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What is the ending of the three male protagonists in “Female Psychologist”

The “Female Psychologist” starring Yang Zi and Jing Boran finally started broadcasting last night in the wake of thousands of calls! Sophisticated production, wonderful interpretation, novel themes, so that the popularity of the show remained high as soon as it was broadcast, and it was full of praise!

Three male protagonists appeared in the play, the radio anchor Qian Kaiyi, the mysterious neighbor Ye Jiahui, and the academia Tae Mingcong Ji Mingcong. So what secrets are hidden in them, and what ending will they have in the end?

Qian Kaiyi

Qian Kaiyi is the anchor of the radio station. Because he helped a friend substitute for lessons, he encountered a student suicide, and got acquainted with He Dun from the Suicide Intervention Center. Horton is not only proficient in psychology, but also has a nice voice. This gave Qian Kaiyi the idea of ​​inviting her to the radio station to host a show with her partner.

In the process of inviting He Dun, although He Dun always refused, he couldn’t bear his enthusiastic help and finally agreed. In the process of getting along, the two people fell in love, and worked hand in hand to solve a series of problems, helping many people to get out of troubles and live a normal life.

As He Dun was used to target his teacher Ji Mingcong, He Dun’s hidden psychological problems were thoroughly exposed. At this time, Qian Kaiyi gave He Dun a lot of care and help, and finally helped He Dun out of the gloom and laughed. To prevent the tragedy from happening. He and He Dun finally got together, and they had a happy ending!

Ye Jiahui

Ye Jiahui’s appearance made people feel uncomfortable. In order to get close to He Dun, he first drank a lot while taking medicine in the bar, so He Dun saved him. Later, he moved to the next door of He Dun’s residence on the grounds of taking care of his grandma, and became neighbors with He Dun.

In fact, what Ye Jiahui learned abroad was spirituality. When he returned to China, it was not as simple as taking care of his grandmother. He should be the F that the senior sister said, and the purpose was to get the file. In order to obtain the file, he first seduce the senior sister, then approached He Dun, and finally used He Dun to point the finger at Ji Mingcong. His ultimate goal was to ruin Ji Mingcong!

Because his mother was mentally ill, it was very likely that Ji Mingcong had been treated for psychotherapy, but what happened in the middle made him think that it was Ji Mingcong, so he planned everything and took revenge on Ji Mingcong. But his plan was later discovered by He Dun, who stopped his conspiracy, prevented him from making further mistakes, and went to an unforgivable point!

Ji Mingcong

Ji Mingcong is a master in the field of psychology. He has trained many outstanding students and has a high status in the field of psychology. In addition to planting vegetables, he usually helps students solve some problems, looking like a hidden old man.

But he was the creator of the F file. Only he knew the most about the things that year. Ye Jiahui would not come to him for no reason. The things that year were probably inextricably linked to him.

According to the original work, Ji Mingcong does have real talents, but his character is not good enough. When he always lends to people for psychotherapy, he sexually harasss women. I don’t know what kind of adaptations are made in the TV series. Will Ye Jiahui’s mother be victimized?

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