong’s wife, was angry when she talked about what happened to her friend. Ms. A bluntly said: “As a public figure, you should lead by example, but this doctor’s Internet celebrity with millions of fans teaches her fans on the Internet and TV shows “correctness”. ”, but in private, he is a mistress who steals the man’s husband, saying one thing and doing another!”

The internet celebrity in Miss A’s mouth is Xu Lanfang, and she even revealed that Xu Lanfang has a good relationship with the opposite sex. When he was studying at Taipei Medical University, he met Mr. B, a senior of the medical department. Although Xu had a boyfriend at that time, he would still call and chat with Mr. B. , Mr. B later became a soldier, and Xu also visited the camp. The interaction between the two sides was good.

After being discharged from the army, Mr. B became a doctor, married his wife who was also a doctor, and gave birth to 3 children. Although he knew that Mr. B was already married, Xu Lanfang still kept in touch with him. Last year, he took the initiative to send an English message to Mr. B through LINE for the second time. Meet, I need you!” After receiving the ambiguous message from the beautiful schoolgirl, Mr. B couldn’t hold back, so he started this unfaithful relationship.

In addition, Xu Lanfang once told Mr. B that many celebrities were chasing her, including married variety show king Wu Zongxian, Zeng Guocheng and first-line singer Lin Junjie. Xu Lanfang’s agent completely denied that he was caught in a relationship with the doctor and his husband, emphasizing that the revelations were false, and even denied that Xu Lanfang claimed that Wu Zongxian and other well-known artists had pursued her.

Wu Zongxian’s assistant responded that Wu Zongxian took good care of all artists and ignored the rumors; Zeng Guocheng also denied it through his agent. As for Lin Junjie’s agent, he did not answer the phone or text messages, and there was no response before the deadline.

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