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“Novoland: Pearl Eclipse” Why Does Fang Zhu Marry Chu Linlang

Novoland: Pearl Eclipse (斛珠夫人)

Fang Zhu actually married the newly-appearing character Yanling Emperor Ji Chu Linlang, what is going on? To know the relationship between Fang Haishi and Fang Zhu, Fang Zhu once said that he would not marry someone he didn’t love. Why would Fang Zhu marry Chu Linlang?

From the latest plot, it is not difficult to find that both Fanghai City and Fang Zhu doubt Chu Linlang’s identity. Is Chu Linlang the real Yanling Emperor? Is it a fake? Fanghai City’s intuition told her that the Yanling Emperor Ji had a problem, and told Fang Zhu about it. However, Fang Zhu remained silent, which made Fanghai City always be puzzled. However, Fanghai City had three issues. You can also know her identity.

The first thing is the spice she uses. She should have been obsessed with peony, but she uses lotus flavored spice. Although Yanling Emperor Ji said that she occasionally has the aroma of smoked peony, she knew something from Zhou Youdu’s mouth. , That is, the two medicines used in the smoking of the scallion and peony are mutually contradictory, and it will cause a red rash after using it. If Chu Linlang is really obsessed with peony, it is impossible to use the fragrance of the scallion.

The second thing is Chu Linlang’s tea art. It stands to reason that Chu Linlang’s tea art was better than Fang Zhu at first, but after a few years, it was not as good as Fang Zhu. You must know that Fang Zhu hasn’t had this leisure for several years. According to Fang Zhuoying, this kind of thing should be like shooting an arrow with an arrow. It is already an instinct, and it is impossible to change so much in a few years.

The third thing is that we saw Fang Haishi riding a horse with Chu Linlang in the trailer, but Chu Linlang accidentally fell down, Fang Haishi caught her, but she showed her arm, with a scar in her wrist. , And this is what Di Xu saw in his eyes. This scar is probably one of the flaws in Chu Linlang’s identity.

Chu Linlang’s identity is obviously fake, so why did he announce that Zhong Zhu would still marry her? And it can be seen that Fanghai City is very jealous and is about to leave Apocalypse. In fact, the answer is very simple, because Fang Zhu and Di Xu are trying to find out who is behind Chu Linlang. Sure enough, it was predicted that the Chinese party was wearing a groom’s suit and beheading the assassin. It seems that a huge change occurred in the wedding ceremony. Chu Linlang was not by his side. What happened?

Inside the palace at this time in the preview, Di Xu seemed to be poisoned and fell to the ground in pain. Chu Linlang wanted to kill Di Xu. Fang Hai City confronted her, but Fang Zhu should have arrived at the critical moment and blocked her. Chu Linlang’s attack, to put it bluntly, all of this was set up by Fang Zhu and Di Xu. After all, the relationship between Fang Zhu and Di Xu was very special, even closer than his brothers. Di Xu and Fang Zhu had a tacit understanding. That’s why Fang Zhu was asked to marry Chu Linlang and given her a chance to draw out the people behind her.

According to the description in the original book, Chu Linlang’s conspiracy was naturally revealed, and failed to escape to the turret of the city gate, and finally fell to his death. However, although she died, she did not involve King Chang, although she was very close to King Chang. , But in fact she was just a knife in the hands of King Chang. She failed to kill Di Xu, but King Chang was able to keep it and continue to plot for the throne.

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