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What does “Flying with You in the Wind” talk about

On the evening of November 22, Song Zuer and Wang Anyu starred in “Flying with You in the Wind” premiered on Satellite TV. Hot-blooded sports theme + sweet and funny contract love story, coupled with the super-high appearance of the two starring Song Zuer and Wang Anyu, made this drama full of praise and countless discussions once it was broadcast.

The story takes place on a university campus. The protagonist is “Shen Zhengyi”, who dreams of becoming a professional short-track speed skater, and professional figure skater “Shao Beisheng”.

At that time, the school’s short track speed skating team was recruiting students. In order to get training opportunities and become a professional speed skater, Shen Zhengyi submitted an application in spite of his parents’ objections. In the process, I met and met with Shao Beisheng, and the stories related to passionate dreams and high sweet love began…

Before the broadcast, “Flying with the Wind” did not make much publicity, but after the show was broadcast, it still rushed into hot searches. There is no other reason: the high-sweet love line in the play attracts the audience in one episode, and the depiction of dreams resonates strongly.

The protagonists of Gao Tian’s love line are Shen Zhengyi and Shao Beisheng. The two met in the skating rink and competed in order to win the “skating venue” for their children, agreeing that whoever wins the venue will go to whom.

This scene is very interesting: first, Shao Beisheng was misunderstood by Shen Zheng to bully the children, and his vague but aggrieved appearance created a strong smile. Then in the course of the match, Shen Zheng had a violent and violent operation, but in the end he fell directly into the sky, and the reversal was caught off guard.

Then the two met again in the recruitment of the “School Short Track Speed ​​Skating Team”, which resulted in more intersections.

Either Shen Zhengyi was annoyed by Shao Beisheng, so he stepped on Shao Beisheng’s shoes angrily, which directly caused Shao Beisheng, who loves shoes like his life, couldn’t help crying in the dormitory.

Either Shao Beisheng deliberately hid Shen Zhengyi’s phone after picking it up, tricking Shen Zhengyi’s phone into the flowerbed, but in fact it was not placed in the flowerbed at all, and managed to win the game back.

Obviously, the line of love in “Flying with You” is in the style of “Happy Enemy”, from the initial disapproval to each other’s feelings. This is the most old-fashioned setting in Xiaotian drama, but it is surprisingly interesting in this drama.

The interesting characters of Shen Zhengyi and Shao Beisheng in the drama: the former is a daughter with a negative score in love skills, and the latter is the first vinegar king of brain-filled love.

At first, the two did not like each other, but for various reasons, the two began to contract in love. Everyone around could see that Shao Beisheng was different to Shen Zheng, but Shen Zhengyi didn’t notice it and still thought the two were friends.

In sharp contrast is Shao Beisheng’s strong possessiveness. After learning that Shen Zhengyi was taken to the infirmary by other boys, he rushed to his back, jealous and carried him away. While carrying him, he couldn’t help but complain: “You are my girlfriend, how can you get involved with others?” . In daily dealings, I even hold hands and hugs at every turn. The nickname “We are now in contracted love”, but the dark eyes have exposed the truest thoughts in my heart.

Only two episodes were first broadcast, and there were N desserts and laughs like this. Who can hold back?

On the other side, it is the presentation of the inspirational theme of “growth and chase dreams” in “Flying with you in the wind”. There are three story lines set up in this episode, namely: Shen Zhengyi’s dream to become a professional short track speed skater, Shao Beisheng’s efforts in figure skating, and all the members of the short track speed skating team “Wind Chasing Team”. Persistence and progress.

Shen Zhengyi and Shao Beisheng represent all “groups eager to realize their dreams.” During this process, Shen Zheng met the frustration rejected by the short track speed skating coach, and Shao Beisheng faced the helplessness of his figure skating partner retiring. But neither of them chose to give up. Instead, they worked harder to find a way to solve the difficulties and realize their dreams. Such vigorous youth gave the audience a strong resonance and gained the courage to face a bad life.

The persistence and progress of all the members of the “Wind Chasing Team” of the short track speed skating team represents the “reconciliation of trial and error and error in the process of chasing dreams.” In the beginning, the coach of the team was Xiao Han. In order to allow the team to successfully win the gold medal, every day the team trained individually capable of winning the gold medal. Then the new coach Zhuang Yue joined, abolished the separate training mode, and treated all players equally.

This story line is very practical and meaningful. On the one hand, it shows the difficulty of realizing dreams from the training group portraits of all the players. On the other hand, he secretly reflects on some kind of unfairness, and is very good at and dare to shoot.

In addition to the above, the depiction of campus group portraits and life group portraits in “Flying with You” is also very good. Friends play around, watch the excitement after knowing that they have someone they like, and reconcile gently with their parents, the sincere friendship of all the members of the wind team…

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