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Happiness Is Easy 不惑之旅 Episode 20 Recap

Feng Chunsheng helped simply contact a school out of guilt, and he came to the Malivan Company to ask him to help convey it. Marlene satirizes that Chunsheng is really a man of affection and righteousness. He can’t afford Zhuo Xiaoting with simplicity, and it can’t be easy to marry Zhuo Xiaoting. It is more appropriate for him to simply say this kind of thing himself. Feng Chunsheng promised not to let Marlene Wenbai help. The two will have the opportunity to cooperate in the future. Their conversation was heard by Lin Wanrou who was passing by.

Li Zhenbao sent a simple visit to the nursing home to see Yiru. On the way, he said that he had packed his small shop, and urged him to take the time to let his parents take a look. Simply put forward that he would either collect rent, or they would not rent.

In the nursing home, recalling seeing Li Zhenbao standing far away and waiting for simplicity, and seeing that they were in a relationship, she bluntly said that Li Zhenbao is not worthy of simplicity, and a marriage without love is a castle in the sky, and sooner or later it will disappear. Recalling that she wanted Levin to take herself home on her wedding anniversary, and then invited all her friends to a party, she begged to be simple and must help herself.

Jian Xingran brought a moving company to Qingqian to move early in the morning. He had helped Qingqian to withdraw the house here and cleaned up the house there. Qingqian was beginning to find it difficult to accept, but he still can’t afford to rent it now. Such a house has no choice but to accept reality.

At dinner, his mother said that Li Zhenbao’s shop was for them, and he was rushing to get married. It was as simple as a word to others. Dad suggested that they should pay rent first. At this time, Malevin called and asked Simple to go there. He waited at the coffee shop opposite the Vincent International School and told her that the school has greeted her and can go through the formalities simply by going. This school is no worse than the Pucai School.

Simply not wanting to owe favors and refused. Marlene reminded her that if the quality class evaluation is too late if she loses her name, Sun Shan regrets it. He is also entrusted by Feng Chunsheng, so she doesn’t want to go. She asked Marlene to tell Feng Chunsheng that she should do it before worrying about others. Live your own life.

On the way home, Malevin asked as a matchmaker about the relationship between Jian Jian and Li Zhenbao, and simply did not want to talk about it. Malevin pointed out that her calm and rational appearance is not at all in a relationship at all. There is a difference between moving and feeling. Think clearly whether to follow the true feelings in your heart, or to fulfill the expectations of others. And reading is to find out that you check yourself, simply ask Marlene to read so many books, is there less trouble? Marlene had no choice but to admit: No amount of books can solve all the problems.

Lin Wanrou told Zhuo Xiaoting that the last time Feng Chunsheng went to the company to find Levin, it was probably because of simple things. Zhuo Xiaoting didn’t believe it. She felt that Lin Wanrou aimed at simplicity, and she bluntly said that Xiaoting was deceiving herself.

Xing Ran helped Qingqian find a house in the suburbs to rent, settled down and left. Qiao Qingqian called the bosses whom she knew before to talk about cooperating to open a restaurant. When she went out, she found that the bags she had bought before were gone and the door was locked. She was so angry that she called the police.

In the police station, Qiao Qingqian deliberately said that he did not know Xingran. The police pointed out that Xingran’s behavior was very detention, and he had sold personal belongings without permission, which constituted a violation of the law. Qingqian quickly changed his words. Simple came to the police station to pick up Xing Ran, and she scolded her brother away and wanted to talk to Qing Qian alone. To put it simply, if Qingqian can steadily stay with Xingran, she will certainly support her, and Qingqian admits that she has feelings for Xingran.

After a brief departure, Xingran invited Qingqian to eat. Qingqian wanted to go to the last restaurant. Xingran told her that she would have to sell another bag. The two of them finally went to the food stall to eat. They met Pan Yanming, and he satirized Qingqing. Qian was so downhearted, Qing Qian ridiculed him that he changed his fate by marrying a woman.

At night, Zhuo Xiaoting couldn’t help but ask Chunsheng why he went to Marlene during the day. Chunsheng told the truth that Xiaoting learned that Simple did not accept Chunsheng’s help and wanted to call Principal Su to make up. Chunsheng told her whether it was simple or not. Will accept it. Xiaoting said that Wanrou’s focus on simplicity was because of the symptom of Sim’s relationship with Marlene. Chunsheng was taken aback. Xiaoting persuaded him that Simplicity had already moved forward, and that his mentality of paying off debts should be changed. Chunsheng was in a complicated mood, and sighed that maybe not disturbing each other is the best way. Xiaoting hopes that the two will treat each other frankly in the future.

The next day, Chunsheng got up early and made porridge. He was grateful for what Xiaoting said to himself last night. He felt that she was more magnanimous than herself, and that the two of them had to be resolved by themselves. Xiaoting smiled and said that the story was over.

Li Zhenbao, please simply watch the drama in the evening, briefly explain that you have to participate in the high-quality class selection, and go to Marlenewen’s house to give Mu Jia a trial in the evening. When Li Zhenbao gave a simple pack of things, he found the box of matches she used in the cabin. I was shocked.

When giving a brief lecture to Mu Jia, Marlene also came to observe. Li Zhenbao was sour when he saw this scene outside the window.

Lin Wanrou showed Marlene the investment decision of the Tiansheng Group. Marlene was angry that he would never agree to this overlord clause and asked them to close all physical bookstores outside of Beijing. Lin Wanrou reminded him that this investment agreement is the only life-saving straw for the company at present. If she gave up, she couldn’t explain it to the board of directors. She had notified the board members that she had come. Malevin once again emphasized that he would not agree and drove away.

Marlene rushed to Jingcai School to listen to a simple selection of high-quality courses. Lin Wanrou organized a board meeting on his behalf. After the simple lesson was finished, Malevin reminded Principal Su that such a good teacher would be taken away by other schools if he didn’t let her come back. Principal Su also praised that simple lessons are valuable in sincerity.

It was already dark when Marlene returned to the company. Lin Wanrou told him that the chairman was going to sign a new agreement. All physical bookstores outside of Beijing would be closed. Marlene said that if Lin Wanrou changed herself to support him, she would not be like her. .

Lin Wanrou pointed out that Marlene was already tempted by simplicity, but he did not dare to admit it and did not want to face it, so he introduced the simplicity to others, but could not help but help her when simply encountered difficulties, but after helping her I was also worried that others would see that he was out of control now, and he was terrified in his heart. Marlene reminded Lin Wanrou not to be self-righteous. Lin Wanrou thought he was still covering up, which was very dangerous and made him take it easy.

Unsurprisingly, she simply won the first prize in the high-quality class competition. Not only did she return to school to become a formal teacher, she also became a class teacher. She became more and more convinced of what Malevin said: there are too many people who can use their power to take her away. Work, but no one can take her abilities away.

Before the meeting, Zhuo Nanzhi introduced the new project manager Han Chao to everyone, and Feng Chunsheng was extremely shocked.

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