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“Novoland: Pearl Eclipse” Emperor Xu loved Ti Lan, why did he still marry Fanghai?

In order to protect Fanghai, Fang Zhu sent Fanghai to Di Xu’s side of the scene. This segment is also the most abused in this play. In the trailer, we can see that Fang Zhu finally decided to release the life-extension agreement with Di Xu for Fang Hai, but in the end something changed. Fang Hai still became Di Xu’s woman, that is, Hu Zhu. Madam, was named Concubine Chun Rong.

There is a doubt here. It is reasonable to say that the person that Emperor Xu loved is the purple hairpin. When Ti Lan wanted to enter the palace, he blocked it in every possible way. Later, she abused Tilan in various ways. Because Tilan and Purple Hairpin look the same, they used her as a substitute. Even if Tilan later developed uterine bleeding, Fang Hai City solved Di Xu’s heart. Xu is getting better with Tilan, picking flowers and praying for her, but there is still a gap compared with the feelings for Ti Lan. Di Xu has such a deep affection, why would he still marry Fang Haishi to become his own woman?

To know that Fang Zhu likes Fanghai, he should know this. How can he covet his brother’s sweetheart? In fact, the answer is very simple. Chen Xiaojun, the actor of “Tilan”, mentioned this reason in an interview. She looks exactly the same as Tilan, and the reason why Fanghai City was married into the palace by Dixu was because of Fanghai City. The character is the same as the purple hairpin, this is where Di Xu looks at Zhong Fanghai City.

But no matter what, Di Xu’s marriage to Fang Hai City is somewhat unacceptable. Although Fang Zhu’s life span is not long, many people still hope that Fang Hai City will have a beautiful love with him instead of being so sadistic. According to the description in the original book, Fang Hai City did not have a good time after marrying Di Xu. Di Xu tortured Fang Hai City just like Tilan, which was speechless.

And later Dixu and Fang Zhu were killed because of King Chang’s rebellion. Fang Zhu and Fanghai City’s pair was a complete separation of life and death, very sadistic. Although the drama version said that Yang Mi once said in an interview that he could eat sugar at the end. , But I don’t know what it specifically refers to. Maybe Fang Zhu didn’t die, maybe Fang Hai and Fang Zhu stayed together. The ending depends on how the ending of the show was adapted.

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