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Love At Night 夜色暗涌时 Episode 22 Recap

Mo Lingze told Xu Qingyou to be busy with work, so he had to leave first, and told others to take care of Xu Qingyou.

Tang Xi told Mo Lingze that Taikang had released the news and guided the public opinion, and Mo Lingze had no evidence to prove that Taikang’s data was falsified, so when it comes to the end, it is not certain who can win. Tang Xi proposed to cooperate with Mo Lingze, Mo Lingze Ze did not agree. Instead, he proposed to investigate the audit issue and go to a third party to make Taikang’s affairs public. Tang Xi immediately expressed his appreciation and took the initiative to help Mo Lingze.

On the way back with Xu Qingyou and Sister Sa, Sister Sa told Xu Qingyou that she had never seen Mo Lingze treat a girl so seriously, hoping that Xu Qingyou had confidence in Mo Lingze, Xu Qingyou said no Feeling out. Mo Lingze was about to leave after he was busy, but Tang Xi had a heart attack. Mo Lingze was anxiously looking for medicine, but he could not find it.

When Mo Lingze wanted to leave, Tang Xi pretended to gasp hard, and Mo Lingze was about to help Tang Xi unbutton his collar when Xu Qingyou happened to arrive. Xu Qingyou rushed over and tore Tang Xi’s clothes open, and Tang Xi returned to normal. Xu Qingyou satirized that it was impossible for Tang Xi to use these methods of showing weakness to restore her old love. If she wanted to make her angry, she did it. Mo Lingze couldn’t help but smile, and finally Xu Qingyou pulled his tie and left, and Tang Xi exploded in anger.

Mo Lingze didn’t expect Xu Qingyou to have such a pungent side, and his love for her deepened. Xu Qingyou started interrogating Mo Lingze seriously and asked about the relationship between Mo Lingze and Tang Xi. Mo Lingze admitted that the two had been in love for eight years, but then Tang Xi suddenly left without saying goodbye. No one proposed to break up. Now Tang Xi When he came back, his heart also fluctuated, but his pure appreciation for Tang Xi was out of his work. Xu Qingyou told Mo Lingze that no matter what the future, she would not leave without saying goodbye.

Fang Qi and Xu Wei went to the movies together. Fang Qi found that Xu Wei wanted to hug her but was guilty and withdrew his hand. Fang Qi laughed and said that others were intermittently insane, Xu Wei was intermittently guilty, Fang Qi He generously took Xu Wei’s hand on his shoulder, and asked if the boyfriend was satisfied, Xu Wei smiled happily.

When watching a movie, Xu Wei was frightened by the horror film and leaned next to Fang Qi. Fang Qi sighed that she and Xu Qingyou were struggling to fall in love, one timid and the other cold. Xu Wei hurriedly asked Xu Qingyou if he was in love. Knowing that he had missed his mouth, Fang Qi blocked Xu Wei’s mouth with popcorn to prevent him from asking.

Tang Xilai drank in the bar and talked to Sister Sa about what had just happened. He thinks that Mo Lingze and Xu Qingyou are not the same people at all. Sooner or later they are going to fall apart. Sister Sa persuades Tang Xi to give up and calculates that the two are falling apart, Mo Lingze It wasn’t Mo Lingze anymore, he had someone he loved deeply. Tang Xi said that she didn’t care, because she had also betrayed her feelings.

Tang Xi came to Mo Lingze to try to bring the two closer together, but Mo Lingze reminded Tang Xi that it was impossible for them. If Tang Xi wanted to get something that did not belong to her, the cooperation between the two would be terminated. . Tang Xi promised to offer Taikang’s data with both hands, because the person opposite was Mo Lingze, if it was a stranger, it would be a different situation.

Fang Qi accompanied Xu Qingyou to go shopping. He also knew about Tang Xi’s visit to the company. He always recommended green clothes to Xu Qingyou and gave Xu Qing a long snack, but Gu Qing said that he knew Tang Xi had gone.

Tang Xi asked Xu Qingyou to go to the archery hall to talk, and told Xu Qingyou that Mo Lingze was made by him. Mo Lingze likes to wear black clothes because she prepared them for Mo Lingze. Xu Qingyou said that being with Mo Lingze would make Mo Lingze what he likes and give Mo Lingze freedom, because Mo Lingze doesn’t need to build. At the same time, Xu Qingyou also said that it was because Tang Xi knew that Mo Lingze could not be taken back, that he would come to her, which made Tang Xi extremely embarrassed.

Lin Siyu made an appointment with Wang Ji and told him that the cooperation with Shang Ge was over, and he planned to give up Mo Lingze. Afterwards, Lin Siyu took Wang Ji to walk the glass plank road. Wang Ji was timid and afraid to go forward. Lin Siyu pretended that he had an appendicitis and Wang Ji hurriedly chased after him. Looking at each other, Ji’s body has a different feeling. Wang Siyu left in a panic.

Xu Wei stepped on a skateboard and appeared in front of Mo Lingze with a serious face, and asked to talk to him.

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