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Marvelous Women 当家主母 Episode 31 Recap

Ren Fu made trouble in front of Jinxifang, Xiao Lan went to stop him, Ren Fu cried and said that Xiao Lan was broken by Shen Cuixi. Qi Shugong’s son also came out to be troubled, Shen Cuixi retorted their words, and Ren Xuetang later came forward. When everyone saw Ren Xuetang supporting Jinxifang and Shen Cuixi, they left angrily. Ren Xuetang suggested that invitations should be widely distributed as the head of the Ren family, but Shen Cuixi was unwilling.

She and Ren Xuetang had long since reconciled, and a clear line should be drawn between them. Ren Xuetang was puzzled. He told Zeng Baoqin about the incident. Zeng Baoqin felt that Shen Cuixi’s actions were not unreasonable. She always wanted to be herself, not relying on the Ren family or anyone. Ren Rufeng and Shu Fang went to Jinxi Fang to see Shen Cuixi and asked about the matter between her and Ren Xuetang.

The gossip outside was not groundless, and Shen Cuixi said that she had deliberately drawn a line from Ren Xuetang. Both thought that Shen Cuixi was fighting with Ren Xuetang, so they were unwilling to return to Ren’s house. They both believed in their hearts that Shen Cuixi would still return to Ren’s house one day. Shen Cuixi no longer bothered to explain, let them drink tea. Last time Shuyan knelt down and begged Zeng Baoqin to persuade Ruyi to marry him.

For this reason, Zeng Baoqin asked Ruyi’s ideas. To be honest, Ruyi didn’t want to think about these annoying things, so she went to the stream to catch fish for Zeng Baoqin. A scholar, Weng Jin, saw Ruyi catching fish in the stream and was overwhelmed by her joy. He also went into the water to catch fish with Ruyi. After a while, he admired her.

When the classmates heard him mention Ruyi, they talked about the gossip of Ren’s family members, which made Weng Jin feel embarrassed, and immediately cut off their robes and stopped contacting them. Aunt Fu told her daughter to listen to what Shen Cuixi said, and then reluctantly left. Xiaolan couldn’t let her down, followed her home and saw Ren Fu beating her mother with a cane.

She did not dare to speak out and hid outside the door to cry. Everyone in the Ren family knows about Ren Fu hitting Aunt Fu, and even Zeng Baoqin has heard about it. Xiaolan met her on the street, and Zeng Baoqin gave her an idea. Later, Ren Fu had a bad idea and asked three hooligans to enter Jinxi Fang to make trouble. They regarded this place as a kiln, their language was dirty, Xiao Lan furiously resisted, and everyone outside Jinxi Fang was watching the excitement.

When Ren Xuetang learned of this, he was about to help. Zeng Baoqin suggested that Shen Cuixi should try to solve it by herself. Otherwise, in the eyes of others, he always felt that the Ren family was behind Jinxifang. But Ren Xuetang still couldn’t rest assured, he decided to go and see. When I arrived at Jinxi Fang, I accidentally saw Governor Wu’s men fighting the three gangsters who were making trouble. Before that, Shen Cuici went to governor Wu in person and asked him to come forward to help Jinxifang.

At the same time, he was also helping one hundred thousand weaving households in Suzhou. Governor Wu was persuaded, and only then was the scene of officials fighting against hooligans. Ren Xuetang was finally relieved, and the big guy also admired Shen Cuixi very much. When Ren Xuetang returned home, Zeng Baoqin knew that the trouble had been solved by looking at him.

Xiaolan returned home, asked her mother to sharpen her knife, and deliberately told her mother a story so that Ren Fu could hear her. What she said really scared Ren Fu, and he cried loudly in her arms in her arms. Cao Yaoniang was dragged down by Cao Wenbin and was sold into the court as an official saleswoman. Cao Wenbin asked around and finally found the whereabouts of his daughter. But what is strange is that when he returned to where he was staying, Cao Wenbin told his wife that Yaoniang had not been found.

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