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What is the ending of the original novel “When the Night Dark”

The drama “Dark Night” is personally directed by the well-known mainland director Lin Yi, and at the same time also invited Zhang Yuxi and Liu Xueyi, two young, new-generation high-value movie stars to co-star.

However, this play is not based on a novel, but an original script. It tells the story that Xu Qingyou, a white-collar worker in the workplace, meets Mo Lingze when the night falls, and the two work together to resolve the crisis.

The heroine “Xu Qingyou” will be played by Zhang Yuxi. As for the actor “Mo Lingze”, Liu Xueyi, born in 1990, is a professional actor who graduated from “Chinese Opera”.

On the whole, in this urban drama “Dark Night”, not only the white-collar heroine Zhang Yuxi, but also the handsome male protagonist Liu Xueyi with extraordinary appearance join hands. To be honest, the show really shines in the starring configuration.

In addition, Liu Xueyi’s fairy-xia drama “The Fall of the Flower”, which was just completed some time ago, is also a TV drama invested by Mango TV, with her old partner Yuan Bingyan. The four protagonists of “Liu Li”, the permutation and combination of group CP method, can be called a must, the audience said that it was a little out of play.

The 4 protagonists of “Liu Li” are Cheng Yi, Yuan Bingyan, Liu Xueyi and Zhang Yuxi. The “South Wind Knows My Will” starring Cheng Yi and Zhang Yuxi has not yet received a distribution license. Instead, it is the official announcement of the post-production “When the Darkness of the Night” is released. The files are set.

Zhang Yuxi starred in the urban beauty Xu Qingyou, Liu Xueyi starred in the workplace elite Mo Lingze, a pair of urban men and women, a night of absurdity opened a new chapter after being drunk. Both Zhang Yuxi and Liu Xueyi belong to the thick-faced appearance, with prominent three-dimensional features. They are well matched in height, looks, and temperament. Netizens are very optimistic about the handsome and beautiful couple.

Everyone will eventually have their own way to go, and you have your choice for a long way. Some choose to go alone, others choose to be company with friends. “Dark Night” tells the story of a white-collar worker Xu Qingyou who meets Mo Lingze when the night falls, and the two work together to resolve the crisis.

Love is surging, walking at night. Mo Lingze’s strong but just right care won Xu Qingyou’s heart. In times of crisis, Xu Qingyou firmly accompanied Mo Lingze, and the two worked hand in hand to smoothly resolve the crisis.

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