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Novoland: Pearl Eclipse 斛珠夫人 Episode 36 Recap

The little son of Fang, who has always been known for his fame and fame, completely caused an uproar when he revealed his daughter’s identity in the East Royal Racecourse. No matter how arrogant the ruling and opposition parties should be, Dixu himself did not expect it. He knew that Fang Jianming deliberately would Throw the hot potato to yourself.

At the same time, Fang Hai City was led by the palace lady Yuran to the partial palace and put on a woman’s costume. She was eager to know the situation of Master, but she didn’t know that there would be even greater bad news next.

Fang Jianming’s first sentence when he saw Haishi was to let her enter the palace as a concubine, so that public anger can be calmed, her life can be preserved, and he can stay with Emperor Xu and protect his safety. This is the best of both worlds. Fang Hai City could not accept Master’s decision, and even thought he was planning something, until Fang Jianming deliberately dodged, and those words that were clearly praised, but each and every word made her desperate, the so-called unworldly talent became her ruin. The reason for life.

Now it seems that Fanghai City is like the eagle chick shot by the master. From the beginning, it was destined to be trapped forever in the imperial power in this life. value. Fang Hai City was unwilling to give in, and in a rage, he pulled the hairpin and wanted to kill himself, but Fang Jianming reached out to block it in time, allowing the hairpin to pierce the palm of his hand, so blood-red dazzling.

Before Fang Jianming came here, he had pleaded with Emperor Xuna Fanghai City to be his concubine, frankly admitting that his time limit is approaching, and that he has made many enemies. If it is the day of his death, Fanghai City, which has always been arrogant, will surely be troubled by others, so I hope Dixu can keep him well-rounded.

Because of Fang Jianming’s entrustment, Di Xuqiang endured his grief and agreed, and promised that everything from now on would be owned by Fanghai City. It’s a pity that Fang Hai doesn’t know it yet, and Fang Jianming doesn’t care. If you can make your sweetheart alive, it doesn’t hurt to hate him, and it doesn’t hurt to live better than to die. That’s all.

When the heavy snow came to the Dazheng Palace that night, there were also those professing officials who claimed to be upright and honest, dozens of people knelt outside the Zichen Hall, playing Fang Jianming deceived the emperor and harmed the country, and directly admonished Emperor Xu to severely punish such officials.

The thoughts of the courtiers floated into the hall like snowflakes. Di Xu turned to Fanghai City’s palace without hearing about it, but unexpectedly she drew her sword to face each other. After retreating everyone, Fang Hai City begged Di Xu to allow her to die, even to slay herself on the spot.

Di Xu shot to block, but was injured by her in the fight. On the other hand, Fang Jianming was sitting in the wedding room. There was a bloodstain flying diagonally out of thin air on his right cheek. In an instant, bite marks penetrated his arm. The fine and slender tooth marks were clearly visible, making his heart like a mirror.

Since Tilan has been banned from Yu’an Palace, she has been depressed all day long. When she heard that the identity of a woman in Fanghai City had been exposed, she was not too surprised, but worried that she would be punished. When Ti Lan was about to beg Di Xu, Bi Zi hurriedly stopped her, saying that the palace had rumored that Di Xu wanted to accept the new concubine, and it was very likely that it was the little son of Fang. Even though Ti Lan had been lost and lonely for a while, she still blessed her sincerely, thinking that Di Xu and Fang Hai City’s love between each other was considered a good match, unlike she would only make mistakes and anger.

After getting up early the next day, Di Xu asked Mu Deqing to summon the Ministry of Rites to canonize Fanghai City as Concubine Chunrong, and arranged for Yuran to bathe and change her clothes, and then the canonization ceremony. Fang Jianming made a special trip to see Emperor Xu and presented a bunch of shark pearls as a celebration. The shark pearls were obtained by the blessings of the sharks in Fanghai City.

Xu got this auspicious sign full of joy, and gave Fanghai the nickname “Mrs. Huzhu”, an unprecedented honor. Fang Hai City didn’t appreciate it at all. While others were not determined to drown in search of death, Yu Ran yelled when he saw this. Fang Jianming didn’t care whether his concubines were different, so he rushed in and lifted Fang Hai City directly from the water.

Seeing the sword wound on Master’s face, Fang Hai City suddenly remembered the scene of the fight with Di Xu last night, and a series of speculations emerged from the bottom of his heart. The reason why Di Xu was not injured is that the injury was transferred to Fang Jianming, which explains why he has suffered so much wear and tear in recent years.

Di Xu told the truth about the entanglement between the Patriarch of the Fang family and the emperors of the past. It has been hundreds of years since the first Duke of Qinghai, and each of them has become the emperor’s Baixi. With a heavy mission on his shoulders, he has obtained the status of glory and double suffering.

Fanghai City, who had learned the truth, became more and more unacceptable, and felt sorry for Fang Jianming’s experience. Di Xu thought that if Fang Hai City still wanted to protect Fang Jianming, there was only one thing right now, and she had to. When Emperor Xu had just left, Fang Haishi changed his attitude and asked Yuran to wait for her to change into the attire of the imperial concubine.

In the Palace of Zichen, all the ministers came forward and demanded that Emperor Xu must be punished, and they did not recognize that Fanghai City was a lucky person. Fang Jianming submitted the shark pearls that the Dragon Tail God gave to Fanghai City in the past, so that everyone can look at them one by one. How did Ji Chang imply that the courtiers took the opportunity to take the opportunity to question the authenticity of the shark pearls and should not be a fairy for exonerating her. .

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