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Love At Night 夜色暗涌时 Episode 21 Recap

After Xu Qingyou went back, he started Baidu Baike, looking for ways to deal with his ex. She was extremely anxious and kept persuading herself that it was just a song, so don’t take it to your heart.

Mo Lingze left in a hurry after the performance, even too lazy to talk to Tang Xi. Tang Xi wanted to buy wine from Sister Sa, the proprietress, but was refused. Sister Sa told Tang Xi that Mo Lingze seemed crazy after she left without saying goodbye. I was looking for her everywhere, suffered too many crimes, and finally forgot Tang Xi. Sister Sa thinks that if the mirror is broken, it is broken and cannot be restored.

Mo Lingze came to the door to eavesdrop on the movement inside. Xu Qingyou saw Mo Lingze in the cat’s eyes and did not open the door. Only when Mo Lingze said that Xu Qingyou had something delicious, did Xu Qingyou open the door. Ze stood at the door, Mo Lingze asked if Xu Qingyou was jealous, Xu Qingyou did not speak, Mo Lingze picked up Xu Qingyou and entered the room, Xu Qingyou blamed Mo Lingze for breaking into the private house.

Ling Ze proposed that Xu Qingyou should be taken with his family during the two-day anniversary celebration. Xu Qingyou did not immediately agree, but his attitude was completely relaxed. Mo Lingze leaned on Xu Qingyou’s shoulders like a shame, and Xu Qingyou couldn’t help being laughed at with a little bird’s attitude, and finally agreed to Mo Lingze.

Fang Qi didn’t know how to explain his relationship with Xu Wei to Xu Qingyou. The two of them were worried when they were about to go home after going out for a day. Xu Wei promised to tell Xu Qingyou when he first thought about it.

Early in the morning, Xu Wei delivered a loving breakfast to Fang Qi and asked if Fang Qi thought about how to tell Xu Qingyou. Fang Qi didn’t know, and Xu Wei didn’t force it. After a sweet hug, the two were busy with their work.

Tang Xi came to Xu Qingyou, and bluntly said that Xu Qingyou only knew Mo Lingze, a man galloping in the business world, but the man she met before was a real man who would be coquettish and sweet. Xu Qingyou ignored this, because she could see Mo Lingze like this every day.

Fang Qi and Xu Wei accidentally fell on the sofa. They looked at each other and couldn’t help kissing. They were kissing each other. The door opened. Xu Qingyou walked in and saw this scene hurriedly covering his eyes with his arms. Unable to believe everything in front of him, Fang Qi stubbornly wanted to explain his relationship with Xu Wei, but Xu Wei stepped up and boldly admitted that the two were in love.

Xu Qingyou was stunned and said that Xu’s family was going to turn the sky upside down. Xu Qingyou turned around and left home, frightened Fang Qi and Xu Wei hurriedly chasing them, Xu Qingyou warned them that they would break off friendship with whoever came.

Xu Qingyou ran to Mo Lingze to complain, unable to accept Fang Qi and Xu Wei’s feelings for the time being. Mo Lingze deliberately asked to arrange work for Fang Qiduo to vent her anger for Xu Qingyou, but Xu Qingyou warned Mo Lingze not to allow it. Bullying Fang Qi, because Fang Qi can only be bullied by her, Mo Lingze said with a smile to see Xu Qingyou’s performance.

Fang Qi gave Xu Qingyou milk tea, bluntly saying that he was indeed an old cow eating tender grass, but he wanted to tell Xu Qingyou, but he didn’t expect to be discovered by Xu Qingyou. The most important thing Xu Qingyou accused Fang Qi of After concealing her, Fang Qi had no choice but to say that Xu Qingyou was pursued when she was a senior in high school and did not tell her. Xu Qingyou listed Fang Qi’s concealment of herself. In the end, Fang Qi failed to quarrel and was kicked out by Xu Qingyou.

Tang Xi sent a dog to be raised by Mo Lingze, and if he had the opportunity to visit the dog, take the opportunity to see Mo Lingze. Mo Lingze satirizes Tang Xi’s good at making relationships. Tang Xi reminds Mo Lingze of his previous hobbies. It was planting flowers and dogs and writing songs, but Mo Lingze said that he didn’t like staying in the past. The two did not speculate, and Mo Lingze got up and left.

Fang Qi and Xu Qingyou went to the restaurant to eat together. They were angry with each other and ordered something that the other didn’t like. At this moment, Wei Yong’s wife came here with the car, stupefied that Wei Yong and Fang Qi were related. A cup of water was poured on Fang Qi, and he hit him with his hand. Xu Qingyou didn’t know how to fight and rushed to protect Fang Qi. Fortunately, Wei Yong heard the voice from the room and took away his wife, apologizing to Fang Qi again and again.

When Xu Qingyou watched Fang Qi’s wrist hurt, he bought a bottle of Yunnan Baiyao spray and sent him to spray Fang Qi. Fang Qi also applied ice to Fang Qi. Fang Qi took the opportunity to apologize to Xu Qingyou, and the two reconciled. Xu Wei rushed over with Mo Lingze uneasy, but when he smelled the medicine, he thought the two had a fight, but they didn’t expect that they were fighting together against the outsider.

Mo Lingze knew that Xu Qingyou had been fighting with a black face, and blamed Xu Qingyou for not knowing how to protect herself, and he just rushed to fight. Xu Qingyou acted like a baby and apologized to Mo Lingze. Mo Lingze couldn’t be angry with this woman, but Smiling and telling Xu Qingyou to join the band’s anniversary tomorrow, Xu Qingyou nodded again and again.

Mo Lingze took Xu Qingyou to dinner with the band members. The whole process was a show of affection hand in hand, and the others were always called Xu Qingyou’s sister-in-law. Tang Xi called and told Mo Lingze that Taikang’s affairs had changed.

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